I survived the short work week, although jam-packed for meetings.  Guests arrived on Wednesday, dinner with my parent’s and Dan’s on Wednesday night (I started pre-Thanksgiving soup night several years ago).  I made pasta fagoli with gluten free pasta.

Thanksgiving went fine.  My parents went back this afternoon.  Dan’s parents are here through the weekend.

Black Friday?  I did the annual trip to the Round Rock outlets on Thanksgiving night.  It was too crowded and I wimped out on all stores but Ann Taylor.  Got some shirts, but nothing exciting.  Pretty much just long sleeve tees that I will layer when it’s cold out, they do always fit great.  Got home just after midnight.

Slept until 4:30 am.  Then I drove into Austin, waited in line at Sheplers for 30 minutes.  Was one of the last people to get a gift card for free, 2 pairs of jeans, but no boots.  Then off to Kohl’s for a few items and then to the office for 3 hours. No we weren’t open, but I had to get in the office and get some things taken care of while it was quiet.  There was 1 other person, other than security.  It was NICE.

Looks like a low key evening, I had hoped to get to Georgetown for the lighting of the town square, but Dan and his dad are up to their necks in a project trying to suspend his jeep’s hardtop from the ceiling.  I pray this go-round with his dad’s assistance goes much better than the last attempt he tried solo.  Hoping they get done at a reasonable hour, so we can do something fun tonight.

Weekend plans?  Run, Aunt and uncle’s Golden Wedding anniversary, and probably more work.  And hopefully work on my Thanksgiving day recap!


I swear I haven’t been lost, but i’ve honestly been so busy with work I haven’t had time for anything.  Not for blogging, not for reading blogs, not for watching my DVR, and certainly not time for myself.

It’s been 16 days since I last blogged!  Gosh, what’s happened since then?

1 week of that time I was in Fort Worth for work.  I had a great time with my co-workers from around the state.  I love being around them, most of them I only see once, maybe twice a year.  I try to spread myself amongst the most people I can.  Running, gym, laughing, eating, having fun, I did it all with my different coworkers.  Oh yeah, business too.  Due to budget cutbacks, trips for each program will be once every 2 years.  This makes me 😦    Good news is, I have 2 more this year, the bad news is they are back to back weeks in December.  OUCH.

I went to San Antonio last weekend to cheer my mom on in the Rock N Roll San Antonio Half Marathon.  I ran at river level (staying out of the way and off the course), trying to get to a bunch of different cheer spots (plus I ran a bit before the race started).  She ran 13.1, I ran 11 total.      She finished, but disappointed with her time.  It was really warm and humid, she eventually came to face the fact she did well for the conditions.  If felt weird not to run, it was fun to cheer, but I kind of missed it, even though I don’t really even like that race.

My new job function has taken over my life.  The only light of day I saw last week was from my office window.  It was dark when I got to work, it was dark when I left.  I missed out on most of my regular weekly stuff, which made me sad.

Volunteered at one of my favorite races yesterday, which is always great.  It was SO cold though, I had no idea it was freezing outside or even going to be anywhere near that cold!  After I volunteered, I had no motivation.  Mold allergens were off the charts, and so was my suffering.  Dan felt the same.  That made us allergy ridden and LAZY.  That and the fact I worked way too much last week.

Today was FAR more productive!  Long run with my crew at HCRC, groceries, started the 2 different dressings (they get started and sit in the fridge to let flavors mingle), laundry done, cleaning done.  I even rented a movie!  I NEVER watch movies!

Here’s to a less hectic week with less work I hope.   Who am I kidding?  Legislative session pre-filing has begun, the drought is getting worse, no rain in sight.

Sometimes you just gotta learn how to roll with the punches.  The next couple of weeks are going to be to learn how to fight without being a punching bag!

Fun facts Friday: Brands

For whatever reason, I was thinking about brand snobs, brand/company loyalty, etc.  Here are some random facts about me and brand loyalty.

  • I buy what I like when it comes to food, when at HEB it’s usually store brand, I like their stuff better, it’s not necessarily because it’s cheaper
  • Dan is the complete opposite when it comes to this.  If his soup, Mac N Cheese, or crackers aren’t name brand, he doesn’t want them (those are his emergency staples in our pantry for when i’m out of town).
  • Costco’s Kirkland brand is pretty good with most item’s i’ve tried.  Too bad I don’t have the patience to brave our Costco (there are 2 in Central Texas, that’s ALOT of people).  A 3rd is opening near us next year.
  • I buy what I like, not what brand it is, but I do have favorites.
  • I also never match brands unless it’s coincidence (like yesterday I was head to toe Brooks).  It’s usually more like Nike top, Under Armour shorts, Asics socks, Brooks shoes.  I probably have at least 25 different brands of stuff in my workout clothes alone.  I go for comfort and what I like over name.
  • Same goes for my work clothes, although most of it is from Ann Taylor, Kohl’s and Stein Mart.  Today I have Sperry dress flats, Vera Wang jeans, and a work polo.  If my boss didn’t frequent Ann Taylor so much, most of my clothes would probably be from there.
  • I am not loyal to any one running store in town, in fact, unless it’s a race shirt, I don’t own anything with any one store’s logo on it.
  • Dan only wears Ralph Lauren polo work pants, tshirts, and underwear.  He also only shops like once a year, so you can imagine how that trip goes.  It’s long and expensive!
  • I love Michael Kors.  I wore out my first 2 pairs of MK shoes when I got them.  I’ve had probably 10 purses of his in the last 5 years, but when I get tired of one, I usually get rid of it.  Right now I have 3, a big black leather, a camel leather, and my little black and grey monogram that I use when I travel/go out.
  • When I get said purses, I usually leave the tags on it for a good 2-3 weeks before I decide to finally use it and not return it.
  • I got my first Coach bag in Florida on vacation in September.  It’s still in the bag with tags on it.  #1 I cheated on MK, #2 although it was a good deal, I’d rather have a MK bag
  • I refuse to buy or eat anything Weight Watchers brand.  Same goes for Lean Cuisine or any other prepackaged diet foods.
  • When I worked at Linens N Things in college, I refused to shop at the competitors.  The first time I had to go to BBB for a wedding gift, I almost had a meltdown.
  • I have been anti-iPhone since they came out.  I have an iTouch which is pretty much the same thing without camera and phone.  Weird, yes, I know.  I may cave this year when I get my new phone, but it’s not likely.

Funny how I’m so set in my ways when it comes to loyalty to certain brands, but with most things I don’t have the slightest care.    Dan however is a huge brand snob when it comes to everything and if I buy something that isn’t the right brand or the one he wants, I have to hide that fact!

Things I like Thursday: HOT DOG!

The meat market manager at the little old HEB on my way home has the BEST specials that aren’t advertised.  He often gets random things that they don’t usually carry at that location and offers them at a great discount.

Every week he offers something at like 75% off.  About once a month it’s something I actually will or can eat and that I want! One of my favorites is Applegate Farms products.  I’ve tried their lunch meats, canadian bacon, turkey dogs, and now their all beef hot dogs.  Regularly $7.99.  I got them for $1.99.

Sometimes I buy a bunch of whatever he has, on the chance I will like it (and I usually don’t see the same thing again).  If I buy a bunch, I just freeze it all for quick meals.   This time I only bought 1 package of the hot dogs, as I am a hot dog snob.  I really should have bought a few more!

Things I did with my $1.99, 3 WW P+, all natural, all beef hot dogs:

Chili-cheese dogs.  No pics, you know what they are.  Chili, dogs, buns, onions, etc.  Easy to fix and Dan likes it.  The chili was from a can, because I was too busy to make it, which I prefer if I can help it.

GF corndog muffins.  Easy.  Gluten-free corn muffin recipe, cut up hotdogs and toss inside batter and bake.  Serve with mustard and in Dan’s case here, chili.

GF hotdog pizza.  Gluten free flatbread (Serena from Non-Dairy Queen’s recipe) baked into a crust (I added more Italian herbs), a little cheddar for the cheese, topped with hotdogs and baked.  Then added jalapenos, pickles, onions and dressed with mustard.  Served with spinach salad.

When I was a kid my mom loved putting cut up hotdogs on pizza, especially little mini ones that we got to make ourselves (is that weird?).  Recently I saw my BFF’s mom post about chili cheese-dog pizza, and that’s where I got this idea, minus the chili, because I had none left.  It was tasty, just like a loaded hot dog!