Whiny Wednesday

Work is going to be the death of me.  Seriously.  Doing two jobs bites.  Especially when you don’t know anything about one of them and they are both high profile.  No I don’t get paid any more.  I am REALLY going to pay apparently with time and energy and earn that dang vacation in a month!

I am really really really wanting to see Drive by Truckers live soon.  There are no dates in Texas or the Texas area on their schedule.  This makes me so sad.  The DBT show and the Mike Cooley shows I saw in the past year are on the top of my list.   Dan came in last night and asked why I was watching DBT on youtube.  I never watch youtube or music stuff on my computer.  I told him I needed a fix, lol!

I am hoping this Jason Boland and Pat Green show on Saturday will satisfy my musical fix.  I am hopeful it’ll be an amazing show, minus the crowds and the drunk college kids.  That’s what Deep Eddy Ruby Red is for I guess.  Maybe I will have a drink or two 😉

I got some grief from a few people last week about not showing up to Greenfest.  Well, guess what?  It’s my decision to spend time with my family and get much needed rest.  I did miss seeing many people that I like and i don’t get to see near enough and I think they understood.   My family (BFF and Evan included) are on the top of my priorities.  My health has slipped in behind that.  I love my friends but getting back to that health thing, I can’t do everything.  Trying to do everything is not good either.  That’s how I got myself into the medical mess to begin with.

I missed LUNA again last night due to work.  😦

I feel like i’m getting a sinus infection.  Really?  I haven’t had one in forever, because I think i’ve been able to ward them off when I feel it coming.  Hopefully I can do the same with this situation.

I really need to go shopping.  I need new work clothes and I have nothing to wear to Hawaii minus new bathing suits.

Think i’m going to have a “wind-down Wednesday” after work today.  Maybe a little Real Housewives of OC and some chocolate.


Product Review: Sol Cuisine

I picked up a few different  Sol products at Whole Foods.  Sol Cuisine focuses on organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, Halal, wheat-free, gluten-free, nutritious, delicious, healthy, vegetarian and vegan protein products. They make tofu, veggie burgers, veggie dogs, falafel, veggie burger dry mix, veggie crumbles and more.

I don’t eat a whole lot of prepackaged foods, but sometimes convenience is key, especially for lunch.  A salad topped with falafel or a burger is delicious and easy!  I gave up on pre-packaged veggie burgers/products a while back because most of them contain gluten ingredients, but not the  Sol!

Today for lunch I had a salad with veggies from my produce basket, my garden, and two grilled Sol mushroom burgers.IMG_0947[1]

They are tasty and convenient.  The only downfall is that they contain soy, which I generally try to avoid.  They do have a line that is soy free as well, which I could not find, but they may have carried at the Whole Foods flagship store (I will be definitely checking next time I am in the area). I am going to keep looking for the soy-free line because I like having these in the freezer for quick and easy meals.

*I received free product in return for writing a review for Sol.  I did not receive any other compensation for my opinions.

Things that matter

Many of my friends were talking about Greenfest weekend 2013, which is currently in full swing.  I’ve attended at least 1 day of the festivities since 2004.  It’s a long tradition. I had a long and rough work week, plus something after work every single day.  I’ve been running on empty for a few days.

I was BEAT and falling asleep standing up all day yesterday at work.  There was no way I could drive 2 hours after work to get to SA.  I decided to make my trip to SA a daytrip Saturday only.  Hit the road at 445 am this morning, back at 7 pm.  Hair appt at 7:30 am, saw my dad for 5 minutes, shopping and took mom out for birthday lunch, and then got to see my godson.EVAN JULY

Gosh he’s big now, I feel so guilty I don’t see him more.

My heart is happy even if I didn’t get to do everything today.  Sometimes it’s not about doing everything, it’s about doing what matters most 🙂

Produce love

So I’ve been doing Bountiful Baskets for a few months now.  Usually it’s an excellent haul and I even get the themed add on for the week to stretch my produce even further.  It’s a pretty good deal, 50% fruit, 50% veggies for less than $20.  For $25 I can get the regular basket and add the themed basket.  This is my first basket from back in May.  Our area does this every other week.  Check out their FAQs for locations and dates.IMG_0624[1]

My biggest issue is that I am almost NEVER at home on Saturdays.  My running buddy helped me get it 2 weeks ago.  Dan had been helping out too, as well as my sister.  I am out of town again this weekend, but hopefully my sister can go get it, she’s getting one as well.


And then there are the veggies from my own garden! I still have banana peppers coming out of my ears!  Dan wanted some, so he has some now!  I have to keep giving them away, we can’t eat them fast enough.


The tomatoes are just now starting to come around…IMG_0893[1]

My squash got a squash worm and it killed ALL of it.  Apparently you can’t really spot it.  Looks like lack of water, and then they just die.  I was told next time to treat for them ahead of time 😦  I really didn’t want to treat for anything.  Guess i’ll start researching an organic way to treat them, for the winter squash season.

I think great fresh produce is my favorite thing about the summer!

You can never be too skinny…

I don’t know whoever said that and I know it’s a popular sentiment.

I don’t agree with this and I never have.  When I got down to my goal in 2007 I was pretty happy (same size and weight I am now).  Then in 2010 I decided to lose a few more vanity pounds.  I didn’t want to be too skinny, I just wanted to get rid of a few trouble areas.

Summer of 2010 is when the health issues started to set in.


I think not.

This is a bad angle, because I am semi-sideways and look smaller than I am, but I am WAY too thin.  This is September 2010 in Florida.


I was flipping through photos after work meetings the other day and a coworker saw this one and lectured me.  I was really happy at that weight and at the time, I thought that was the ideal.  Shit, look at me.  I am smaller than Dan’s mother, who is TINY.

My body earlier this year, adjusted itself back to my original goal weight and not in the same distribution.  I was MAD.  But that’s where my body apparently is most happy.  My health has picked up in areas that weren’t working so well.  If I have to pack a few extra pounds to have normal bodily functions, then so be it.

Fun facts Friday

I totally ripped this off from Heather.  It’s been a long week and I wanted to take a break to write but not really have to think much, lol.

5 Things I have passion for

1. Family

2. Running and fitness

3. music

4. Healthy eating

5. helping others
5 Things I’d like to do before I die

1. travel more

2. see my godson grow up

3. make a difference in the great state of Texas

4. fix my medical issues

5. break my half PR

5 Things I say a lot

1. F*ck

2. stop licking me (Missy)

3. woohoo

4. crap

5. sorry

5 Books or magazines I’ve read lately

1.  Texas Music Magazine

2. The Chronicle

3.  Community impact

4. Texas Electric Co-op

that’s about it.  gosh i’m exciting

5 Favorite movies

1. Office Space

I know I don’t have 5, I usually watch and movie once and dont watch it again unless I run across it on TV

5 Places I would love to travel

1. Poland

2. east coast (I haven’t been ever)

3. Florida gulf

4. Hawaii-6 more weeks!

5. at this point, anywhere, I really need a true break!


I won’t even lie, the last few weeks have been ROUGH at work.  I turned down TWO new jobs in another office.  There would have been money and there would have been a title.  But I wasn’t sure there would be happiness.

At the same time, I got reassigned to a new job.  Still having to do current job, because it’s way too high profile and hectic for me to walk away and have a cut and dry transition.  So two busy jobs at the same time has meant extra hours and WAY too much extra stress.

I actually never went to bed last Thursday night, melting down in the middle of the night at the Frio.  Bad news.   I had to work Thursday and Friday while I was supposed to be off.  I was able to relax Saturday and Sunday, but Monday snuck up on me.

Monday was especially crazy because I had two presentations to write for Wednesday morning.  I didn’t get to work on them, so that bumped to Tuesday and one of them didn’t get finished until Wednesday morning.  It wasn’t procrastination, I was just too busy!  And it didn’t help that I didn’t find out about one of them until I got the agenda!   Meetings started Tuesday at noon and  lasted until today at one.  Non-stop the whole time.  And then there was the after work happy hours and dinners.  And GASP!  I did drink.  I never drink. And I stayed up very late.

The meetings, the presentations, and the time with my coworkers from all over the state was amazing.  I got a few HUGE pats on the back in front of hundreds of people.   It couldn’t have come at a better time.  I even teared up when my big boss honored me in one of his presentations.  I’ve always felt unappreciated in most of my efforts with work and extracurriculars, so I was overwhelmed when I was recognized.

I’m hoping that when I return to the office, the happiness and enthusiasm sticks around.  I am trying to gear up for the new duties and try to wean myself off the old.  Rest, restore, rejuvenate.  Hopefully this is the beginning to a more important role that is less stressful!