Monday Mood

I barely got enough sleep last night, but at least it was good sleep.

The day went ok.  I chose to work through lunch instead of going to the gym because I was in the middle of something.  That was a mistake, because by time I got done with work today, I could barely stay awake!

My afternoon fatigue in the last week has been awfully bad (please don’t let it be AF again).  I hope it’s just still from being sick.  I lied down on the bed after work when I was on the phone and I thought I was going to fall asleep.  Dinner picked me up a bit.  By that point it was too late.  If I workout after 6 pm, I am pretty much guaranteed not to sleep at night (yes, that means every LUNA Tuesday).

Booked someone to mow my grass this week.  I just don’t have the time.  Thanks ODB for the urging me to do so.

It’s early to bed for me, because tomorrow is a LONG day!


Swimming into Saturday

I went to bed early last night because I could.  I am always more appreciative of rest these days.  Unfortunately I missed meeting my friends by 20 minutes this morning 😦

I hit the neighborhood pool and had it all to myself.  NICE!  I did better.  My breathing is still difficult, but I am getting better.  I did about half breast stroke and half freestyle.  This is WAY more freestyle than I’ve attempted before.  Freestyle is still wears me out, which I hope to overcome soon.  

Speaking of, I am watching swimming on tv right now.  Just a coincidence.  I came home and it was on.  Some of these dudes are dreamy 🙂  And some of them, I won’t name names, have shitty attitudes.  

I went and had a sports massage.  My hip has really been bothering me since a 5K I didn’t even run at race pace last month.  The therapist said my psoas was horrible and he was surprised I could walk.  He said my glutes and calves were fine (that’s a first, but I’ve also not been running as much).  My left hip and my right hammy were the 2 issues today.  He said no running and no lower body weights for a week.  

I am still not back to my regular workout schedule, but I am CLOSE.  This week was very good consistency wise.  I just need the balance of what the workouts actually ARE to be where I want them.

Enough blogging, time for me to get back to watching people be good at swimming.

Getting back on the rails

It was a rough week for me.   Stress has increased.   Stress is bad bad bad for me.  Work, extracurriculars, personal life all had a few hiccups.

There was a point last week when the stress got to be so bad, someone confirmed my stress bloat.  He said I looked at least 6 months pregnant.  This lasted for almost 3 days.   The stress bloat has since gone away, thank goodness.    Don’t worry, that someone is ODB, and I am glad that he can be honest with me like that.  I wish he was here all of the time, I think I would handle stress a lot different.  He grounds me.

I had to send the foster kittens home today.  I told their rescuer that I would keep them another week to give her a break, but it was beginning to really stress out my 2 cats.  So much so, they quit eating.   All signs of kittens are now erased, hopefully my girls will be happy now.

Today was the first time I’ve menu planned in writing in months.  I can’t remember the last time I did.  Lately I’ve just been grabbing random healthy foods and just combining them as needed.  It works, but it’s not my norm.  I did make a recipe for last week’s lunches, which was great, but I was off track on dinner.  Not health wise, just organizationally.

So I’m hoping this week will be better in all areas.  Breakfasts and lunches are made and packed as always.  Boss is on vacation, so work stress will probably be elevated, I just need to make sure I have a good handle on it.

I am back to AutoImmune Paleo tomorrow.  I need to tough it out strictly for at least 30 days.  AIP makes Dr. L’s protocol easier too.   One of my Austin gals was told to do Whole 30 by her Dr., so I told her I would be her accountability buddy!  AIP is more strict, but the accountability is what I need.  I know it makes me feel better.  Stacy Toth from Paleo Parents posted last week that she healed her stomach so much, she was able to successfully reintroduce dairy!   That’s not a near future goal of mine, but long term that could be good!

Looking forward to starting my week off right 🙂

Dr says

So I saw my new Dr. on Tuesday afternoon.  It was a long 3 month wait for an appt with him.

A friend asked how it went.  I said “well I didn’t cry on the way home.”  Not even joking on that, i’ve cried after every single Dr. appt in the last 4 years.  A few of them during the appt.  It actually went very well.  He doesn’t do medications (he’s a PHD), just supplements. Any medication I need, like natural desiccated thyroid (NDT) will come from my PCP.

He was straightforward and blunt.  In a caring way.  Told me he treat all of his patients like they are family.  Came in with a handshake and left with a hug.

He talked to me as an athlete and a sister.  Something I haven’t considered myself being for several years.

So there are supplements.  Bust out the “old man” pill box again.  He was appalled at the hormones I had been on, so I am not going back there. Staying on the LDN and NDT now.  Trying what he gave me for 12 weeks.

And then the dietary part.  This is the part I am not wild about.  Mostly because of what it is.  I will do it, because I am more than willing to change what I eat to try to make myself better.  It’s all I’ve done for the last 4 years.  He wants me to do low glycemic/South Beach 1, 2.   BLECH on a diet that is a diet.  And BLECH on lowering carbs.  I like carbs.  I like being healthy and feeling good more.

Hope for tomorrow

I have an appointment tomorrow with a Dr that was recommended to me by the wonderful Terra Castro.
I am praying this is the one who makes a difference and can help guide me back to feeling “normal” again.
I want to run and not be having breathing attacks all of the time.
I want to figure out why I gained this weight and can’t get it off. I want my stomach to not react to every single thing I eat.

Wednesday Wellness Update

 Finally after over 3 months of waiting, I got to see my new Primary Care Doctor on Wednesday.  He was nice, he listened, he wrote stuff down.  Already an improvement from any other PCP i’ve ever had. EVER.

Sounds like he treats a broad array of patients too, so he knows about many illnesses and ailments. (my other PCPs didn’t ever really seem as bright as this guy).  And he was chill.  Chill is the only word I can think of to describe his personality.  Easy to talk to, for sure.

So we talked, he gave me a physical.  I have strong calves 😉   That would have made my day on a normal day, but the fact that I liked him was EVER BETTER.  We discussed my issues at length.  He ordered bloodwork, lots of tests (including thyroid and celiac).  I go back and see him June 20.  We go from there.  I am pretty sure he will not tell me I have IBS-C and to “live with it” like the GI specialist I saw. 

I walked over to the lab wing of the medical center and confirmed it’s “first come, first serve.”  They open at 7, so I can go on my way to work.  (this is crucial, because I may rip someone’s head off if I have to fast longer than that). 

One problem.  I’d only tried to have gluten a handful of times since Easter.  It’s not really back into my system.  So for the next 2 weeks, I have to eat it daily.  Then I’ll get the labs done on June 6.  Even then, most people who have celiac/gluten intolerance get false negatives.  So that avenue may not be exhausted even after this, but it’s worth the shot.   So we test and go from there.

He said as soon as I have the tests, to cut the gluten back out.  And apparently gluten intolerance/sensitivity also usually comes with soy/lactose/casein intolerance, which makes me very anxious.  I love my cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt!  I know, I know, I shouldn’t think about anything right now, but it’s hard.  I am not the Dr 😉 


Someone always knows how to make me feel better.  Although, she’s usually laying on top of me instead of just “healing touch”.The last time I took her to the vet, him and I had a long conversation about animals and illness.  He told me about research he’s read, some of his patients, etc.  Stories of dogs detecting breast cancer, tumors, and in our local area, a seizure predicting dog. 

I am a real believer in this.  I think she knows when I don’t feel good and where.  Dan thinks I am nuts and it’s just her being nosy and needy.  I think it’s just an instinct they have.

Even if it’s not real, it helps me 🙂