Heavy heart

I have learned the hard way in the last year that there are some people that no longer wish to have the same role in my life that they once did.

At first this is upsetting but it’s not near as bad as forcing those

So to the handful of people who have zoned themselves there. Thanks for the memories.

Fun Facts Friday-Three Favorites

Today’s random facts are in threes.

Favorite songwriters:

1.  Mike Cooley, 2. Radney Foster, 3. Randy Rogers

Favorite bands:

1. Randy Rogers, 2. Jason Boland and the Stragglers, 3. Drive By Truckers

Favorite sports teams:

1. Houston Astros, 2. Texas Rangers, 3. Auburn Tigers (yes, i’m still a fan)

Favorite workouts:

1. weights, 2. running, 3. swimming

Favorite weekend getaways:

1. Gruene/New Braunfels, 2. anywhere with a beach, 3. home

Favorite holidays:

1. Birthdays(not just mine), 2. Texas Independence Day, 3. 4th of July

Favorite summer moments of 2014:

1. Florida trip, 2. June summer fun, 3. Riverwalk in SA

Back at it

This week I seem to have finally gotten back in my groove.  Routine is finally coming back to me.  I am balancing everything just fine.  

Well except the fact that today was an optional holiday and I worked 5 hours.  I should have worked 0 hours.  I haven’t had a day off I didn’t get from working extra hours since Florida in early July.  That seems like YEARS ago.  I was told today I was a work-a-holic.  I don’t think that’s it.  It’s my personality and ethic.  I’ve probably been putting more effort into a few things than I should. I have a really bad habit of working really hard on things that are past help.

Speaking of things that are past help, I’ve been struggling with a few decisions I made to be the bigger person.  I hate conflict and pain for anyone, including myself.  I see now that my trying to avoid certain things has screwed me over once again. There is regret.  I hate regret.  I can’t change the past, but I would do it differently if I could do it over.

Another thing I need to work on is getting my running back post hip issues.  I have a relay race in a little over a week and I am no where close to being ready.  I did place in two races in June, but a lot has happened since then.  My relay team is competitive.  I wasn’t ready last year, because of obvious stress and life reasons last year (race was earlier in years past), but i still pulled out a fast time.  The year before I had a “road kill” on a girl who was on my high school’s state track team, which was super exciting for me.  I don’t want to be the slowest one but then again, 9 days is too late to really do anything beneficial other than just running.  

Around the corner, I am planning to make a trip to see some of my friends I haven’t seen much in the last year.  I have regret that I haven’t seen them enough.  I do have a LOT of work trips in October, November, and June.  I really plan on making the most out of those and maybe adding some extra fun days on to them.  I am blessed to have such good friends.  I need to find more time for them.   

I had a good day

Today is the best I’ve felt in forever.  Yesterday wasn’t shabby, but today was pretty dang good.  Did I mention that I wasn’t holding on to a ton of water either day?  Yeah, that was a super huge plus!

I did about half my usual weights at the gym today, followed by a short swim.  I made huge progress with the swimming, not being winded and doing more freestyle.  Success!  I was short on time because of my clinic today, so I was trying to just fit everything in.

On to the venue to set up for our aqua jogging clinic.  I wasn’t able to get into the water last year.  This year I almost didn’t make it because there wasn’t enough noodles and belts to go around (which reminds me all the noodles I bought last year are at my old house).  We had a great turnout!  No including our coaches, we had 17 gals and 1 guy.  Fish really put us through the wringer with a 32 minute workout.  At the end she gave the option to go without flotation.     You better believe I tossed my noodle.  It was HARD but good.  I need to find a pool deep enough to do it in and be able to keep correct form.  Today was a good reminder that it’s good cross training and not just for injuries.  Plus you can do speed, intervals, and drills with it.

Afterward everyone went their own way.  I went to lunch with one of my friends at WF.  We were joined by 2 more friends later on.  My boss had given me a $15 gift card there for covering her vacation.  You better believe that whole dang thing went toward a salad.  I even got the smallest container they have and I still made a $18 salad.   Worth every penny because it’s 100% stuff I LOVE.  

Now on to prep for the week and chores.  It was a good weekend.  There are a few things that would have made it better, like seeing Radney Foster, and more of my favorite people!

Lost track

I’ve been meaning to blog for the last 12 days and I haven’t.  I’ve honestly been super busy.

Most of last week was spend in San Antonio on the Riverwalk for work.  It was a long and exhausting week.  Even though I haven’t been running a ton, I was still on restricted from any.  I walked alot to get where I needed to go, but it really threw a wrench in getting my routine back.  Plus I worked through Saturday night.  It wasn’t so bad, but made for a too short weekend.  Highlight of the week was seeing a few people I don’t see often, and one person I wish I could see every dang day.  There were memories made on Wednesday for sure.

My Dr’s assistant quit last week at the office where I get my NDT.  Not so happy about that, she was the only tolerable part of that office.

I made my follow-up appt. with Dr. L yesterday, which I should have done LONG ago.  I don’t get to see him until November 3.  So far I am not really feeling any different on his protocol, which disappoints me.  But it’s only been 6 weeks and I have 6 more.  I still have hope.  Well actually by time my appt comes around it’ll be 16 weeks.

It hasn’t rained here in 3 weeks and I am honestly sick of the heat and dryness.  I could use a good storm.




Swimming into Saturday

I went to bed early last night because I could.  I am always more appreciative of rest these days.  Unfortunately I missed meeting my friends by 20 minutes this morning 😦

I hit the neighborhood pool and had it all to myself.  NICE!  I did better.  My breathing is still difficult, but I am getting better.  I did about half breast stroke and half freestyle.  This is WAY more freestyle than I’ve attempted before.  Freestyle is still wears me out, which I hope to overcome soon.  

Speaking of, I am watching swimming on tv right now.  Just a coincidence.  I came home and it was on.  Some of these dudes are dreamy 🙂  And some of them, I won’t name names, have shitty attitudes.  

I went and had a sports massage.  My hip has really been bothering me since a 5K I didn’t even run at race pace last month.  The therapist said my psoas was horrible and he was surprised I could walk.  He said my glutes and calves were fine (that’s a first, but I’ve also not been running as much).  My left hip and my right hammy were the 2 issues today.  He said no running and no lower body weights for a week.  

I am still not back to my regular workout schedule, but I am CLOSE.  This week was very good consistency wise.  I just need the balance of what the workouts actually ARE to be where I want them.

Enough blogging, time for me to get back to watching people be good at swimming.

Fun Facts Friday

Not so sure if some of these are fun, but they are factual 😉

  • I went to Granbury for the first time Wednesday evening for a 1 day conference.  It was nice, I would like to go back.  Nice lake, cool town square, near the dinosaur tracks park. Unfortunately I had to come back for work on Thursday night.
  • I’ve been trying to get this swimming thing down.  I swam 3 times this week, which is an all-time high
  • I have watched probably 2 hours worth of swimming tips and videos.  I can’t seem to correct some things and my breathing issues I have when running, carry over into the water
  • I need a hands on coach and the person I want is reading this.
  • My new swimsuit is a cut I wouldn’t normally wear, but it looks alright.  I can’t get over the variability on suit sizes!  
  • My kitty Chanel is doing much better.  I’m happy.  She’s mastered eating her low protein special kidney food up high so Missy can’t get it.
  • My birdfeeders relax me and make me happy
  • My hip has been jacked up from running after I volunteered about a month ago, not sure what gives
  • Apparently you can put clear nailpolish on ringworm to keep it from spreading and suffocate the fungus.  No, it’s not a worm, it’s a fungus.
  • I have a 5 day work trip next week that carries over into the weekend.  I hope to see some of my lovely friends in the evenings.  I am not sure how many people I will be able to convince to drive near downtown.
  • I get to see ODB 1 day next week.  It’ll have been over 5 weeks.  Yes, I counted.  

I hope to get some cleaning and organizing done this weekend.  If nothing else, some rest and reading!

Eating sucks

It’s gotten to the point where every single thing I eat bothers me.  Mostly with bloating and inflammation.

I went back and looked at my ALCAT from a few years ago.  Different Dr’s have had differing opinions on this test since I had it done 2 years ago.  My current Dr isn’t really a fan.  Well my PCP that is.

My meals often contain at least 1-2 of these ingredients.  Maybe it’s time to revisit these items as possibly being culprits.  I am SO tired of everything making me miserable.  This hasn’t slowed down my intake, just makes me paranoid about everything.

Severe intolerance (avoid):  ginger. (haven’t eaten any since I had the test done 2 years ago)

Moderate intolerance:

  1. BEEF. I don’t eat beef all of the time, but I had fajitas for dinner last night and lunch today
  2. brazil nuts. Easy fix although they are a good source of selenium
  3. cabbage.  Easy fix
  4. COFFEE.  Easy fix, although i’ve been tempted to add it back.  Will be strong
  5. green peas.  Rarely eat them. (wonder if sugar snap peas count?)
  6. honey.  Easy fix
  7. hops.  Non issue
  8. macadamia nuts.  Rarely eat them although they are so good.
  9. okra.  I don’t eat it often, but I love it roasted or pickled.   Easy fix
  10. rice.  Easy fix.

Mild intolerance:

  1. avocado (I eat this almost daily)
  2. basil 
  3. bell peppers (i’ve been trying to avoid nightshades for a good while)
  4. blueberries (crap!  I’ve been eating these alot because they are low GI and cheap now)
  5. black and green tea (dang it!  what I am supposed to drink when water gets boring?)
  6. buffalo.  I rarely eat it, but I do like it.
  7. celery. 
  8. chickpeas.  
  9. crab.  Rarely eat it, but I love it.
  10. egg yolks.  I’ve not eaten eggs in at least 6 months.
  11. eggplant.  (nightshade gave it up a while back)
  12. garlic.  suck
  13. haddock.  rarely eat it.
  14. honeydew.  not a big deal, I like it but wouldn’t miss it.
  15. limes.  not a big deal, I love lemons, limes, not so much.
  16. mussels.  never eat.
  17. nutmeg.  really only use when making stuff with pumpkin.
  18. onion.  i eat alot of onions, may need to cut back.
  19. paprika.  Don’t use often, but it’s a spice I love
  20. peaches.  Suck.  I love peaches
  21. shrimp.  I also love shrimp. 😦
  22. trout. darn it 😦
  23. watermelon.  I used to love watermelon, but now I rarely eat it.