Finally Friday!


Started the day off with my long.  AK texted me at 3 telling me she didn’t sleep and wasn’t going.  I was ok with this, wasn’t sure about her riding her bike next to me for the whole route, especially in the dark (her ART Dr. told her not to run today).   I’m a big girl, I can run by myself and sometimes prefer it (after all, I usually do races alone).  Got up at 4, ate my mocha-nut oats breakfast (which I cooked over in the microwave), grrr!  I ate what stayed in the bowl and headed south in my already packed car. 

I didn’t start at 5 like I wanted, it was more like 5:30.  By time I got moving and got down there, it was 5:15ish.  Forgot my light, so it was darkness for me.  Luckily there was a little bit of a moon and I didn’t kill myself, but it didn’t do me any favors speedwise.  Sun didn’t come up until like mile 8 and I finally got into a groove since I could see.  I finished it off, not sure about the paces because I couldn’t see my Garmin most of the time.  Since my ANT agent is barely in 1 piece, I didn’t bring it on my trip. 

Got back to the downtown gym to shower.  Saw 2 crackheads get arrested while I was waiting on my drink at Starbucks and saw 2, yes TWO people steal my freaking latte.  Really wish that location would write people’s freaking names on things.  It was so crowded, I couldn’t get up there fast enough to snatch it first.  I then moved on to work.


Headed up to Fort Worth for work right before 2 pm.  I swear that they moved the distance between Austin and Waco, because it seemed like I drove FOREVER before I got to Waco to stop for my McAllister’s ice tea with extra lemon. 

Got to my hotel, I chose a Candlewood since i’ll be up here for several days and thought I may like a kitchen.  I think I would have been better served with my usual Holiday Inn Express.  I stopped by the gym before I even went to get my bags and it SUCKS.  Better than last week’s hotel, but not by much.  The book said “ask if you need a local gym that offers more”, so I did.  Apparently they no longer have a contract with 24 hour fitness.  UGH.  Maybe i’ll go get a guest pass.  It’s not the end of the world to not have a gym (I only go 3 times a week anyhow), but I like to have the option at least and I want to lift weights Sunday and Tuesday before work.

HI Express, sorry I cheated on you, at least with you i’d have a decent gym and a free breakfast.  Yes, they actually have several great breakfast options.


My other box of food from Zoe’s was also freaking awesome.  Today I had the Chicken plate that had greek grilled chicken, mixed roasted veggies, and rosemary white beans.  I added a wheat alternative pita that I made crispy.  HEAVEN!   And talk about filling.  It held me until I ate dinner (I almost always have a snack in the afternoons).

For dinner tonight, I made a total detour in rush hour Fort Worth traffic to go to Spiral Diner.  I got the El Paso Burger.  It was pretty much awesome.  The place was funky and cool, and the waiter that took my order looked like a 20 year old PeeWee Herman in skinny jeans and a bowtie.  The whole way back to my hotel, I wanted to jump over the seat and eat that freaking burger, because it smelled soooo good (and it totally was!)    I know myself, if I don’t put the food where I can’t reach it, I will pick on it while driving.  I put it in my ice chest in the very back of the car, haha!

Well, I’m off to get some snacks and search for some FroYo 🙂  I may need something sweet later on!

Mid-week boredom

Nothing exciting so far this week.   Really, it’s been pretty dull and boring 😦


I’ll spare you the details, but I finally heard back from the Dr and I’ve been arguing with them for 2 days.  Although the tech said you couldn’t see anything in my ultrasound, the Dr said it looks fine.  This doesn’t sound right to me.  Although he did tell me to take 2 over the counter items for 2 weeks.  I don’t really consider this a solution, since I am not sure he understands the problem and I also don’t see what these medications really solve.  Ugh, after vacation I will be searching for another Dr.  I have some great Drs, however none of them are Primary Care Physicians 😦


We ended up skipping the baseball game on Tuesday, we were both so exhausted!  The temps cooled off a bit and I went for a short run.  I also went to bed on time.  I think the run helped me sleep, for once I didn’t wake up at all during the night.

Yesterday in the way too early morning, AK and I ran our mid-week long.  She was really sore from Crossfit, so she wanted to go slow.  I was not a happy camper, our pace was a minute per mile slower than i’d like.  The last mile I ran in what I wanted.  It was an ok run, despite my stomach killing me at the end.

Today I had an off-site work retreat.  I ran when I woke up, then drove to the location of my gym closest to the training center, so I could at least do a little arms and shower before work (no legs, didn’t want to risk my long tomorrow).  Worked out well, because I bypassed most of the traffic that everyone else hit. 

Tomorrow I am running my long.  Not really happy about this, but I don’t see any other way to do it.  I leave for a work trip tomorrow afternoon and I don’t come back til Wednesday afternoon.  I have classes from Sat-Tue from 8-5, so there is no time in there for a long.  So Friday before work it is, going to try to rock it, although I am not a fan of running that much of my run in the dark because my pace just isn’t as good.


 Honestly, the most exciting thing that happened so far this week was that I had a Groupon getting ready to expire to Zoe Kitchen, so I got takeout dinner there tonight and a little something for lunch tomorrow.  I LOVED it!  It was fresh, healthy, and just plain good.  It’s a small chain, they have only 1 location in Austin, in the Arboretum.  I’ll be back to eat there again, probably outside with their cute little patio with umbrellas and gorgeous oak trees.  I know they have Dallas and Houston locations too, as well as scattered locations throughout the US.

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Tripped up Tuesday


Ended up making Monday my DOR.  It had been a week and I had also forgotten that my schedule this week is all out of whack because of travel.  And i’ll be running long on Friday, which is my usual DOR, since I leave on my work trip Friday afternoon and i’ll be working Sat-Wed in Fort Worth area.

Today is supposed to be 1 of my 2 weekly “2-a-day” days.  But we are attending our last baseball game of the season, so a PM workout will be hard to come by.   (was supposed to be Mon night, but we traded nights, because Dan went to the Randy Rogers CD release on 6th street).  Well I went to bed later than I should have and slept horrid.  So I didn’t get an AM workout in either.  I was considering at least something during lunch, but I am pretty sure I forgot my freaking shoes 😦  Worst case scenario, I knock out a quick run after work from home and then bypass weights this session  😦   That or I just do weights in the office gym at lunch and wear flip-flops which I know I have.    This is making me very uneasy and I’m mad at myself.


Well I forgot my cell at work yesterday (because I couldn’t find it).  Found it today in my drawer at work.  Apparently after my WW meeting, I put it on top of the book and then put the book into the drawer where it belongs.  It was weird being without it.

Called the Dr’s office yesterday, wondering why the Dr. hadn’t called me back about my ultrasound which was last week.  She said give it until Friday.  Ugh, alright.  I’m a little annoyed that he hasn’t reviewed it yet or asked me to come in again to do something else.  Patience is a virtue that I do NOT have.


Sunday afternoon I started dinner for the beginning of the week.  It was a crock-pot recipe i’d starred in my google reader to try.  Taco Soup from Janetha @ Meals and Moves.  It was delish!  I left it thick like a chili instead of a soup (I didn’t thin it with tomato juice).  I ate mine in a bowl (some baked Scoops crushed in it), made Dan’s into nachos.  We both really enjoyed it 🙂  Definately putting this into rotation because it’s fuss-free and filling!  We’ll have it again tonight as a leftover.  I think it would be awesome on a baked potato, over “oven fries”, or mixed into salad.


It all runs together


Friday and the weekend pretty much ran together.  The gym at the hotel SUCKED, which pissed me off, because that is the #1 reason I booked that hotel and not the Indigo, is because it was supposed to have a full gym, not just a stairmaster and a treadmill.  Hello, I have 17 stories up to my room and Riverwalk galore, why would I want to work out in a shitty mirrored room?

Friday morning I woke up, ran to the Pearl Brewery and back, which was an arm of the Riverwalk i’d never explored before and will be my route of choice next time.  Much more quiet and no twists and turns. Then ran the stairs to my room on the 17th floor.  Hit Starbucks for breakfast and then off to the convention center for the longest day ever!  I sound like such a sloth whining about standing all day, but I’m not used to it!

Mom and I met up for lunch at Schilo’s German Deli for lunch, had an awesome bowl of soup and a sandwich, then back to work.  Didn’t get off until 5 something, which meant sitting in gridlock traffic all of the way from SA to Austin.  Called in takeout to Texas Roadhouse that I knew was up the road, so I could spend the rest of my allowance and have something to eat when I got home (grilled pork, sweet potato, and large salad).  YUM!  I love that combo there.  Ate the salad in the car, because I didn’t have a snack and I was starving.  (the rest was in the back of the car, so I wouldn’t pick on it….yeah, I know me!).  Got home super late after I returned my truck and picked up my car from the office.  Jumped into a hot bath to soothe my aching legs.

Saturday, got up to run, it went well, good pace.  AK and I hit some stores on the way home since it was tax free weekend.  We bought nothing but gels, no clothes.  Dan later took me to Dick’s and I bought a new running outfits and some Win detergent (thanks June!).

Today I woke up ill.  Stayed at home while Dan went tubing and to see Micky and the Motorcars at the Floathouse 😦  Made it to the gym about 6 hours later than normal, eh, at least I went, it was a decent effort.  Got some laundry, cleaning, and Christmas shopping done.  Yeah, I did go to Kohl’s down the street to look for work pants and I came back with a mass amount of bathroom towels for my parents 2 newly remodled bathrooms.  I WILL eventually find pants.

Think I forgot to mention, on the way out of town on Wednesday, I went and had my ultrasound and well, they couldn’t see anything 😦  Apparently, while I wasn’t told to fast and they said it wasn’t necessary, I was too full and my stomach blocked what they needed to look at.  Waiting to hear to the doctor to see what he wants to do now.  Tech at the testing place said insurance usually makes you wait for 6 weeks before doing another.  UGH.

Tiresome Thursday


Woke up early and hit the Riverwalk for 3 miles.  I know I always say it, but there is NO better way to take in a city you are visiting than to run it.  In the last year, i’ve probably run SA and the riverwalk at least 5 seperate trips, it’s always a pleasure.  You see things like:

I returned to the hotel for some water, where my mom was waiting for me.  We then did her 35 minute Galloway workout.  I took her on almost the same route, she was amazed at the sights she saw 🙂  My mom has lived in the SA area her whole life, she said that was the most interesting tour of downtown she’s had, lol! 

I then showered and bounded off to the convention center for work.  What a sight!  Wasn’t really expecting the whole thing to be full of plants and full size trees, 18 wheelers everywhere.  It was mass chaos.  Was glad we got everything done by noon, so I could work from the hotel after lunch.


I had done a little research on some new places to go in SA.  I’d stumbled across a few on YELP that I wanted to try, plus  Tiffany mentioned a few as well.  I pulled up 3 menus on my computer when I went to work, told mom to pick.  Shocked the heck out of me when she picked GREEN.  I had wanted to try it, but thought it may be too odd for her, neither one of us is vegetarian, but I do enjoy vegetarian fare, especially when it’s fun!

Put the address into the GPS and we were off.  It’s in a neighborhood off the beaten path.  Not in the nicest area of SA, but certainly nothing bad.  Not much parking, so we ended up in the street, walked in.  The place is funky and fresh, loved it already.  We were greeted by a really nice waitress, who sat us down and welcomed us with these vegan biscuits (ok there were 2, we shared the other one that was on the plate before I got the camera out, lol!)

Ordered up 2 hibiscus iced teas (LOVE when places have it). Mom ordered the Green Burger, I ordered the Mike.  Both were bigger than our faces!  Here is proof:

My “Mike” sandwich, this is just half!

Mom and her Green Burger

We both LOVED our food and only ate half.  Well I ate that other half later in the day as a large snack, lol!

Went back to the hotel and worked from there.  The email server may have well have just been broken, because it was SO slow and frustrating.   That is also the reason I didn’t not read or write blogs at all when I was gone.  Called it a day at 5 pm and started getting ready for momma’s birthday dinner at Acenar.  Was disappointed because our party of 8 suddenly became a party for 4.  But honestly, it was so intimate and lovely with just 4 ladies, I think it may have been better.  My mom’s 2 gym friends came to help her celebrate.  I got the crab tacos because I LOVE them. 

Mom’s friends departed and then we went to Howl at the Moon for a bit.  I was beat, so we called it a night!

Wednesday Woes


Ran my mid-week, mid-range run with AK this morning.  Although, she tried to talk me out of it.  I updated her on everything going on and she didn’t think it was a good idea to run.   It went well, it was cooler again (maybe 5 degrees less than normal), but still humid.  Made myself carry water, as there is none on this route.  (It’s pretty much residential and small businesses on a road that runs from my house to the backway to the mall.  Total distance on the road is probably 8 miles one way and it’s all sidewalk).  We did 6 today, this bumps up again next week to 7.   The pace was where it needed to be, although in the last mile, I was spent.  I got to bed as soon as I could after packing for my work trip last night, but I couldn’t fall asleep because I was worried.   Sleep+food+smart planning usually equals a good run, I had most of that and a good run.  Wonder if it could have been a little better with the more sleep?


Well the reason I couldn’t fall asleep last night was because I was worried (shocking I know).  It’s not a hernia says my Dr., in fact I couldn’t re-create the issue.  I sat, I stood, I walked, I lied and nothing.  He said he couldn’t feel anything at all.  He ordered pelvic ultrasound because he was concerned about where I was showing him it happened.  Dan suggested I schedule it for Monday when I am back in town.  It’s going to drive me nuts, so I scheduled it for this afternoon, on my way out of town for work.  Not ideal, but I need it done.    I have no pain, no discomfort, just something is weird.  I asked the Dr. if he was giving me any activity restrictions?  He said no, so I went straight to the gym and managed a pretty dang good weights session.

I am praying this is nothing.  Like last year when my foot kept falling asleep randomly when I was standing.  Expensive nerve testing proved nothing but the fact I have awesome nerves.   Or the time when I had the weird bumps under my arms, which was just freak swollen glands during PMS.  But then last night I go and get on WebMD like a moron and get freaked out.  Little itty bitty things that were only annoyances, when put together, are some symptoms of some scary things!

I just keep having these thoughts about, “what if I can’t run anymore”, “what if it’s something major”?  I can’t imagine my life being anything than what it’s become.  I look at the calendar and everything i’m excited about and I hope that this really IS nothing, because I’m too busy to be sick.   I have a full calendar from now until Christmas of all kinds of exciting events.  Races, social events, work trips, vacation, etc. 

Trying to shift my thoughts to seeing my BFF on my work trip, my momma’s big belated bday bash on the Riverwalk I am hosting tomorrow night, some scenic running downtown SA,  and a good weekend with some music and friends. 

Troubled Tuesday


Made yesterday my DOR, I think I needed it.  Will be in SA for work on Friday, which is my usual DOR, will do a short, light run on the Riverwalk before work that day.  I love running in the AM on the Riverwalk, such a treat!  I’ve been fortunate to go for work 3 or 4 times in the last year.  This week I’ll be there Wed night through Friday afternoon, so i’ll at least get 2 runs in down there.

I really need to start getting to bed even earlier, because I keep waking up tired, which is no bueno 😦  I ended up going back to bed after my gym alarm went off this morning.  I woke up at regular time and decided to run in the AM.  I  have way too much to do today to do weights, run, and pack for my work trip in the PM.  I really need to run errands during lunch to get ready to leave town.  Guess the weights will be after work, which after last week, I said I wouldn’t do anymore, but gotta deal with it.

The run was good, it never rained yesterday, but apparently the temps were still cooler.  It was still humid and warm, but not killer.  Knocked my 3 miler out with no issues with a decent time, even though I chose to run without a light today. 


I had noticed something weird with my stomach last month, I noticed it again Sunday and Monday.  Have a weird bulge that moves around when I go from sitting to lying, and sometimes it feels weird when I sit, but it doesn’t hurt.  I got on WebMD which is probably a bad idea.  From what I can tell, it look like an inguinal hernia.  NOOOOO!  I don’t have time, money, or patience for surgery.   I really hope that I am wrong.   I have so much coming up, I can’t even fathom being out of commission.  Thinking about going to the Dr, although I hate my Dr., I don’t really trust his judgement, but until I get my referral done for the dermatologist, I can’t fire him.  Cross your fingers I am wrong and there is nothing wrong with me!


I made Fish Tacos with cilantro-lime crema with Mahi-Mahi (because it was on sale at Sprouts).  I thought it was pretty good, I LOVE fish tacos.  Dan didn’t say anything, guess he wasn’t a fan.  I’m going to make them again tonight to use up the rest of the fish.  I may be making him something else, lol!  The crema was good with the lime flavoring, I may add some chipotle or hot sauce to it tonight for more kick. 

Coming up empty


Sunday-Did my usual sleep until I can’t sleep anymore, which is usually around 6:30, then I got up, ate some mocha-nutty oats, and got dressed for the gym.  Got there 15 mins before they opened, oops!  Had a great strength routine, although I did notice that afterwards when I went to roll out my legs, that I have a huge knot in the right calf.  Bad news.  Should have had more hydration (I had a mini bottle of G2 and water, but should have had more).  I sipped a little water and tea as we strolled all over town, but not enough to make up for the loads I sweated during my run.   Rolled the legs again last night before bed and the left leg is fine, the right leg is still there.  This may take some work.


After the gym, I showered there, and set out on my quest for work pants.  Well guess what?  Ann Taylor opens at 11 and I was there at 9:45.   I waited for them to open and found nothing 😦  Why can’t they just sell me newer versions of what’s in my closet?  I cannot wear curvy fit, which is apparently all of the rage everywhere (I don’t even think curvy would have worked when I was curvier).  Had the same luck at Gap, Banana Republic, and NY&Co.   I need to replace at least 3-4 of really nice dress pants in my closet that are worn out from washing or dry cleaning.   And I’d rather not alter them, unless I have to.  I want pants that can be worn with kitten heels or less (I try not to wear heels during training).  I couldn’t even find pants to alter though, nothing fit 😦

By time I finished with that ordeal and got no pants, it was past noon.  I still had to go to Sprouts and HEB for quick groceries and I was starting to get hungry (got an apple and some diet Sweet Leaf tea to hold me over).  I ran home and threw together some shrimp tacos, which were good, but probably needed a side, because I was hungry less than 2 hours later.   Started laundry that I could do without Dan’s clothes and attempted to clean. 

Next thing I knew it was 6 pm and Dan was home from his work trip!  I started on the rest of the laundry around 8 and we watched a little tv.  The cleaning all fell by the wayside once he got home, so my house still looks somewhat dirty.  At least we have clean clothes, a clean living room, and a semi-clean kitchen.

Hoping for a little more productivity on Monday evening.  So far it’s not looking good, I am still not sleeping well, so all I want right now is a nap!  On the fence right now between a nap and doing my cross on the stairmill at the gym after work. 

I have a long week ahead, going to SA for work Wed-Fri and likely going to New Braunfels for the weekend (per Dan’s request) to spend a little river time one last time before the summer is over.  We are both out of town for work for close to a week starting next Thursday, so that ought to be interesting.  Just looking ahead over the next 2 months, I have to move THREE long runs to a Friday instead of Saturday, which means coming in late to work or taking those days off.  This season seems to be way more packed than last year already!

Sensational Saturday


This Friday I made sure to correct last week’s mistakes.   Food, rested and rolled legs, and sleep were all in check.  And yes, the payoff was noticable.  Great run (minus those first 2 miles when it was pitch black).  The pace was about 10 seconds slower than I would have really liked but overall pretty solid.

Still drives me nuts that Garmin is inaccurate when it comes to the Forerunner calories burned (don’t understand why they can’t ditch distance from their equation?)  Today for instance, Garmin says I burned 1180 calories.  In reality it was about 780.  That’s quite the difference to say the least, and it’s not because I am a low burn freak (which I am).  At least it’s pretty accurate with other areas. 

I got a few chuckles earlier in the week, when I said that I use the downtown location of Gold’s only for showering and stretching (started doing this 2 summers ago, and it stuck).    I time my runs to end around the time Gold’s opens.  Run, Starbucks, stretch, shower, and continue my morning!  That’s my routine almost every Saturday, except this summer I added foam rolling to my stretching because I am more likely to do it there and less likely to do it at home (even though my roller is in the middle of my living room).  This is what 2 week old shoes look like after a morning at Lady Bird/Town Lake, lol.  And that’s not a sock tan, that’s trail.

  I didn’t Starbucks this morning until after I met my sister because she was actually early and I needed to give her my parking spot in front of the gym, since we were taking my car to run all over town.  That and she didn’t get my mad parallel parking skills.  She called me freaking out about parking, so I decided it was just best for her to have my end spot, so I wouldn’t have to get run over on 6th street trying to get in her car and park it for her.   


Apparently since Austin is so laid back, nothing opens til 10 or 11!  Tried to go to the new Texas Running Company, but apparently they don’t know runners are up early and they don’t open at 10 (yeah, only one of 4 run stores in town opens early).  So we had some time to kill, so we went for a ride.  Ended up at the Triangle.  Popped into Snap Kitchen to get something to drink, give my sister a tour, and see my friend Suzy.  My sister had the opportunity to work there when they came to Austin and she didn’t want to drive.  I think she made a big mistake, I think it’s really cool place. 

Anyhow, hit the “drag”, which if you’ve never been to Austin, is Guadalupe street where it crosses through University of Texas.  Explored some stores and sites, but I think I spent more time looking for parking.  But I also know that my sister loves that area, so I took her down there.

Then it was time for lunch!  Zocalo Cafe.  It’s in an area i’ve actually never been to, tucked away in an older neighbhorhood, definately a hidden gem.  It was fun to try something new (and I had a Groupon for the place).


The food was good and fresh.  We both had Tacos del Mar (Mahi Mahi), bypassed the rice and beans for soup.  She had tortilla, I had black bean.   It was light, yet filling.  I’d go back.  Not sure if Dan would like it, because when it comes to Mexican, he tends to like places that have big menus and combo plates.  The portions here were moderate and just perfect for us!


I love South Congress area of  Austin.  SO much fun, even if it was 104 degrees.  Sorry, we didn’t eat at any of the food trailers, although Hey Cupcake! is always tempting.  I meant to go back to Amys for some Mexican Vanilla ice cream, but I forgot.  I don’t even really like vanilla ice cream, but this flavor is amazing!  I really only eat it when I go do there, although they have locations all over the Austin area.

Places I love:  Parts and Labour, Tesoro Trading Company, Goodie Two Shoes, Jos Coffee, probably several more that I can’t remember the names of.  Oh and Storyville, which gave me a ton of laughs with their tshirts and I pretty much wanted everything in there.

I didn’t buy a whole lot, but I did drop more cash on some stone coasters.  I do NOT need coasters (we have a ton).  However these are AWESOME coasters.  I’ve always wanted to get a few, but I didn’t like the prices or see ones that grabbed me at other stores around town.  And then I saw it!  They had an Antone’s coaster (where Dan and I met).  So I decide to get that one, but the 4 for $30 seemed a lot easier to swallow than $9 for one.  So I bought 4 of places that are special to Dan and I, thinking I could hang them somewhere in our house and maybe even add to the collection later on.  I laugh, because all of the ones I bought are live music venues (Antone’s, Shady Grove, Gruene Hall, and Saxon Pub), which are some of our favorite places.  Next time I am in the area, I may get 4 more.  I will now have to figure out how on earth to display or hang them up and where.  When I figure it out, i’ll have to post.

So I bought coasters, a three legged pig (good luck charm from Chile for my friend), 2 headbands, and a silly kids mug at Starbucks.  At least I didn’t blow a ton of money.   Unfortunately I am to go to Ann Taylor tomorrow and get pants for work and I don’t want to, but should because they are having a sale.  I like fun shopping like today, I don’t like having to shop for something.  We’ll see how tomorrow pans out.  Bet you I don’t go to the store for the pants 😉

Anyone else have any shopping finds this weekend?