Things I like Thursday

  • Life is short, too short.  Hug your loved ones.
  • It’s amazing how much you can care about people you’ve never met.
  • Sometimes driving 8 hours in a 24 hour period is the best thing to do and TOTALLY worth it.
  • Hugs make everything better.  I needed one and I got many.
  • Thursday morning brunches at Denny’s are perfect.
  • I missed laughing and smiling so much.
  • I’ve really learned to appreciate every moment spent with ones I love.
  • I feel like my heart got a booster shot of love today 🙂

Things I like Thursday: knowledge

It’s been a long week.  I shouldn’t complain, because it’s been worse for ODB.

It really is the little things.  Like someone teaching you something environmental and scientific and totally geeky.  I LOVE THAT!   ODB is the smartest person I’ve ever met.  Not only is it engaging, it’s totally sexy 🙂


Things I like Thursday: Understanding

Today’s things I like Thursday is about understanding…

  • Being criticized by a certain group.  Someone completely understanding why you are upset because they know the criticism even worse.
  • Realizing complaining about above said criticism is silly, especially when the other person deals with it daily.
  • Having someone be able to ground you.  Just by listening.  Even if they can’t relate to your problem.
  • Hearing a story that happened a long time ago that had a huge impact on someone as a teen.  Silently fighting back the tears because you are thinking about how they felt in that situation.  Wondering how you would have reacted in a similar situation.
  • Someone trusting you with something they’ve never told anyone.  Something that caused them pain and disconnected them from someone.  Them knowing that you may not relate, but can understand.
  • Someone understanding how much something means to you.  Even if it doesn’t seem attainable.  Wanting to be part of something you’ve heard such wonderful things about.
  • Understanding that everything happens for a reason, even if the reason isn’t clear.

Things I like Thursday

Today was an ODD day.

I couldn’t sleep, but lied it bed past gym time, so I got ready for work instead.  Getting to work that early is beneficial because it’s quiet, but that’s about it.  I have staff that come in at 7, so I NEVER have quiet (i’m sure my boss says the same about me!)

things I enjoyed today:

  • it finally started raining at 7 pm.  Not much but it’s something
  • yummy dinner.  Sundried tomato pesto whitefish and green beans.  Pumpkin for dessert
  • spicy sausage links
  • lying on the couch reading (I need to do this more)
  • a highly productive day at work
  • a lunch time workout
  • knowing I can watch 1 part of tonight’s concert live
  • seeing silly pictures of someone
  • a cool house!  Thank goodness my AC was an easy fix
  • kitty cuddles
  • having someone to cry over, even though the reason I was crying was NOT good.
  • having someone to check on me all day, even though they were swamped and overloaded. Today was no different than usual really with the thoughtfulness
  • Pandora picking bad ass songs

Things I like Thursday: podcasts

So I listened to a lot of the thyroid sessions a few weeks ago.  I liked Ben Greenfield Fitness, so I started following him on Facebook, signed up for his newsletter, and subscribed to his podcast.

I usually listen to podcasts when I travel alone and when I workout.  It’s what I do to learn (geeky podcasts) and laugh (Adam Carolla) when I am busy.

I am digging Ben’s podcast so far.  I listened to one about anxiety (it was very eye opening), one about weight issues with thyroid problems, and my favorite so far, aging like a badass.  The aging podcast featured a Texas athlete/author which offer some great tips and advice.  Definitely need to evaluate his advice and apply it to my own life.  He makes quite a few biblical references too, which I found to be refreshing.   I’ve been sorting through the rest of Ben’s 2014 podcasts to see which ones apply to me the most.

I used to listen to Paleo Parents and Balanced Bites, but I couldn’t keep up with all of them.  I’ve started being pretty selective with my Carolla podcasts as well, since he broadcasts 5 days a week, I can’t keep up.  I was once caught up, but then I didn’t have any for the gym 😉   So I  keep at least 2 in the playlist at any given time, so I have 2 workouts worth ready!

Things I like Thursday

I am not going to lie, there isn’t much I like about today.

I woke up tired.  I had tears.  The hotel didn’t have the awesome fruit today for breakfast. I went to work.  More tears.  Work got out late, so I postponed lunch.  That didn’t bother me near as much as having to say goodbye.  Apparently this time I cried throughout the day instead of just when I was leaving town.  No, I am not moody and pregnant, this is my normal when I have to leave ODB.  I HATE it.  It hurts me emotionally and it stresses me out.

I ended up getting lunch on the edge of town which sucked.  Didn’t help that I already didn’t feel well, but the emotional distress did a number on me too.  I still don’t feel great.

Got back in just enough time for horrible traffic, so I went to my office and worked some, even though I was dead tired.  Came home to two hungry kitties with a mess to clean up, wilted plants, and empty bird feeders.

BBQ for dinner picked up for dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.  A few less things to worry about.

DBT, which I have been waiting FOREVER for is tonight.  I am WAY too tired to drive myself downtown and back.  This is heartbreaking to me.  I wish I had a ride down there, because I would still go and just be tired.  Its the driving back tired that I cannot do.

But I have 2 happy kitties now, my house is still in 1 piece, and I am just as loved as I was 7 hours ago.

Things I like Thursday: Whole Heart

It’s been a while since I have done a “Things I like Thursday.”  It’s kind of sad.  I’ve been kind of busy.

I worked Thursday, Friday and Monday at my seasonal job ( Easter and Mother’s Day season).  I didn’t go home for Easter and I didn’t think it would bother me.  I don’t particularly care for the holiday because of a couple of bad things that happened around the holiday in the past (Sheldon and my grandmother died suddenly and tragically about 14 years apart).  It did bother me.  I missed the holiday mostly because I haven’t really seen my dad in a few months and I didn’t get to see my godson and BFF.

Anyhow, back to the point of the post.   I am really looking forward to next week.  When my heart is whole again, at least for a few days.   Bonus is running in places I don’t get to see often, seeing friends, maybe baseball, eating awesome food, and being away from work!  I hate wishing the days away before then, but it’s a long weekend.  I work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at my seasonal job before I am able to jet out of here!

Another plus today, I stepped out on a limb and talked to a health coach today.  We will see where this goes for my health issues.  I’ve gotta keep pushing forward until that July Dr. appt!


Things I like Thursday: Bird neighbors

It’s official.  I have a new hobby.   And it’s not just for old people.   I am highly entertained by the wildlife in my yard.  Mostly birds and a few squirrels.  I had a feeder at the old house but it was mostly for the cats.  This time it’s for all of us.

I bought the first feeder myself.  Then came a second one and a seed bucket from my guy.  I also bought a special bungee feeder for the squirrels to keep them away from my bird feeders.  I got a ladybug shaped suet feeder this week.

I got a pair of binoculars as another gift this week so I can see my birds better. I also removed the screen from my living room window to see better.  I have “what bird” bookmarked on my computer!

From the living room chaise, it’s great view for us to watch the doves, sparrows, finches, cardinals, woodpeckers, titmice, squirrels, and whatever else comes our way.

Now I need a coffee maker so I can watch my birds while I enjoy coffee.  Preferably with my favorite bird-watching companion.