Recipe Review: Meat Muffins

On Sunday I made these for breakfasts for a few days this week.  They could be a snack, breakfast, or part of a meal.   I put 4 in each container to last me 3 breakfasts.

I did ground chicken because that’s what I had on hand (I only used 1 lb).  I think next time I will try another meat like beef or turkey.  Chicken was really good, but I am interested to try new combos.  I see this recipe being very versatile!  I topped them with Schlotzsky’s hot sauce (I have the little packets in my desk at work).

The squeezing of the spinach was a huge pain in the butt to me.  If it weren’t for that, I would have made a double batch.  May put this on a dinner menu in the coming weeks.  I hear they freeze well too, which is excellent for when we are too busy!

The WW points plus will vary based on the type of meat you use.  With using chicken breast, they are 1 P+ value each.

Heart Happy Saturday

Woke up really early and volunteered with my sister and friend Diane at the finale for Marathon Kids.  We worked the 6 am shift, since we all had so much to do that day (and the stadium was 45 minutes away).  We helped unload the trucks and move everything into the infield of the track.

Then off to Girl Scouts Thinking Day for a few hours back up in Cedar Park.

After an already full morning, I headed home to meet Dan and have brunch.  Made myself a bowl of delicious.  2 fried eggs, guacamole, salsa, veggies, and some tortilla chips.  Like deconstructed migas, lol.

We then drove way down south again to help our friends unpack their new nest.

It was great to see everyone and to help where we could (plus our expectant momma didn’t need to be lifting).  We didn’t unpack their whole house, put at least we got the kitchen mostly done and boxes moved from the garage to some of the rooms they needed to be in.

The kitchen had been completely full of boxes, we tackled all of them and then took a break 🙂

Then we were off to San Marcos to see my 2 BFFs that evening.  I hadn’t seen Michele since December and Alison since October.  Makes me sad we are all so busy and don’t see each other much any more 😦

Had dinner with both girls, Dan, and Michele’s husband Danny.  Alison’s husband was out of town for a Diaper bash (which is apparently the baby version of a bachelor party).  We ate at the Root Cellar, which is fabulous.  I’d never been for dinner, only for brunch.  My first time was actually for Alison’s wedding day bridal brunch.

I had a lovely time with the girls, but we somehow didn’t take any photos!  I hate that I don’t have pictures of my 2 favorites.  It was so so good to see them both.  I’m already eager to see them again as soon as possible.

Dan and I got back home pretty late, watched some tv, and I went to bed.  I had no energy left, but it was very much worth it!  Saturday was a reminder of all of the good things in my life.

Girl Scout Thinking Day

Our troop participated in our immediate area’s “Thinking Day” on Saturday.  My troop had Portugal for their country.  

Each troop had to make a display to teach about the country, a food/drink from the country, a “swap” (trinket), and a craft/game.  All of these things helped them learn about the country and to teach others.

We had little Portuguese flag pins for our swap, churros for our food, and
learning to play “snail” (which is a 1 legged jumping game) for our activity.

I think there were 35 different countries to learn about.  It was SO crowded and that was with limited number of attendees!  I think the girls had a lot of fun, not sure how much they learned.  (I learned that almost every country brought something that was 100% pure sugar, lol).  The girls were super hyper from all of the sugar, which I am sure their parents appreciated before lunch on a Saturday morning 😉

Top chef inspired

I started cooking dinner on Thursday night, while Top Chef on DVR was playing.  So funny, while they were doing their Top Chef Master’s Japanese challenge, I was doing one of my own.

Spicy citrus chicken stir fry

Shredded chicken, cooked quinoa, broccoli, zucchini, green onions, red pepper flakes, and ginger, all sauteed in coconut oil. 

 Added tangerine slices in at the end for something different.

Tasty and filling!  WW points plus for my giant serving was 9.  You could cut that if you needed to by using less chicken, oil, or quinoa. 

Great dose of protein, healthy oils, and good carbs.  Can you say Good Health Guideline masterpiece?  2 servings of oil, tons of protein, and 4 servings of fruit/veggies.

Untrained Marathon

One of the local radio personalities, Lunchbox, is running a marathon this morning with ZERO training.

He’s not just trying to finish, but trying to beat his co-worker’s marathon time of 4:45.  He saw people running this past weekend at Livestrong that he knows he could beat, so he decided today he’d tackle 26.2.  I think he even used the word easy.

Read and follow more here , see live updates here or listen to their broadcast on I HEART RADIO (96.7 Kiss FM).


Personally I don’t think he’ll make it the whole way through, but that’s just me.  If the physical strain doesn’t get him, the mental will.

Things I like Thursday: family funnies

I talk to my mom almost every day on the phone.  I almost never talk to my dad on the phone (if I do, it’s her handing him the phone for something quick).  Well, my dad called me today.  My dad never calls me unless something is wrong.  So even though I was at work, I answered.

Me:  Hello?  (cautiously, because I expected something bad to be said)

Dad:  Hey!  What are you doing?

Me:  I’m at work.  I’m working.  (snarky)

Dad:  I was calling to see how your trip to Waco was.

Me:  It was good, but i’m tired.   I have been gone from work the better part of the last 2 weeks, i’m trying to play catch up.

Dad:  How do I comment on something?

Me:  What!?

Dad:  I want to comment on something and it won’t let me.  Tell me how to fix it.

Me:  Are we talking about Facebook?  Are you trying to post a comment on someone else’s wall?  On your own?

Dad:  I already posted, but I want to comment.

Me:  On your own post?  I don’t know why it’s not letting you….Dad, I tried too, its not taking mine either, maybe your settings are preventing it.

Dad:  Well I want to comment on my post!

Me:  Well I don’t know how to help you, it won’t let me comment either.

Dad:  Ok, have a good day. I will talk to you later.


I laughed at loud when I hung up.  My dad seriously called me at work to walk him through Facebook.  And for the record, he’s always ranting about Facebook being dumb and people posting stupid stuff.

I eventually saw that he posted his comment, as another status update, which made me laugh even harder.

*Sigh*.  Social media and senior citizens.

Austin Marathon weekend

This past weekend was one of my “give back events.”  What the Austin Marathon means to me is volunteering.  I volunteer every year and i’ve never run the event.  I love being involved on the volunteering side, just like for Decker Half Marathon.

The slogan may have been eat, run, sleep, repeat.  But this weekend was volunteer, volunteer, volunteer.  I went downtown on Friday and stayed until late Saturday.  I had a great time and loved it, but man, not used to standing so much.  I felt like i’d run a marathon after the first 2 days of standing for 12 hour days.

This was the first year I’ve done packet pick-up which was incredibly fun and fast paced (so much so, that I never even got to look at the expo, which I heard was awesome).  Plus I was a team lead, which was super cool, thanks Megan! (here she is assigning our first crew). 

My job for the weekend

The masses in for their packets.  Friday was pretty steady, Saturday was SLAMMED! I was one of 2 team leads for the half marathon pick-up. 

I was more than exhausted after the weekend, but well worth it!  Now on to Waco for work for most of the week!

Away in Aggieland

MIA due to being in College Station all week for work.  It was good to get away and work outside of the office.  Plus I love College Station.  And I got to bond with my team, which was probably the best part!

Maybe I am weird, but when I am out of my regular routine, I write down what I need to accomplish and count backwards to see what time I really need to get moving from the bed or computer.

I got to run through town once when I was there.  Unfortunately it had to be in the AM and it was dark and raining.  I wish i’d have an evening free to tour campus on foot.   Hoping to talk Dan into a SEC game this year and we can make a roadtrip 😉

Nothing too exciting food wise.  Fajitas at Papa Perez were really good, although I was disappointed there weren’t really sides with them that i’d eat (we went there for Valentine’s night).  Lunch at Ozona on Wednesday was great, I had salmon tacos.  I loved that kabobs were a side option (I got 2).  Everyone else at the table was jealous over my plate, lol!  I’ve never thought about making salmon tacos, but it worked.  Plus their cilantro vinaigrette was very tasty on both the fish and the kabobs.

I’m glad to be back, but now i’m off to spend all weekend downtown volunteering at the Austin Marathon.  Needless to say, there probably won’t be blog posts until Sunday night, i’ll be too busy and not taking my computer! 🙂  First stop though, Endocrinology appointment.

Happy Friday!  Good luck to all running this weekend!  I’ve never run Austin, because I LOVE volunteering for it so much!

Valentine’s Day is Dumb

I’ve pretty much always thought that.  I think it’s cute for kids and I like the decorations, but the whole rest of it is phooey to me.  Yes, I am a scrooge.

Yes, I decorate my office at work and our dining room at home for it, because I think the decor is cute.

I bought my Girl Scouts little glittery Valentines and fun pencils.  Why?  Because I think it’s cute for kids. No candy, I figured they’d get enough of that at school.  Plus one of the mom’s doesn’t like her daughter eating certain things.   Food is NOT love people.  The girls were so excited, although, they fought over the pencils, because they were all different.  I wasn’t really expecting that.

So Adam Corolla said this Sledgehammer wine was good and is one of their spokespeople.  This marketing worked, because then of course, Dan wanted the wine.  This wine is impossible to find in this area.  Their store locator lists a few stores, but none of them carry it.  I talked to the HEB wine manager and he ordered a whole case for me.  Problem is, it came in late, past our anniversary last week, but just in time for me to have to wade through the jungle of Valentine’s insanity at the store yesterday.  It was worth it, because I knew he really wanted to try it.  Hope he likes it, because there are 11 more bottles at the store, lol!

On the way out, there were the chocolate covered strawberries, something else Dan had been talking about after seeing them in the store.  I know I could make them cheaper and better myself, but i’m leaving town for work today.

So yes, I bought him wine and strawberries and I left them for him this morning on the kitchen counter.  I would have preferred to give him everything last Thursday for our anniversary, but alas, had to settle for today.  

So technically I guess I bought him a Valentine’s Day gift, although the original intent was Anniversary.

So Happy Valentine’s Day, whether you chose to celebrate or not.  I’ll be going out tonight in College Station with a bunch of my female coworkers.  Hope it’s a blast!

Weekened rewind

I’d like to rewind to Thursday, where my weekend started going wrong…

I wasn’t feeling great, I was really hoping it was really bad allergies.  Lots of sneezing and sniffling going on at work.  I have been really lucky, Dan has been sick twice this winter, most of my coworkers more than once.  I have not be sick at all and managed to avoid it from all of them.  Until now.

I had a really important late afternoon meeting, so despite boss lady’s efforts to send me home, I had to stay.  At this point, I was still hoping it was allergies.  That night I took Nyquil and went to bed.

Friday wasn’t any better. Another urgent meeting in the PM.  I got to work extra early to get things done, I made it until 9:30 when I caved and went home.  I offered to take the meeting via phone, but my boss didn’t want me to.   Dan came home, sick.  Great, I gave it to him too, that never happens.  I slept the rest of the day, another Nyquil night.

Saturday, got up to run with the Zooma group in North Austin.  My sister bailed on me, but I got dressed and left.  Stopped to put gas in my car and realized my nose was bleeding.  Ugh.  With AK having her marathon next week, it would be selfish for me to run with them and possibly get her sick.  I decided to drive to the park and run alone, but I started feeling worse by the minute.  Came back home and slept most of the day Saturday, with the exception of breakfast and lunch.  I was so out of it, I watched golf on tv with Dan for a whole hour.

I was determined to go out to celebrate my birthday, our 7 year anniversary, and Valentine’s Day (we usually do 1 celebration, my preference).  I was feeling better after we both switched to AlkaSeltzer cold.  (I saw a commercial that said DayQuil did nothing for the nose, which was right, so Dan went across the street for the AlkaSeltzer). 

We ate at Maudie’s which was good, but they totally robbed me on the meat on my beef fajitas!  Good thing I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t eat my usual portion size, or i’d be starving.  We had 11 people, so for time’s sake, we had to split into 2 smaller tables.  Got to see a few people I don’t get to see near enough, which made me very happy!

Then off to Antone’s (where Dan and I first met) to see William Clark Green (new to me), Brian Keane, and Adam Hood.  Adam was great as usual.  Not my favorite type of venue to see him in, but it was good.

I won’t go into details, but the evening turned south after dinner (had nothing to do with me being sick).  Quite possibly a sign that I should have stayed home in my pjs.   The evening ended around 2:45 am with me in tears.  I can only hope that I’m offered a redo on my celebration date.