Plan B

New Dr. FAIL

$9100 up front (for 6 months) and he said I already do most of what he requires, so I am already way more advanced in knowledge and experience.

I am glad my sister was there to agree that it would be crazy to spend that money for most of what I do already.

Plan B

Back to strict AIP next week and praying it works.

And Plan C in the meantime is to see my high school friend’s doctor in San Antonio.

I have an amazing support system with my ODB.  I wish he was closer 😦   I am determined to beat this!


What went wrong

This is the perfect example of what went wrong with my last relationship.  More than half of that article applies.

This isn’t a  post to boo-hoo,

it’s to express that I am learning more about myself than I ever knew.


Here’s to hoping my consult with the new doctor goes well on Monday.  I submitted all of my paperwork, my medical history from my words, and latest labs.  All as requested.

I already had a medical history until the fall already written, so I just took notes from my cell phone and added to that.  And then called the doctor for last week’s labs.

Labs: Not good.  I haven’t seen my current Dr. about them yet but my hormones are all wacked out.  My cholesterol is high.  My thyroid is low.  She didn’t even test my antibodies to see where my hashimotos was.  My liver panel is off too.  Testosterone may be high.

I am now up 25 lbs from my happy weight.  I am almost to my pre-WW weight.  Something I vowed would NEVER happen.  Now I am sitting here fat, miserable, and unhappy.  I used to be very proud of myself and what I had accomplished.  I still work out, I still don’t eat gluten, and I still watch what I eat with splurges in moderation.

The hardest part of Monday is the new function medicine guy doesn’t accept everyone he sees.  And he doesn’t do consults alone.  He wants a significant other to be there.  He wants to insure a support system is there.  I won’t lie, it sucked pretty bad to know I have no one to go with me.   My sister agreed to go, but I think it’s more for getting info for herself, not really as a support for me.   Maybe we can do this together, I don’t know.

I am SO tired of being sick.  I am so tired of not fitting in my clothes no matter what I do.  Having to be on a ton of hormones and supplements.

Here’s to hope and feeling better!


There are no words to explain what it feels like to have someone share something with you that they have never told anyone. A deep dark secret. Something that should never happen to anyone.

As hard as it was to tell me. I’m glad it happened. I am glad someone feels like they can share anything with me.

Are you?

What is the one question you NEVER ask a woman?

I have only been asked twice.  Once was at LNT when I had to wear an apron which made chubby look worse.  That did not feel good as a young college kid.

The second was today.  OUCH.  By someone I see every day.  BIGGER OUCH.  I AM NOT PREGNANT.

I will admit, there is something in the water.  We’ve had a LOT of babies in the last year.  We are talking like 50% in my office.

I am not sure if it was said because I look it (yes, I do carry all of my weight in my middle) or because everyone else is doing it, maybe I am too?  Still.  You don’t ask that no matter what.

So needless to say, I am not in a good mood now.  I’ve not been able to figure out why I gained the weight and I have tried everything to get it off.  Great, now I have people wondering why I am fat.  Yes, I weigh the most I have in 7.5 years and I am already miserable over it.

I am not.  I have no plans to be.  There is a good chance that with what I’ve been told, it’s not possible.   THE END.

Best is yet to come


I really believe everything happens for a reason.  Lately I honestly have had to remind myself of that.

Next week I will likely be MIA from blog-land because I will be out of town on business all week.  I seriously doubt I will have the time or the energy to blog.  But I am certain the week will result in some interesting blog posts.  I LOVE those events.  It’s the weeks leading up to them that are insane.

I am pretty sure I will sleep all of next weekend because I will TOTALLY need it.  It’ll be worth it.