No time for sleep weekend


Met friends for dinner at Threadgill’s on Friday night.  I picked it for dinner because #1 they have a huge menu, #2 their food is usually pretty good, and #3 it’s close to where we were going afterwards.  Well the food was a bust.  Dan didn’t care for his and mine was pretty mediocre 😦  Disappointment.

Then we ventured over to Antone’s to see Reckless Kelly (Bo Cox, then the Trishas opened).  The Trishas just released their first CD last night, go buy it 😉   Speaking of RK at Antone’s, here’s an interesting tidbit….I met Dan at Antone’s when we were both there for a Reckless Kelly show 10/30/2004.  So last night was 5 years and 9 months to the DAY!  I thought it was cool yet ironic, I think he though I was nuts for figuring that out. 

We got home earlier than I thought (I estimated 3, we actually got home at 2).  We made grilled cheeses when we got home because he was mad that our Taco Cabana isn’t 24 hours (told him it wasn’t).  But hey, I had offered to stop at the one in the Arboretum for him, which I know is always open.  Oh well, he didn’t need TC anyhow.


I don’t usually go out on Friday nights during training, but today’s schedule was the first cut-back and was short.  So I made an exception.  I got maybe 4 hours of sleep and although I tried to force sleep, nothing more happened AND I got a friggin Charlie Horse.  Took that as a sign to get out of bed and go.  I ran down Lakeline (street that runs from Leander through Cedar Park).  It was later than normal, but not too bad.  For having not near enough sleep, I was pleased with my efforts.

Ever since I got back though, i’ve been ravenous.  Mostly because I didn’t realize I was out of my oats which I always have before longs.  I had instant and bran but I didn’t want either of those.  So I did PB and Wasa, which I don’t think was substantial enough, because i’ve had about 4 snacks since 8 am when I got home.   We have a gift card to the Waterloo Ice House in SouthPark Meadows because we got rotten service there 3 times in a row…may cash that in for lunch.


Well it’s off to New Braunfels for the rest of the weekend.  Friends and music tonight with another very late night (and hopefully an awesome dinner somewhere).  Gym, breakfast with my BFF tomorrow morning, then river time, music and friend time, and Lonestar Floathouse food time!  I LOVE their Guadalupe Chicken sandwich. I know everyone raves about their burgers and its their most popular item, but they don’t even interest me.   

 That’s the thing about New Braunfels and Gruene, tons of GREAT places to eat!  Makes deciding on a place to go very hard.  My picks though are River Tea Room, Mozie’s, Gristmill.  Gruene River Grill for me is usually hit or miss for me, they have good food, but often have horrid service.  If you aren’t from Texas and you come visit, this area is a must.

 Hopefully i’ll actually have pictures.  I never take any, mostly because I sold my camera on Ebay and never got a new one, lol.  The plan was to upgrade, but I never did.  Dan got a new camera this week, so I may just take over his old one, lol!


Going to leave you with 2 interesting articles I read in a Canadian newspaper that Dan brought me yesterday:

 Marathon Race Addicts No, I’m not an addict!

Buying the Cow  This will probably be me, lol!  We already have the cats and the house

Less Fat Friday!


This time of year, I have my DOR on Fridays.  I like have the DOR before my long on Saturday, although being off on Fridays sometimes makes me stircrazy.

Had an early morning date with BODPOD this morning (I get tested every 3 months to look at fat and muscle composition).  It’s in the top 3 methods of accurate testing.  I started this in Jan., so this was my 3rd one.  It’s quick, inexpensive, and accurate.  I highly suggest it, especially if you REALLY want to know.  It made me realize just how far off other methods are (I knew the scales were way off already).

 I woke up ravenous, because that’s what happens when you can’t eat or drink (it’s all mental I am sure).  My mom and I had tests at 7.  Usually by 7 i’ve at least had a latte and on gym days by that time, I’ve usually at least had a pre-workout snack AND a post-workout snack. 

Mom’s was good,  she wasn’t due for another month, but they don’t have any BODPODS in San Antonio and she is here for a few days.  She’s been losing pretty slowly lately, but losing nonetheless.  I didn’t look at her report, but I know her range is now “optimal health” and that she lost weight and body fat.  Not sure about the muscle.

Mine went well, I am mostly  pleased.  Body fat went down 3% and down 5.1 lbs total fat, YAY!   I am now in the “athletic” range, I was in “ideal fitness” range last time (the ranges are essential, atheltic, ideal fitness, optimal health, and obese)..  Muscle stayed the same, BOO 😦  I know it’s really hard to put on muscle, but I wanted to add at least a bit in that time period.   Time to revamp strength routine and start eating even more.  I have NO desire to move into the essential range, which is like 8% or less, nor am I close to getting in that range.

My next test is scheduled for 10/30, but I think I may wait until RNR SA which is a few weeks later.  Now on the next one, I will be THRILLED if my muscle stays the same, because that means I didn’t lose any during marathon training, which is my goal.  I want to lose the least amount of muscle mass in training as possible.

If you want to read more about distance training, muscle loss, etc, this is a very good article by Rachel Cosgrove: Final Nail in the Cardio Coffin

Tiresome Thursday


Tried something new this morning before the gym (one of my freebies from the Dell/Fox7 Fit Fair from last weekend).  Enjoy Life Caramel Apple Snack Bar is nut and gluten free.  110 cals, 2.5 fat, 2 g protein, 21 g carbs, 2 g fiber.   The bar was pretty small, but then again, with low cals, I didn’t expect it to be big, but it was dense like a Larabar.   Really more like a cookie than a snack bar.  Since I don’t have a food allergy or limitation, I probably wouldn’t buy these, because I didn’t love them.   I don’t really do a whole lot of bars anyhow (I do keep them stashed in the office, car, and purse though for food pinches).

Not sure how I lived without making “banana soft serve” before!  I made it for the first time last night (well, twice, because the first batch ended up all over my newly steam cleaned tile).  Last night’s was with almonds, bananas, and RF coconut.  Tonight’s was banana and almonds with some mini chocolate chips.  I REALLY wanted Berry Cool this evening, but after I got home, showered, and ate, I didn’t really have the desire to drive to Berry Cool to get Froyo (it’s in the next town).   The banana soft serve concoction satisfied the craving for now.


Did strength at the gym this morning.  Went a little easier on the legs today, as to not kill them for my long on Saturday, which is actually NOT long, because it’s a cutback.  However, looks like i’ll be out super late tomorrow night, so that’s not really ideal.   I usually have a “no going out on Fridays rule” during training, but this was to be an exception.   Not sure what the heck I am going to do about  the time and where I am running on Saturday.  I really wanted to go to the grand opening of the TX Running Co downtown, but not sure I’ll be alive in the morning after being out super late. 

Had a short run at the park after work.  Think from now on, that i’m going to limit my evening runs to twice a week.  It was WAY too hot to be out and I had nothing left when I was done.   I’m careful, but you never know what the heat can do to you. 


You know you are getting old when you think about the weekend and it makes you tired just thinking about it!  Part of this is due to the fact that things are VERY loosely planned.  I’m a planner and this drives me nuts.  I like to at least have some sort of idea what the heck I am doing, where and when.  I know there is music all 3 nights and that’s about it. 

I better get off to bed.  I have an early morning date with the BODPOD.

Food trends

Just stumbled across this article on Yahoo….

7 Food Trends that have lost their cool

I guess I never really bought into most of them.  I do like chipotle flavor although Dan does not, it’s not something i’ll miss if it does fade in popularity at restaurants.  The cupcake trend, I do dig that, although don’t buy them often at all.  I think my birthday was the last time I bought any.  The only reason I see that one fading, is because of the sheer number of cupcake places and tv shows about them (that alone makes them destined for a downward spiral), lol!

One I hope doesn’t die is Frozen yogurt (it wasn’t on the list).  I know it was big in the 80’s and then it went away a while.  I am ok with that one staying around.  In fact, if someone wants to build a good place closer to me, i’d be all for it 😉

More about me…

Swiped some of my questions from Kelly because I stink at talking about myself!


My name is Melissa and I am 30 years old. I live in Leander, Texas (suburb of Austin) with my boyfriend Dan (been together since Feb 2005). I graduated in 2004 from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi with a degree in Environmental Science and Geology.   In September of 2004 I moved to Austin, met Dan the next month at a concert, and we’ve been like 2 peas in a pod ever since (even when we lived 800 miles apart for 2.5 years).

We bought our first house in September 2008 after Dan moved back to Texas after a career change.  It’s been a learning experience for sure.  I lost my weight while we were living apart, so when we were back together again, it was a huge adjustment.  Dan had to learn a different life with me.  Different eating, different schedules, different mindset.  Dan does NOT think the same way I do about food or fitness (in fact he eats anything and does no activity).  I plan my menus with him in mind, finding recipes that are good for you and things I think he’ll like.  He’s a picky eater and scoffs at anything that is too “hippie” or “healthy”, so there is a balance I have to maintain.  He eats what I cook at home, but during the day and eating out, we are polar opposites.

What do you do with that degree?  When you find out, let me know.  I had to have it to get my current job, but I don’t use it at all.  I know I ate alot of Whataburger earning it though.

Hobbies?  live music (where I live is perfect for this!), running, sports, fishing, outdoors, cooking, gardening, etc.

Do you follow any special diet? I have been a Weight Watchers member since January 2007 (Lifetimer since July 2007).  I follow the lifestyle and principals still to maintain my weight.    I still attend weekly meetings, although to remain LT, I only have to go once a month.    In fact, I still do everything the same, just with more food (since I am maintaining).   However, most of my eating is Core/Clean Eating.  But with that being said, I do not really cut anything out and I do not eat diety stuff.  I eat what I want and what I like, I will say though, that my tastes have changed over time.

How often do you eat out? A lot less than I used to.  Now it’s about 1-2 times a week, unless I am traveling.  Eating out doesn’t bother me, it’s part of life and I rather enjoy it most of the time.

When I travel on work or vacation, I try to be sensible for breakfast and lunch, and enjoy local specialties in moderation for dinners (and no I don’t eat grilled chicken or salad).  I pretty much treat traveling the same way as a regular week, I am just not cooking my own food and the workouts are a bit different. I’ve never been big on eating out for long periods of time, after a couple of days, I am sick of it. 

How do you handle cravings? I don’t cave right away anymore.  If I really want something, I enjoy it but at the very best quality or make it myself.  I am a total food snob since I changed my lifestyle over 3 years ago, so I no longer just randomly eat mediocre sweets or things that aren’t awesome.  In fact, i’ve been wanting ice cream…i’ll be going tomorrow after work for some.  (i’d go today, but i’m way too busy!)

What is your favorite junk food? I don’t cut anything out, but I don’t eat these things all of the time.   I love a good cheeseburger, but instead of just stopping at a fast food place, I now look for gourmet burgers made with fresh and high quality ingredients.  I also love a great plate of enchiladas, especially if they are from Vivo, Paloma Blanca, or Chuy’s.  I never gave up Mexican food, not even when I was trying to lose weight (in fact I think I ate it MORE then!)

How did you become a runner? I decided in January 2006, after Dan moved away for a new career, that I needed something to keep my mind off of him being gone and something to fill the time.  I decided to start training for the Texas Round-Up 5k.  Did 5ks for over a year, saying I’d never do more….never say never.  I ran my first half in 2008,  then my first 10K, and finally my first full later that year.  Since then, I’ve run all of those distances multiple times.  My favorite distance is the half, and in 2010, I made great progress in that distance.  Looking at what to do this fall and next spring.

How do you stay on track?

I still journal my food, still go to WW meetings.  I only weigh myself on Mondays.

I always have something I am working toward that isn’t necessarily loss related, but related to my well being.  Training for races, increasing muscle, decreasing fat (I get BodPods to measure this and the muscle), getting faster, or working on generally keeping myself challenged. If you notice, some of my goals are counterproductive like distance running, reducing body fat and gaining muscle.  During this next training, I am going to see how much mass I can hold onto while training.  I’ll compare my tests and see what training does to my body and go from there.  I know that I was still able to gain mass during half training, but full is NOTHING like a half, or at least I don’t think so.

Kids?  Pets?  Marriage?

No kids and no plans for them anytime soon.

2 cats, both mine, both adopted from Coastal Bend Humane Society in Corpus Christi when I was in college.  Missy, my siamese mix is 10 and Chanel my longhair is 8.

Not sure if Dan and I will ever get married.  I REALLY wanted to get married before (I even have a Badgely Mischka gown in my closet that I bought 3 yrs ago), but in the last few years, it hasn’t really been a priority for me.  Not sure what changed my mind, maybe it was just time, but the first 2 years it was all I could think about and now, i’m happy with the way things are.

 I’ll take questions too, lol!   🙂


Dan is in Canada all week for work.  That means 3 things:  cooking whatever I want, watching whatever I want on tv,  and getting enough sleep.   He’ll be back on Friday and then we are out of town for the weekend.  He still owes me a Berry Cool froyo date from 2 weeks ago, i’ll have to cash that in next week I guess?  That or i’ll go there without him, lol!

Updated my bio on here yesterday, thinking tomorrow i’ll do a “getting to know me” type post to expand on that 🙂


Still haven’t decided on Houston, going to ponder it some more.  I am leaning toward no, just in case I decide to do the distance challenge, I’ll have to do 3M, which I want to do anyhow.  Maybe Houston can wait until next year.

Strength at the gym before work today, went ok, wasn’t the best, but it was solid.  Long day at work, then short run after work, home for dinner and a movie with my 2 favorite girls 🙂  Good end to the day!

Runners help me! Decisions…

I know I am really overthinking this, but I am trying to look at the fall and spring race schedule.  Trying to decide if I should enter the Houston lottery.  Not sure either if I want to do the half or full (I can always downgrade, the price is almost the same anyhow).  I’ve never done Houston.  BUT it’s the same date as 3M which is one of my favorites, has a great course, and I love the swag bag!
I am also torn on these races and whether to do halves or fulls.  I can’t find the info on the Austin course changing, I’ve never done Austin before, was thinking maybe I should.  I want to keep it at no more than 1 race a month also.  I may be too abitious, considering real mileage hasn’t even started yet
RNR SA 11/14
Houston or 3M 1/30
Austin 2/13
RNR Dallas 3/27 or Angie’s Half crazy also 3/27
I know that halves are way less recovery for me and that I can run them better.  Maybe I should do 3M and then run Austin full? 
Of course, you know, if I am running Silicon relay, Austin, and 3M, then I may as well do the Distance Challenge this year.  I can’t find updated info on the challege for 2010-11 though. 

Sensational Sixty on Saturday


I went back and forth with my Saturday plans quite a few times.  I’m in 2nd week of training for RNR SA (my 3rd time running my hometown marathon).  I had originally planned on running my long before work on  Friday, but nixed that idea due to getting home late from Shady Grove on Thursday night.  Settled on running it at 5 am with my running buddy AK.   5 am was 78 degrees, 100% humidity.  Not exactly awesome.  We ran from my house which is my last resort route, because it’s all hard pavement, but it’s what I could fit in.  9 miles went well, although the last 2 miles were really rough.  I never carry drinks, but this route has no opportunities for drinking at all.  So I carried G2 and water.  I ended up stashing them on the route because I got tired of carrying them, I strategically did so though, as to not dehydrate myself. 

Hit the showers when I got home and got dressed to run again….sorta.


Mom, sister, and I headed to Lakeway for the “Dell/Fox 7 Fit Fair and run” which benefitted Maggies Hope.   Mom and I were registered for the 2 miler.  (My mom is a new Galloway Runner).   The event was at a Yacht Club at the lake, which was pretty cool and very scenic.  What I didn’t know was that the topography of the area was VERY similar to that of where I live with monster hills.  Luckily the 2 miler only had 1 really big hill, which I really had to coach her up, because she’s never run a single hill.   She did well, although I was really disappointed when the course only measured 1.4 miles!  Oh well, she got to do her 2nd race ever as a runner and she was really proud of herself.

Afterwards we hit up the “fit fair”.  While it was small, TONS of full size freebies to take home!  Amy’s organic, Lundburg Rice products, Pamela’s Gluten Free, Promise Pizza, Nada Moo, Kind Bars, Voskos Greek Yogurt (not really a fan of that particular brand), Honest Tea, Walgreen’s, a local organic raw chocolate place, and some others I can’t remember.   I’ll be heading to Promise Pizza to try their product again, I am sure it’s even better when it’s not cold (they probably had to drive the pizzas an hour to get them to the event).    I’ll try to review the freebies as I use them 🙂

After the fair, we went to Scrapology for my mom, who took up scrapbooking several years ago.  She pretty much went nuts in that store!  Got herself some great supplies for some upcoming projects.  We then had a girls lunch at Panera Bread, which is pretty new to our area.  I’d been there plenty of times, just never in Austin.  We had a great lunch, then all headed home to relax.

Ballgame later Saturday to continue mom’s birthday celebration.  The game was pretty good and actually went to 13 innings, although we lost.  Mom had her name and age on the scoreboard, not sure she appreciated that ;-).   We ate all the ballpark, they actually have some good options, which I appreciate.  Didn’t want to have to eat super early before the game, so it all worked out.  Sister and DS got there late and left early, mom was disappointed but of course she didn’t say anything to them. 

By time we got home, I had a 2nd wind.  We stayed up watching syndicated sitcoms for a while, before I made myself go to bed.  Mom seemed to have fun, which was what I was aiming for!

Milestones and happiness


Friday July 23 was my 3 year anniversary of being a Lifetime Weight Watchers member.  I joined WW in Jan 2007, made goal June 2007, then Lifetime July 2007.  I’ve changed alot and for the better in the last 3 years.  It’s been a heck of a ride, but well worth every mile.  Weight Watchers changed my life.

  I’ve made it past the critical 2 year mark, where most people gain their weight back.  It hasn’t been easy and i’m certainly far from perfect (eating, working out, and appearance wise).  I still have some bad habits that I am trying to break (snacking when I am not hungry has become a problem again).  I WILL overcome that annoying habit.   It’s been a hard one, even Lent this year couldn’t stop me.  I know I have to squash that, because it could snowball and turn into something much more troublesome.

I’ve also formed many GOOD habits that I didn’t have before.  I am a huge planner now, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t flex when I have to.  I make sure to get good food and workouts in.  I don’t deprive myself of anything, if I still want something I have it, I just don’t have it all of the time or in mass quantities.  I’ve also become a food snob, especially with sweets (no more mediocre sweets, only the best will do).  That tends to keep me out of trouble I used to get myself into.


Not sure where my day on  Friday went.  Left work early for a Dr. appt, then came home.  My parents were already and town and let themselves into my house.  Mom and I went and returned the comforter I bought for the guest room and ran all over the area looking for a different one.  BUST.

Came home to make dinner.  Gave mom and dad both a snack to tide them over.  We ate later than we all usually eat, although the parents usually eat like at 5 pm (we usually eat 6:30 ish).  Dinner took longer than I thought it would, but I had really wanted to try Roni’s (Green Light Bites) take on  Pasta Pie.  It was cool looking, but time consuming and when I went to cut it, it didn’t really hold together as nicely as it should of.  While it was tasty, I probably would not make it again.

Visted a while and I went to bed as early as I could, without being a party pooper.  I had an early wake-up call for Saturday morning 🙂

Versatile Blogger Edition

Heather from Wheres the Beach tagged me on Friday for Versatile Blogger….thanks!  I actually surprised anyone reads my blabbering, lol!  Since it was a busy busy weekend, I just spotted it, but I still wanted to play, even if I am late 😉
Fun Facts Friday – Versatile Blogger Edition

The Guidelines for Accepting this Award are…

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Tell 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers who you have recently discovered, and think are fantastic!

I thought it would work just nicely for Fun Facts Friday. So even if it’s not passed along to you, consider yourself a Versatile Blogger and tell me at least 2 random things you’ve not yet shared

  1. I hate wearing shoes, yet I have quite a few pairs.
  2. I can drink gallons of tea in a sitting but really only at restaurants.  Today during my mom’s birthday lunch, I drank 9 glasses. 
  3. Dan and I both curl our toes when we are relaxing, especially watching tv
  4. Weekend workouts are my favorite.  Long run Saturdays and unrushed Sunday strength make me sane.  I try to do both every weekend, even when out of town.
  5.  My bff  Michele and myself are both nicknamed Missy.  My cat is also named Missy (shelter had named her that).  Missy cubed.
  6. I like college football, even though my college doesn’t have a team (and shhh, not a fan of the team here).  I don’t like pro football.  I love baseball, any kind.  I love the Astros and Rangers no matter how good or bad they are. 
  7. I started running in Jan 2006, then my goal was to run the Texas Roundup 5K.  Said I would never do more than a 5K….never say never I guess?

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