Runners help me! Decisions…

I know I am really overthinking this, but I am trying to look at the fall and spring race schedule.  Trying to decide if I should enter the Houston lottery.  Not sure either if I want to do the half or full (I can always downgrade, the price is almost the same anyhow).  I’ve never done Houston.  BUT it’s the same date as 3M which is one of my favorites, has a great course, and I love the swag bag!
I am also torn on these races and whether to do halves or fulls.  I can’t find the info on the Austin course changing, I’ve never done Austin before, was thinking maybe I should.  I want to keep it at no more than 1 race a month also.  I may be too abitious, considering real mileage hasn’t even started yet
RNR SA 11/14
Houston or 3M 1/30
Austin 2/13
RNR Dallas 3/27 or Angie’s Half crazy also 3/27
I know that halves are way less recovery for me and that I can run them better.  Maybe I should do 3M and then run Austin full? 
Of course, you know, if I am running Silicon relay, Austin, and 3M, then I may as well do the Distance Challenge this year.  I can’t find updated info on the challege for 2010-11 though. 

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