Finally Friday

Thank goodness it’s Friday.  Like seriously.

Monday-worked late on special project.  Why? Because my coworker sucks and the biggies know it, but for some reason they still have this person in one of my former roles.  I know I set the bar high, but come on.

Started feeling bad about 2.  Fought nausea the whole way home.  Got a little sick.  Went to bed super early to try to make it go away.  No such luck.  REALLY sick at 9 pm.

Tuesday-felt like death.  Had a low fever.  My whole body was sore.  I suspect food poisoning.  I only think I made it to work in one piece because ODB was on the phone with me.  I only went for a big presentation.  I got sent home at 8 and my presentation postponed.  Luckily ODB stayed on the phone with me on way home. I was only able to eat cereal and corn cakes (like rice cake).   i don’t usually eat either, so I had to go grab them quickly.   Everything else seriously made me gag.  I slept almost all day.

Wednesday:  Woke up feeling SO much better.  Not 100%.  I still wasn’t able to eat much but it was improvement.  Tried soup at lunch, and I could only find something rich at HEB which was NOT good.   Worked super late. That night I threw away ALL food from my office and my fridge.  I have NO idea what caused it.

Thursday: Even better, still not 100%.  Swam at lunch, my first workout of week.  Ate normal food.  Even had a date with sister to eat and watch Sons of Anarchy.  Not sure I convinced her with that first episode this season!

Friday:  Friday is the WORST day of the week at work.  We really have to work for our weekends, lol.  My appetite caught up with me from earlier in the week!  Attempted cardio at lunch, could feel I wasn’t 100%, but maybe 80%.  Worked with my girls at packet pickup for a race all afternoon and evening.

Hope to wake up Saturday or Sunday and be back to normal 🙂   It’s unreal how a little food poisoning can lay you out on your ass for a week!

Giving back

I can’t believe it’s taken me  a week to post about the 2013 Austin Marathon.  Like always, I volunteered, no running.  I’ve never run Austin, don’t know I ever plan to.  Every year when it’s all said and done, I FEEL like i’ve run one, no joke.  Long hours, no real breaks, and standing all weekend long.  But every bit of it is fun and rewarding.

This is when the expo first opened as people started flooding in.  20,000 runners over 2 days.

photo 5

I love the energy of the expo and talking to all of the runners.  This year I was t-shirt exchange lead in packet pickup.  I had AWESOME volunteers.  Mostly college kids (had the UT Lasso’s, premed fraternity, and a few other groups).  And I made a new friend from San Diego (him and his buddies came from California with a friend who was running).  Hi Larry!photo 4

The most interesting and humbling experience?  Majority of the race packets were put together by visually impaired men and women.  I wasn’t sure how that was going to work out, but it did.

I overheard 2 of the girls from UT’s LASSO group saying how awesome I was (I was behind the curtain).  Woohoo, the kiddos liked me 🙂photo 3

My buddy Megan is the packet pick-up captain and she does a damn good job at it.  I recruited AK this year to join the leaders team.2013 marathon expo, ak mk mb

I will certainly be back next year!  I can’t wait!


I swear I haven’t been lost, but i’ve honestly been so busy with work I haven’t had time for anything.  Not for blogging, not for reading blogs, not for watching my DVR, and certainly not time for myself.

It’s been 16 days since I last blogged!  Gosh, what’s happened since then?

1 week of that time I was in Fort Worth for work.  I had a great time with my co-workers from around the state.  I love being around them, most of them I only see once, maybe twice a year.  I try to spread myself amongst the most people I can.  Running, gym, laughing, eating, having fun, I did it all with my different coworkers.  Oh yeah, business too.  Due to budget cutbacks, trips for each program will be once every 2 years.  This makes me 😦    Good news is, I have 2 more this year, the bad news is they are back to back weeks in December.  OUCH.

I went to San Antonio last weekend to cheer my mom on in the Rock N Roll San Antonio Half Marathon.  I ran at river level (staying out of the way and off the course), trying to get to a bunch of different cheer spots (plus I ran a bit before the race started).  She ran 13.1, I ran 11 total.      She finished, but disappointed with her time.  It was really warm and humid, she eventually came to face the fact she did well for the conditions.  If felt weird not to run, it was fun to cheer, but I kind of missed it, even though I don’t really even like that race.

My new job function has taken over my life.  The only light of day I saw last week was from my office window.  It was dark when I got to work, it was dark when I left.  I missed out on most of my regular weekly stuff, which made me sad.

Volunteered at one of my favorite races yesterday, which is always great.  It was SO cold though, I had no idea it was freezing outside or even going to be anywhere near that cold!  After I volunteered, I had no motivation.  Mold allergens were off the charts, and so was my suffering.  Dan felt the same.  That made us allergy ridden and LAZY.  That and the fact I worked way too much last week.

Today was FAR more productive!  Long run with my crew at HCRC, groceries, started the 2 different dressings (they get started and sit in the fridge to let flavors mingle), laundry done, cleaning done.  I even rented a movie!  I NEVER watch movies!

Here’s to a less hectic week with less work I hope.   Who am I kidding?  Legislative session pre-filing has begun, the drought is getting worse, no rain in sight.

Sometimes you just gotta learn how to roll with the punches.  The next couple of weeks are going to be to learn how to fight without being a punching bag!

Bet I can make you smile

Unless you don’t like 6 and 7 year old girls that are super cute and excited about recycling!

Yes, I got to combine work and play together with the girls last Monday.

The troop made World Thinking Day cards with reused materials which explained the importance of recycling and protecting the environment. I gave a lesson on recycling and then made cards with the troop with materials gathered from coworkers for the project.

Some of the materials included were paper bags, tv dinner boxes, 6-pack rings, old calendars, magazines, egg cartons, and of course, Girl Scout cookie boxes!

The theme for World Thinking Day 2012 was girls worldwide saying “we can save our planet.” Each of the girls earned a World Thinking Day award with patch.

I’m pretty sure that Dan and I won’t have kids, but I LOVE working on projects with the girls.  Especially science, because I am a dork like that 🙂


Heart Happy Saturday

Woke up really early and volunteered with my sister and friend Diane at the finale for Marathon Kids.  We worked the 6 am shift, since we all had so much to do that day (and the stadium was 45 minutes away).  We helped unload the trucks and move everything into the infield of the track.

Then off to Girl Scouts Thinking Day for a few hours back up in Cedar Park.

After an already full morning, I headed home to meet Dan and have brunch.  Made myself a bowl of delicious.  2 fried eggs, guacamole, salsa, veggies, and some tortilla chips.  Like deconstructed migas, lol.

We then drove way down south again to help our friends unpack their new nest.

It was great to see everyone and to help where we could (plus our expectant momma didn’t need to be lifting).  We didn’t unpack their whole house, put at least we got the kitchen mostly done and boxes moved from the garage to some of the rooms they needed to be in.

The kitchen had been completely full of boxes, we tackled all of them and then took a break 🙂

Then we were off to San Marcos to see my 2 BFFs that evening.  I hadn’t seen Michele since December and Alison since October.  Makes me sad we are all so busy and don’t see each other much any more 😦

Had dinner with both girls, Dan, and Michele’s husband Danny.  Alison’s husband was out of town for a Diaper bash (which is apparently the baby version of a bachelor party).  We ate at the Root Cellar, which is fabulous.  I’d never been for dinner, only for brunch.  My first time was actually for Alison’s wedding day bridal brunch.

I had a lovely time with the girls, but we somehow didn’t take any photos!  I hate that I don’t have pictures of my 2 favorites.  It was so so good to see them both.  I’m already eager to see them again as soon as possible.

Dan and I got back home pretty late, watched some tv, and I went to bed.  I had no energy left, but it was very much worth it!  Saturday was a reminder of all of the good things in my life.

Girl Scout Thinking Day

Our troop participated in our immediate area’s “Thinking Day” on Saturday.  My troop had Portugal for their country.  

Each troop had to make a display to teach about the country, a food/drink from the country, a “swap” (trinket), and a craft/game.  All of these things helped them learn about the country and to teach others.

We had little Portuguese flag pins for our swap, churros for our food, and
learning to play “snail” (which is a 1 legged jumping game) for our activity.

I think there were 35 different countries to learn about.  It was SO crowded and that was with limited number of attendees!  I think the girls had a lot of fun, not sure how much they learned.  (I learned that almost every country brought something that was 100% pure sugar, lol).  The girls were super hyper from all of the sugar, which I am sure their parents appreciated before lunch on a Saturday morning 😉

Austin Marathon weekend

This past weekend was one of my “give back events.”  What the Austin Marathon means to me is volunteering.  I volunteer every year and i’ve never run the event.  I love being involved on the volunteering side, just like for Decker Half Marathon.

The slogan may have been eat, run, sleep, repeat.  But this weekend was volunteer, volunteer, volunteer.  I went downtown on Friday and stayed until late Saturday.  I had a great time and loved it, but man, not used to standing so much.  I felt like i’d run a marathon after the first 2 days of standing for 12 hour days.

This was the first year I’ve done packet pick-up which was incredibly fun and fast paced (so much so, that I never even got to look at the expo, which I heard was awesome).  Plus I was a team lead, which was super cool, thanks Megan! (here she is assigning our first crew). 

My job for the weekend

The masses in for their packets.  Friday was pretty steady, Saturday was SLAMMED! I was one of 2 team leads for the half marathon pick-up. 

I was more than exhausted after the weekend, but well worth it!  Now on to Waco for work for most of the week!

Speedster Saturday

Talking about the people running the trials, certainly not me, lol.

Attended the 2012 Olympics Marathon trials Saturday morning. This was very cool, big thanks to my buddy June for letting me come with her, help set up the volunteer food and drink at the red aid station.  We were super excited, but June was like a kid in a candy store as demonstrated below 😉  We were right past the 5K mark.

This was likely a once in a lifetime experience.  It was totally worth the early wake-up time and being cold.

And completely worth the heat-rash I got from the propane heater that I parked in front of between the athletes passing.  Likely due to the synthetic fiber tights worn under my jeans getting too hot.  It was gone by Sunday morning, but this photo was over 6 hours later, I had bright red leopard spots!

Each athlete had a number, which corresponded with an aid table.  It was interesting to see how each athlete marked their aid bottles and containers.     Some were really flashy with glitter, bright colors, etc. The bottles had specific places on the table where they were staged but not until it was almost time for the athlete to come through.  This photo was before the bottles were placed out by the aid volunteer on the dots on the table, which marked the placement.  What I wouldn’t give to have my aid this way, lol!

The athletes were amazing.

Watched them on tv in the afternoon to see what actually happened.  I was happy with the results, looks like we’ll have a strong team.  Not sure if they will be able to medal, but we should have a good showing.

Saturday eats:

B1: banana and almonds
WO: none
B2: 2 bacon and egg on corn taco
L: Tropical Ahi salad at Cedar Creek (still drooling over this one!)
S: apple and peanut butter
D:  chicken kabobs, greek salad, and red potato salad (mayo free) at Zoe’s Kitchen

S: Lara bar

I hadn’t eaten at Zoe’s in a while, we only have one in Austin and it’s not convenient to work or home.  I originally discovered them through a Groupon a few years back and I eat there when I can.  They do have a gluten-free menu, which is nice.  I tried the kabobs this time which were good, as was the greek salad.  I’d never had the mayo-less red potato salad, so I got that as my other side.  Big mistake 😦  After a few bites, I found pasta in my potatoes.  No idea how it got there, guessing the cook was sloppy and got some of the pasta salad into my potato salad.  Not sure how much I actually ate, but it was enough to make for a reaction.  It never even crossed my mind how to deal with a reaction the night before a race.  A race first for sure.

My friend Nicole was my dinner date and I really enjoyed catching up with her.  Wish I’d had more time to visit with her.  She’s another gal I am super proud of.  She’s made great strides with her health and I’m thrilled she’s been so successful 🙂

Things I like Thursday: Extreme Makeover Home-Texas

Many of you have asked what you can do to help in response to the Bastrop Wildfires. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will be in Bastrop December 7th-14th to rebuild one family’s home. They need approximately 3,000 volunteers to build this house; from skilled workers to general volunteers. Additional information can be found on their website (

Service Saturday

My sister was adamant about using a Priceline coupon she had for the first night, so we got stuck at the Radisson on CC beach, which is a dump.  And after all the fees they charged her, it was they same price as the Omni we stayed at the 2nd night (my choice).

I didn’t sleep well at all on Friday night. I got up super early and rode the bike in the crummy workout room to loosen up my legs since i’m always so stiff in the morning these days.  We ate a small breakfast and set out for the bowling alley.

We volunteered at the Special Olympics South Texas Bowling Tournament.  This was a tradition we started as I was leaving TAMUCC.  So happy to see our chapter still does this event, it’s really rewarding.

I didn’t have a letter shirt anymore (they probably fell apart with old age!).  So my sister lent me her yellow one.  Apparently EVERYONE hates that yellow shirt, except me.  Funny, they probably cursed me for years in college, because that was the shirt I asked people to wear the most, haha!

Sister and I sold merchandise, which was really fun and we sold a TON of stuff!  Plus we got to interact with most of the athletes, coaches, and parents at the table 🙂

After volunteering, we were STARVING.  Fail on me, I didn’t bring a snack to eat and the bowling alley had absolutely nothing I could eat at the snack bar or the vending machine 😦  We didn’t end up eating lunch until almost 1:30 because the wait at Kiko’s was really long (but so worth it).  I forgot how good their food is. 

It was Selena’s birthday, so we celebrated Kiko’s style 😉

Selena and I both had the biggest beef fajita salads ever.  It was certainly the best I ever had and I ate ALL of it.  My mouth waters just thinking about it.

It was so great to catch up with Adriana and Selena.  They were the 2nd set of real sisters to become sorority sisters in our chapter ( sister and I were the first).   Adriana got up at the event on Friday night and spoke about how through college she considered me a role model.  I almost cried.

Funny how the miles and years may separate people, but when you get together with someone, it’s like you were never apart! It’s like nothing had changed in 7 years!  Very heartwarming.