Birthday weekend was a bit disappointing.  My dad didn’t really care to be in town, Dan was home for only 24 hours, dinner atmosphere wasn’t great, my parents argued all weekend, blah blah blah.  I didn’t feel like I really got a weekend.  In fact, I almost took a sick day today for myself.  I never do that, but it sure was tempting.

I did enjoy some two yoga classes (2 new ones!) and two Galloway runs over the weekend.  As much as I want to run though, I am wondering if Galloway may be still harming my adrenals.  I don’t want to further my burnout.

Speaking of burning.  Some kids in a hot-rod started an oil fire in the parking lot of Cavendar’s yesterday.  I was lucky enough to be parked right next to them.  So my car ended up being covered in fire extinguisher chemicals.  I needed to wash it anyhow, but I wasn’t planning on running it to the carwash immediately to get all of the chemical crap off of my car!  I guess at least my car didn’t catch on fire.

I didn’t find boots at Cavendar’s, but I didn’t find ones I finally loved at Shepler’s.  Only $400 with a 25% off coupon.  Even with birthday money, I can’t bring myself to buy them.  I already have grief spending $140 on running shoes.

Sunday night I threw split chicken breasts on the grill and turned around to take the pan inside and get a clean one.  In that amount of time the skin/fat flamed on the grill and charred the heck out of the outside of the chicken.  I finished the chicken in the stove, but I was SO mad.  All of my seasonings were burned off.  The chicken was still good, but not as good as it would have been.  Bummer.  Plus then I had to peel all of the char off of all of the chicken.  I never do that, so mad at myself.

What wasn’t disappointing is that my “nephew” was born on Saturday morning!  I talked to my BFF on the phone Friday night, they sent her to the hospital.  I talked to her again Saturday morning around 10.  80 minutes later I got a text message with a photo from her husband that he was here!  I couldn’t believe it!  When I talked to her last, she was saying she was going to take a nap and chill.  Pretty sure that never happened, lol!  I want to post pics, but didn’t clear that with momma yet 😉  I don’t want to be disrespectful and post pics of him everywhere if she doesn’t like that.

I am dying to meet him.  I wish I didn’t have commitments all week and through the weekend 😦  I am hoping Saturday afternoon I can get down to San Antonio to spend some time with them!  I didn’t want to stress her out with more visitors and chaos than was already happening over the weekend, nor did I want to interrupt them when they first get home.   This was REALLY hard for me, especially seeing family and extended family show up at the hospital, but I kept telling myself it was better to wait to see them.

This is going to be the longest week EVER!  I cannot wait until Saturday afternoon.

Happy Birthday Sister!


Started off Saturday with the Rescue Run 5K, which benefitted Williamson County Humane Society.   The weather was GORGEOUS and actually cool.

Mom, sister, and I were registered for the 5K.  We all wore pink and black, lol!

Dad and sister’s boyfriend were registered for the 1 mile doggie walk.  They never left the house.  Guess motivation was lacking to walk a mile.

I ran with sister, to help support her.  She thinks she PR’d.  Not sure because she’s run probably ten 5Ks ever, but only had 1 of them chip timed  (other than this one) and that was 5 years ago.

Mom Galloway’d on her own.  No PR.  It was her best racing weather she’s had, I was surprised.

The race was good overall.  It was SO hard to be at the animal shelter though.  The course ran down the main road and around the new high school (rural area).  But my car was parked by one of the kennels.  I cried at least twice before I even got out of my car.  I hadn’t been to a shelter since I got Chanel, because I am way too senstive. 

I really want a dog, but Dan and I are never at home.  I even bonded with one of the new intake dogs but I know Dan is probably right when he says no.  I need to not let the fact I want a running buddy and someone to keep me safe when Dan’s always gone not get in the way of the reality of being super busy and always gone. 


That night we headed to Garrido’s for dinner in downtown Austin.  

Dan rode his bike to dinner, so he’s red from the heat and his helmet.  He was heading south after dinner for a charity rally on Sunday.

Dan had the biggest shrimp chile relleno i’ve ever seen.  I tasted the chile and the shrimp, it was GOOD!

I had a taco plate with charro beans and rice.  I chose 3 different tacos.  Just happens that 95% of their menu is gluten free, minus the fried items.

Roasted chicken, caramelized onions, cheese,
lettuce, and pico de gallo

Pork Carnitas, pineapple, habanero salsa
& pickled onions

Coffee marinated steak, onion, asadero cheese
chipotle horseradish aioli & pico de gallo

It was good, but the rice was a fail.  I am just SO picky when it comes to rice at Mexican Restaurants.  It was supposed to be cilantro rice, I didn’t like it.  The tacos were good, but I wouldn’t order the chicken again, it wasn’t that exciting.  The beef and the pork were both very good and they had some of the best corn tortillas I’ve ever had. 

Sister wanted money for workout clothes, so my parents gave her cash money and I got her a big fat gift card to Luke’s Locker.

On the way out, we had to have a photo with the Ta-Cow!  Still amazed that CowParade Cows are still popping up everywhere! 

After they all had dessert, I drove mom and sister to show them the turnoffs for their Sunday morning long runs and then headed back North.

Great evening!  Happy Birthday Sister!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Started out with DIY pizzas at my house Friday night.  It was sister’s turn to host parents, but they weren’t home, so I entertained mom and dad for the evening 🙂  I was out of GF crust, so I made pizza GF pasta for myself.  Turned out fabulous!

Then the grand opening of the new Rogue store all Saturday morning.

Then mom’s choice.  Shopping.  And boy was it HOT.  And all of the places we went were open air, so hot and sunny with no AC.  BLECH!   And I wore jeans because my legs may have needed TLC.

Lunch at Fish City.  Sister and mom’s first time.  They loved it.  Very large and varied menu.  Something for everyone. 

They have one of the very best Mexican Shrimp cocktails.  Perfect with a salad on the side.  It’s spicy and SO good!

More shopping.  Somehow my sister and I bought stuff and mom bought almost nothing.  I had a Christmas gift card i’d not even attempted to spend at Ann Taylor, so I killed that sucker.

Mom wanted a steak dinner, so the 3 of us and our boys went to Texas Land and Cattle for dinner.  Another 1st for mom and sister.

They loved it.  Mom and I both got the signature sirloin which is smokey peppered goodness.  A little sad because mine had so much fat I had to cut off, mom’s had almost none.  That’s ok, because their sweet potatoes rock.

She got a chocolate miracle cake and a peach bread pudding for dessert.

Verdict was that the bread pudding was really good, the cake was overrated.  I am not a big chocolate cake person, but I could tell I wouldn’t like that one especially.  Looked like a fancy grocery store chocolate cake with too-sweet icing.  The only person who liked the cake was sister’s other half, who ate most of it.  He’ll eat anything with icing on it though.

I doubt I would have eaten much, if any of either dessert if I could of.  But in the 15 minutes spent on dessert at the table, I felt VERY out of place. That doesn’t happen very often at all.  So strange.  We rarely order dessert out anyhow, but mom didn’t want a cake, she wanted whatever the restaurant had that looked good.

When I got home I went to HEB plus for some vanilla bean Nada Moo to make myself some dessert with strawberries, raw premium nuts, and dark chocolate.

This weekend was actually my Nada Moo anniversary, lol.  One year ago we did a race for Autism with a GF food fair for mom’s birthday.  Nada Moo was a vendor there.  It’s good stuff.  I wish more places carried it.

Great Saturday despite the heat.  Girl time with mom and sister and I got to see Dan for a few hours before he left for Canada early Sunday morning.

Let’s go to Luckenbach Texas…


With the sister, friends, and Dan 😉  Today we celebrated Dan’s 33rd birthday in Luckenbach,

He rode his bike, sister and I came in the car.  I don’t ride the motorcycle.  That’s his bike in front of Luckenbach General Store.

It was an afternoon of great friends, music and people watching.  There is the Luckenbach Longhorn, which is always entertaining…

See those big beautiful trees?  Luckenbach is full of them…they are oaks.  Pretty when they aren’t trying to kill me!

Our friend Devon and Melissa M. showed up to surprise Dan 🙂  Melissa brought her doggie Zeus, who is ADORABLE and such a good boy.

There was also music and cookie cake (which he requested).

He pretended to blow out the candles, because I couldn’t light them all.  Guess he is too dang old, lol!

I really wanted some of that cake 😦  It was obviously not GF.

Had some sister time too

Happy happy birthday Dan 🙂

Happy 6 year anniversary Dan!

Let’s celebrate 6 years with a walk down memory lane…

It all started with a Reckless Kelly show at Antones in October 2004, we were both in attendance with mutual friends.  He was there with a guy who really liked me and Dan thought it was funny to tease me about it (I was so not into his friend.)

One of the first photos of us…Saengerhalle with mutual friends for a different concert, December 2004.

Oops, forgot to upload pics from 2005!  You can use your imagination 😉

May 2006, went to see Dan in Jacksonville for Memorial Day weekend (he was temporarily there for training, this was about 5 months after he’d moved away from Austin).  We had dinner on a yacht.  I was bummed that I didn’t see any manatees.

Our 2 year anniversary in 2007.  Dan had been living away from me for about a year.  (This was about a month after I started Weight Watchers).  I made him a healthified anniversary cake.  I still have the little letters I painted for the cake in my home office 🙂 

I think 2007 was also the only year we caught the bluebonnets in bloom for photos.  This is April of that year, Dan was in Texas for his birthday weekend.

June 2007 (2 weeks after I made WW goal) we went to San Diego for the first of TWO vacations!  Dan’s sister lives there.  It was gorgeous and the weather was perfect (although chilly at night).  I really want to go back.   Although, I wouldn’t repeat the great brunch disaster at the Hotel Del Coronado (although it taught me how NOT to handle vacations).

Dan and I in Uvalde for a Randy Rogers concert in 2008, celebrating Dan’s 30th birthday.

March 2009-My dear friend Alison’s wedding.  I made him coordinate with me and he wasn’t happy about it.  That shirt got worn once.  I got kicked out of the venue that night (long story).

SXSW-March 2009, Jason Isbell showcase at Homeslice Pizza.

SXSW-March 2010-Lucero showcase at Club DeVille

June 2010-My BFF’s wedding

Dan has been teasing me for years that i’m “not what he bought.”  I happen to think the model he has now is WAY better than the one he originally picked up 😉

Happy Anniversary Dan!  LOVE YOU!

Uneventful event ;-)

Yup.  Saturday was my birthday.  I usually get pretty excited, but really it was just another day.  Another day wiser, right 😉

Still grumpy my race got cancelled (I was SO looking forward to my sister doing a race with me).  My spirits were lifted when I saw there was 1 serving of PB left in the jar.  Destiny?  I think so.  It was immediately made into “pb jar oats”.

Had a little deja vu from last year.  It was odd to run with snow around, but pretty cool.  I did 6 miles before sister woke up (it was 22 degrees).  When she got up, we did 3 together (by 9:15 when she was ready to run, it was 45).  She still got to see the snow melting, but man, my clothes for my run were NOT appropriate for that 2nd one, I was burning up.

We got dressed and made our way to the Farmer’s Market which is in the parking lot of Lakeline Mall.  I got distracted by Dillard’s and chose to go in there first.  I got a pair of much needed brown flats and an awesome leather jacket.  If you know me, you know that I am stubborn and never wear a jacket unless i’m actually going to be IN the cold.  Going to and from work, I usually don’t even take one. (which usually comes back to bite me when I have to walk to other buildings).  Lets just see if I don’t change my mind about keeping it in the next few days. 

We came out of the mall at 12:50.  Crud, forgot Farmer’s Market closes at 1, not 2!  Sis was able to snag some fresh naan and some indian sauces before that booth closed up.  Baby Zacks was already gone 😦  FAIL.  I was so sad.  I’ll have to wait 1 more week for my smoked hummus fix.  By time she paid for her stuff, almost everyone was packed up and leaving.

We jetted off to Schlotzsky’s for lunch.  They’d send me a birthday coupon for a free sandwich.  All week i’d daydreamed about a turkey guacamole with jalapeno.  Of course, lunch-time rolls around and my stomach is a giant knot 😦  WTH?  I ended up eating soup.  Not what I wanted by any stretch and I don’t really care for their soups.  FAIL.

I ran into Walmart after that.  Shockingly enough, that wasn’t a fail.  I friggin hate Walmart.  But I was out of Naturally More Peanut Butter and the tortillas I like and that’s the only place I know that sells either.  If it weren’t for them selling a few items I love, I would never ever go there.  EVER.

Came home and waited for Dan to return from Canada.  Watched a few things i’d DVR’d on Friday to kill my boredom.  (ok and I cleaned a little).  Dan got home around 5.  YAY!  So happy.

We did gifts about an hour later, after we caught up.  Had things waiting from BFF, sister, parents, Dan’s parents, and Dan.

Forgive the red make-up less face.  My allergies have been killing me and the drastic temperature changes are destroying my skin 😦

Lots of gift cards, including some to go toward my camera fund (also Dillards, Kohl’s x3, and Starbucks), jewerly, travel bag, etc.   Dan brought me back a Starbucks mug from Canada which is the perfect size for my hot tea addiction.  And he got me a “Loves to Run” shirt from Hill Country Running Company.  My only gripe is that I hate when he goes overboard, which he did.  I have 2 months to come up with something for his birthday, i’m behind in the planning. 

He then took me on a dinner date.  I was in a cheeseburger kind of mood (I don’t eat them out often at all).  Mighty Fine  was calling my name.  This place is awesome, it’s owned by the same company that owns Rudy’s BBQ, which is another of my loves.  Everything is high quality and fresh.  They only serve burgers, dogs, fries, and shakes.  And they have the same wonderful ice tea that Rudy’s serves. You can watch them make 100% of your food, they do EVERYTHING where you can see it.  Cutting your veggies, forming your patties, cutting and cooking your fries. 

If you come to Austin, go there.  They have vegetarian options too (sorry they aren’t burgers though).  It tastes good and not greasy at all (you know I HATE grease).  Wouldn’t know it by looking at my face though, lol.  YUCK!

My only regret was not getting the larger size.  I think someone thinks if he takes unflattering photos, i’ll quit asking for them 😉  Not.a.chance.  

Came home, watched SNL for the first time in many many years (Dana Carvey was on).  It was actually funny, I was surprised.  I was a HUGE fan of SNL in the early 90’s when he was on originally.  I used to stay up late every Saturday and watch it with my sister and dad (or tape it on VHS if I had to work, lol!).

Chill and uneventful day.  I knew Dan was going to be beat from traveling and I just wanted to spend some time with him and my sister. 


2010, the recap


-Rang in the New Year with friends at Austin Music Hall

-Won my age group at Resolution Run and got one of the coveted agate “medals”

-New PR in the half marathon at 3M.  It was a MISERABLE race.  Wind advisory, cold, and we started over 1.5 hours late.  I almost gave up and drove home, I was exhausted from shivering before the race even started.


-I turned 3o.  It wasn’t as horrible as i’d imagined, but the birthday wasn’t that exciting either.  Celebrated in San Antonio at Sam’s with an Adam Hood concert. 

-Dan and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary

-IT SNOWED!  Only the 2nd time in my life that i’ve seen snow!  (It snowed 1984 when I was a little kid in San Antonio).  It snowed one day, I was out running in shorts the next, lol!


-SXSW was awesome.  Saw Drive by Truckers at Gruene Hall with my pal Trisha while Dan was away on business (in Miami!).  He came back in time to see Lucero like 3 times in 2 days and an awesome show at Saxon.  I LOVE SXSW, you don’t need a wristband, I see most of my shows for FREE!

-Another half marathon PR at RNR Dallas Half.  In this same race, I got tripped in the last quarter mile and now have big scars on my knee and hip from it 😦  I am pretty sure I out-ran the loser who tripped me though.


-Attended my first Rangers game in person (nuts I know, I’ve been a lifelong fan and never went to a game).  It was 1 of 2 for the year.  It was actually 1 of 2 MLB games for that week!  I went to a Houston Astros game that Sunday.

-Another half marathon PR at Angie’s Half Crazy in Houston area (by exactly 10 secs).  We had a fabulous weekend with friends and even took in that mentioned Astros game.

-Dan turned 32


-I signed up my mom to walk her 2nd 5K, out of nowhere, she decided to Galloway it with no training on the running part.  That’s when she got hooked on running, she’s been Galloway’ing ever since.  Oh and she won her age group!


My best friend got married, it was exhausting, but I will be conceited and say I was an AWESOME maid of honor.

And I invented the “cry purse” (take note, it’s in wedding colors too).  I’m famous now 😉 


-Marathon training started.  Man it was hot.

-5K PR at Moonlight Margarita run,  my first ever evening race.  I hadn’t PR’d in 5K in forever, but I hadn’t been running many either.

-Mom turned 60, we celebrated for 2 weeks.  Including a fit-run the weekend of her birthday.


-Started getting sick with whatever GI issue I have developed 😦


Vacation in Florida


-New marathon PR at Frankenthon

-Dad turned 60.  I suprised him by showing up at their Port Aransas mini-vacation

-My Rangers went to the World Series.


-New marathon PR at RNR San Antonio


Friends, family, and fun!  Christmas blessings all month long 🙂

Auburn wins SEC championship, gets bid to BCS championship

Christmas with mom and dad

I’m out…

I’m signing out until at least Sunday.  Not taking my laptop with me.

Today-Taking off to go get Dan, head to San Antonio, and go to my BFF’s house to celebrate her bday and spend the night with her.  I haven’t had real time with her since her June wedding (I was sick when she was here in September)

Saturday-Race Expo, Auburn vs Georgia watch party tomorrow, dinner.

Sunday-Race day.  Supposed to be warmer than desired and very rainy.  I may just do the half.  Not because of the weather, but because of everything else going on right now.

If you chose to do the half, you just simply run the half.  I’ve had a really rough week at work, with allergies, with stress, and my issues with my health have arisen again 😦  Game time decision I say in reguards to the race.  

Have a great weekend!