Thin Mint Sprint 5K

My BFF, her friend, and my mom came into town for the Thin Mint Sprint this past weekend from San Antonio.  I was so happy they came in.  I actually got to see my BFF 3 days in a row!  (one night for dinner in SA, and then Friday and Saturday!)

The race was put on by my Girl Scout’s Service Unit (group of troops in the area).  It was a fundraiser for one of the other troop’s big trips.  It was a smaller race, around 100 entrants for the 5K (which ended up being 3.5).

The race packets were cool.  One of the troops  (of older girls) took t-shirts and made them into re-usable bags!  I will post photos and directions soon.  Great idea!  If you are in the Austin area, they will custom make you reusable bags for FREE!

It was the first official 5K for my BFF and her friend.   They both did great!

I was exhausted from long hours from traveling and work training, but I did better than I expected.  2nd overall woman, 1st age group, 10th overall.  It was my first 5K in almost a year (not including relays).  No PR, but then again, the race was 3.5 miles, not 3.1.  My watch doesn’t match the photo or the chip time, nice.  I’ll go by my Garmin.

It was a good morning for all.  My mom and I both took home trophies.  My hair looks CRAZY!

Women’s age group winners

Love this photo of myself with one of the Brownies from my troop.  Showing off our awards.  All of the kiddos who did the Daisy Dash got medals.  I hope that next year all of my troop will participate in the fun!  

I was also the fastest troop leader 😉

And because I don’t always act my age, I decided I needed to get in the trunk of the Fiat they were raffling off.  I’m not even sure my suitcase would fit in there.  For the record, I do fit…barely.  Should have seen me trying to get out.  I had to get out hands first, haha!

Afterwards we went to Morelia Mexican Grill for lunch (tiny local chain).  It was a GORGEOUS day.  We chose to have some great patio time!  Lovely lunch with the gals and my mom.

After lunch my mom, sister, and I shopped until we dropped at the Round Rock outlets.  I was able to spend my Christmas giftcard at Ann Taylor and then some!  Yay for new clothes, I never go shopping.

Great way to spend a Saturday!  Good run, friends, weather, food, and girl time 🙂

Bet I can make you smile

Unless you don’t like 6 and 7 year old girls that are super cute and excited about recycling!

Yes, I got to combine work and play together with the girls last Monday.

The troop made World Thinking Day cards with reused materials which explained the importance of recycling and protecting the environment. I gave a lesson on recycling and then made cards with the troop with materials gathered from coworkers for the project.

Some of the materials included were paper bags, tv dinner boxes, 6-pack rings, old calendars, magazines, egg cartons, and of course, Girl Scout cookie boxes!

The theme for World Thinking Day 2012 was girls worldwide saying “we can save our planet.” Each of the girls earned a World Thinking Day award with patch.

I’m pretty sure that Dan and I won’t have kids, but I LOVE working on projects with the girls.  Especially science, because I am a dork like that 🙂


Heart Happy Saturday

Woke up really early and volunteered with my sister and friend Diane at the finale for Marathon Kids.  We worked the 6 am shift, since we all had so much to do that day (and the stadium was 45 minutes away).  We helped unload the trucks and move everything into the infield of the track.

Then off to Girl Scouts Thinking Day for a few hours back up in Cedar Park.

After an already full morning, I headed home to meet Dan and have brunch.  Made myself a bowl of delicious.  2 fried eggs, guacamole, salsa, veggies, and some tortilla chips.  Like deconstructed migas, lol.

We then drove way down south again to help our friends unpack their new nest.

It was great to see everyone and to help where we could (plus our expectant momma didn’t need to be lifting).  We didn’t unpack their whole house, put at least we got the kitchen mostly done and boxes moved from the garage to some of the rooms they needed to be in.

The kitchen had been completely full of boxes, we tackled all of them and then took a break 🙂

Then we were off to San Marcos to see my 2 BFFs that evening.  I hadn’t seen Michele since December and Alison since October.  Makes me sad we are all so busy and don’t see each other much any more 😦

Had dinner with both girls, Dan, and Michele’s husband Danny.  Alison’s husband was out of town for a Diaper bash (which is apparently the baby version of a bachelor party).  We ate at the Root Cellar, which is fabulous.  I’d never been for dinner, only for brunch.  My first time was actually for Alison’s wedding day bridal brunch.

I had a lovely time with the girls, but we somehow didn’t take any photos!  I hate that I don’t have pictures of my 2 favorites.  It was so so good to see them both.  I’m already eager to see them again as soon as possible.

Dan and I got back home pretty late, watched some tv, and I went to bed.  I had no energy left, but it was very much worth it!  Saturday was a reminder of all of the good things in my life.

Girl Scout Thinking Day

Our troop participated in our immediate area’s “Thinking Day” on Saturday.  My troop had Portugal for their country.  

Each troop had to make a display to teach about the country, a food/drink from the country, a “swap” (trinket), and a craft/game.  All of these things helped them learn about the country and to teach others.

We had little Portuguese flag pins for our swap, churros for our food, and
learning to play “snail” (which is a 1 legged jumping game) for our activity.

I think there were 35 different countries to learn about.  It was SO crowded and that was with limited number of attendees!  I think the girls had a lot of fun, not sure how much they learned.  (I learned that almost every country brought something that was 100% pure sugar, lol).  The girls were super hyper from all of the sugar, which I am sure their parents appreciated before lunch on a Saturday morning 😉

Things I like Thursday: healthy-living activity

My Brownie Girl Scouts are working on healthy-living activities with their family this week for their homework.  To help encourage them, I wrote them a letter with tips and ideas.

I also added a resource page for them to look at with their parents, here’s a snippet that may be useful for some readers:

Healthy-living/fun/service sources:

Upcoming Healthy-living activities:
Brown Santa Kids K
1K (0.62 mile) untimed fun run/walk starting at 10 AM
on Sunday December 11 at Travis County Expo Center . 
Also a 5K run/walk option at 8:15 am.  Benefits Travis
County Brown Santa, which benefits families in need at Christmas.

*This event is the same time/day/place as the ARC Decker Challenge: 
Upcoming Service activity:
Chuy’s Children Giving to Children Parade.
Saturday November 26, State Capitol.  Bring a toy to donate.
Benefits Travis County Blue Santa.  Do some walking while downtown to make it a healthy-living activity too


I can’t wait until our meeting on the 28th to see what kind of healthy-living activities they did with their family.  Whether it was trying new foods, trying new activity, less tv, more moving, teaching their family a new game, making better food and drink choices, etc. 

I’m doing the homework as well 🙂  I will start with Dan on Saturday and my mom and dad on Wednesday of next week.  I don’t have to do their homework activities, but I think it’s a good example to show them I am working on the same goals as them!

Who knew?

That I would become a Girl Scout as an adult and I’d step out of my comfort zone and teach kids.

It’s a lot of work, but totally worth it.  I am excited for everything to come 🙂  I still know I don’t have the patience or desire to teach school, but I really enjoy my 4 hours a month with my little Brownies.

Ask me again after cookie season starts on Jan 18 😉  If you need cookies, I know a girl or 10 that will have plenty!

Happiness is

Happiness is….

Having a really great week (well minus the part where the Rangers didn’t win the World Series.)  Missy wasn’t a fan of those last 2 games either.

Work conference I hosted went very well.  I really enjoy putting on this training every year, seeing people I don’t see near enough, from all over our great state.

And well, I got to crawl through caves.  That’s way more exciting than sitting at my desk!

Saw friends I hadn’t seen in way too long and met a new one 😉

I went to school with Amanda at TAMUCC.   I have had her baby shower gift since May (had to miss the June shower).  I finally got to see Amanda, give her the gift, and meet Presley, who was born in July.  Pardon the drool all over my shirt, she’s teething and wanted to eat my shirt, lol!

Eating awesome food every single meal.  Gosh, I love New Braunfels.  I actually in my opening remarks banned everyone from eating at chain restaurants for dinner.  Most people obeyed 🙂  Why eat at a chain when you have really great food that is local all around you?

Speaking of friends, I got to see both of my BFFs this week.  Michele on Tuesday night for dinner at Huisache Grill and Alison on Thursday afternoon at Rudy’s (where she was having her going away party, she starts a new job Monday).  So great to see both of them! 

I only got sick 1 day this week and it was shortlived.  I felt great, maybe because I wasn’t dealing with office stress since I was out.  I worked off of my race recovery schedule and that went fine too. 

Just one of those weeks that I want to bottle up for later.  I can’t remember the last time I had a week that was so rewarding in so many different areas. 

Here’s to another great week!