Things I like Thursday: Understanding

Today’s things I like Thursday is about understanding…

  • Being criticized by a certain group.  Someone completely understanding why you are upset because they know the criticism even worse.
  • Realizing complaining about above said criticism is silly, especially when the other person deals with it daily.
  • Having someone be able to ground you.  Just by listening.  Even if they can’t relate to your problem.
  • Hearing a story that happened a long time ago that had a huge impact on someone as a teen.  Silently fighting back the tears because you are thinking about how they felt in that situation.  Wondering how you would have reacted in a similar situation.
  • Someone trusting you with something they’ve never told anyone.  Something that caused them pain and disconnected them from someone.  Them knowing that you may not relate, but can understand.
  • Someone understanding how much something means to you.  Even if it doesn’t seem attainable.  Wanting to be part of something you’ve heard such wonderful things about.
  • Understanding that everything happens for a reason, even if the reason isn’t clear.

Happy is…

I had a wonderful last 2 days.  Absolutely perfect.  My heart is happy and full.

Happiness is…

  • getting a solid sweaty run in, even if it was un-scenic and miserable.  Didn’t make it to my favorite spot at all 😦
  • having people who care about you
  • early check in at your hotel.  Like 7 hours early!
  • shoe shopping at the mall with a great partner, even if I didn’t find any black work shoes
  • 2 breakfast dates
  • feeling great about yourself
  • yummy fish tacos
  • dumb reality tv on stations I don’t have at home
  • homemade pork chops and bacon wrapped jalapenos
  • hugs, lots of hugs
  • reading every cd in the convenience store just because
  • new running shoes $90 off!
  • serious conversations from the heart
  • being told you are beautiful by more than one person in the same day.  Only one matters, by the way.
  • laughing so hard you cry
  • drinks from Buccee’s
  • a new trinket for my room
  • crying from being overwhelmed by someone’s heart
  • sleeping so hard through the night that your arm hurts when you wake up
  • no traffic on the way back to Austin

EXACTLY what I needed.  I could use even a fraction of that goodness permanently 😉

Do I have to go back to work?



Things I like Thursday: Someone to lean on

It’s very comforting to know you always have someone to lean on, no matter what.  For different circumstances, it can be different people, but just knowing you have that support system is priceless.  Friends, family, loved ones.  They are all in my support system.

Last week it was someone else for me.

This week it’s me for someone else.  While I am glad I can offer love and support for someone that is going through a rough time, it’s MUCH harder to do from a distance.  I hurts me to know I can’t do more for someone when they have a time of need.   Most of the time I am not happy with just being there for someone without actually physically BEING there for them.

I am working on being a better “from a distance” supporter to everyone.  Sometimes just being a listener can make all of the difference to someone.


Happy in Houston

I honestly think Houston is my favorite work trip location….

  • I love my coworkers in our office here
  • So many friends of mine in Houston, including people I don’t see enough and work friends
  • Food.  Good food.  Hard decisions where to eat.  I somehow always gravitate to Phoenicia and Whole Foods.  They are easy and quick and my go to at least once per trip here.
  • I love running in new places.  I drove to Rice University twice this week.
  • Dinner dates with friends
  • Guess I need to add that I am apparently get applause for no reason for entering meetings 🙂
  • It’s so nice to be out of the office!

The relationship with yourself

A little borrowed wisdom from one of my favorite blogs:

“The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself.”

If that one isn’t healthy, none of your others will be. You need to value yourself enough to not settle for less than you deserve. To look at a situation that is not bringing you what you need out of life, and be able to say “I deserve better, dammit.” To walk away from what doesn’t make you happy or grow you as a person.

It has been said that we only accept the love we think we deserve, but the beautiful part about your thoughts is that you can control them, they don’t have to control you.

You can be happy, if only you decide to be.

~James Michael Sama