Unplugged, unwound

Starting Thursday evening, I took a break from work, email, and distractions in general.

Things i’ve accomplished in the last 3 days:

  • I spent Thursday night with my BFF at her house. ¬†I love seeing her ūüôā ¬†I am sad that I made a poor route choice and got there an hour later than I should have.
  • I took Friday off from work for no reason. ¬†I can’t remember the last time I did that. ¬†I didn’t check voicemails or email. ¬†It was nice.
  • I took my mom out for a girls day all day Friday. ¬†Shopping, lunch at Whole Foods and the quest for the perfect birthday cupcake for her (located at Central Market apparently). ¬†Bought my dad and I cake from Aussie’s GF restaurant to share. ¬†(going to have to go eat a meal there sometime, i’ve never tried it)
  • Bought my mom a birthday gift. ¬†I like to buy my parents things they would never buy themselves. ¬†She decided while we were shopping, that she wanted nice sunglasses. ¬†Ever since Dan convinced me to spend money on real glasses, i’m a believer. ¬†And being as she had cataract surgery on both eyes 10 years ago, it’s probably something long overdue. ¬†She picked out polarized Ralph Lauren shades from the Sunglass Hut ūüôā ¬†I bought her some accessories to go with them.
  • Ran a new trail this morning in San Antonio. ¬†It was a nice change of pace, but bathrooms and water were absent, which has been noted for next time.
  • Headed back to Austin early, after showering at Gold’s (didn’t want to be stinky for the long drive home). ¬†Pit stop for breakfast at my favorite dive taqueria in New Braunfels, and then Costco for quick groceries. ¬†I got there just in time, traffic was backed up on the access road with people trying to get in when I was leaving.
  • I took a long nap. ¬†I can’t remember the last time I took a real nap. ¬†I wasn’t tired, but it sounded nice. ¬†I also took a nice epsom bath. ¬†And started a book.
  • Watched Supersize me for the first time ever. ¬†I already hate McDonald’s, so most of it was just reinforcement of that. ¬†Dan and I used to watch Morgan Spurlock’s 30 days shows way back when.
  • Dan is gone to Canada until next Friday. ¬†I hope to finish the book and get some special projects done.
  • I made chicken fried venison for dinner on Saturday night and it was fabulous. ¬†Breaded the steak with flax meal, Penzey’s Mitchell Street Steak Blend, and cracked pepper. ¬†Dipped steak in egg, then the breading, then pan-fried in healthy oil.

Things I like Thursday: My mom is awesome

Congrats to my mom who is 1 year back at goal. ¬†She didn’t keep the weight off the first time on WW, sidetracked due to the death of her mother. ¬†She got back on and made goal Jan 24, 2011, which ironically was my grandmothers birthday. ¬†The 2nd time, which stuck, was done in meetings. ¬†Her total loss between 2006 and now is over 50 lbs. ¬†(mine is around 40 lbs)

Her initial loss with Weight Watchers was on the old program, she lost by counting points and walking.  Her 2nd and final loss was right when Points Plus came out in fall 2010.  She lost by doing Points Plus, run-walking, strength training, and some cross training.  She still does everything she did to lose, just eating more P+ values.

She still tracks, works out, and attends meetings weekly, which I believe is key to her success. ¬†She’s seen what works for me, is really the structure she needs in her own life. ¬†Accountability is key.

Her first before and after is here. The before is December 2006, the first after is December 2007.

Here is a photo of us December 2011.

She’ll run her 3rd half marathon this weekend, which is also her 3rd in a year. ¬†That’s pretty awesome.

Twas the night before Christmas

The weather outside was frightful.  Or at least it was starting at 7 am.  I woke up about 5:30 tried to get my dad up to go hunting, but he is certainly not a fan of early mornings, so I got dressed to run, but then it was storming.  I read blogs and caught up on emails instead.

When mom and sister woke up, we drove to Hondo to put flowers at my grandma and grandpa’s grave and to take Christmas stuffed animals to the county hospital.¬† I was glad the 3 of us were able to spend the morning together.

Next thing we knew, it was time to go to church.  We took photos at the square after church was over.  It had stopped raining, but it was 30 degrees and a bit nippy!

Our family does all of our Christmas traditions on Christmas eve.  Church, tamales, gifts, movies.

Our Christmas Eve meal usually consists of veggie tray, dips, queso, tortilla chips, tamales (we had chicken and beef).  This year we also had garlic parmesan Chex mix (off the back of the box), gluten-free too.

The tamales didn’t stand a chance.¬† They are actually from Central Market, Ramiro Brand.¬† The company is based out of Houston.¬† Lard and Gluten Free.¬† They come in chicken, pork, or beef.¬† Mom and I found them last year and I love them!

Gift time!

My sister really wanted to try Brooks, so I got her new socks, new shoes, and some other running goodies.  Her Asics were giving her issues, so she got fitted again and opted for 1 of the 2 pairs of Brooks they recommended.

Dad got a game dressing kit from me with a neat sheath to put on your belt, however, of 4 mornings, he rejected my requests to go hunting.¬†¬†We did go twice in the PM, but the conditions weren’t favorable either evening.¬†Maybe I should have given him his gift earlier, to motivate him to wake up earlier.

We rented Our Idiot Brother and Crazy, Stupid, Love.¬† I’d already seen the first one, but I watched it anyhow.¬† I fell asleep as soon as the 2nd movie started.¬† What can I say?¬† I woke up 3 hours before my mom and sister and 5 hours before the guys.

Nice day with the family, but I started missing Dan.¬† We’ve never spent¬†a Christmas together, and it doesn’t bother me for the most part, but I always start missing him when I am sitting alone in church.¬† I know he only gets to see his family once¬†a year, so it’s a necessary trip for him to make.¬† Glad he’s able to enjoy the time with them, even if it’s short.

Merry Christmas!  Hope everyone has a joyous holiday with their family and friends!

Sweaty Saturday


Drove North to grab the sister, to drive south to see the parents for belated Father’s Day.¬† We arrived around 6:15 pm.¬† I told my parents to please eat without us, because they like to eat at 5:30.¬† They refused, so we ended up at Coras.¬† They have the best nachos ever.¬† I watched my family devour the nachos, I miss cheese¬†ūüė¶¬† They don’t have a huge menu, but I was a happy girl.¬† Their grilled chicken was actually very good, tasty salsa, baked potato, salad bar (pickled okra, YUM!).¬†


Because my room was being remodeled, I had to sleep with sister in her room. My parent’s room is being done too, so they were both in the 2 living areas on the couches.¬†


Did not sleep at all.¬† I don’t really get hot, in fact, I am always cold.¬† I was SO hot, they keep their house too warm.¬† I ended up just getting up and starting my run.¬† I had a hard time finding my groove for the first part, but it actually turned into a decent run.¬† About halfway through, I decided to try a new route which I knew would be challenging.¬† Proud of myself, decent pace,¬†even with lack of¬†sleep and¬†high humidity.¬†


Painted my old room with my parents.   My parents are remodeling with the hopes of putting the house on the market.  They really need to downsize, they should have done it years ago.

The original color was pink, yes pink.  Picked out in 1984 by my 2 year old sister.  Mom said we had to have the same color.  I am still bitter, I wanted lavender.  The walls, trim, and carpet are all pink/rose.  BARF. 

The new color is a taupe.¬† It needs another coat.¬† Did I mention my room is HUGE?¬† Yeah, I had a pretty rocking room as a child.¬† The whole 2nd story of their house is 1 bathroom, 2 giant children’s bedrooms, and an even bigger playroom.¬†

My sister had not cleaned out her old room (mine was done years ago).¬† So she did that.¬† We took a whole truckload of stuff to Goodwill in San Antonio after that (I wanted to ensure the stuff actually left the house and didn’t get thrown in a garage sale).¬† Mom has another load to take to the women’s shelter of linens, toys, and children’s clothing.¬†¬† I know getting rid of stuff was upsetting to my mom and sister, but the clutter and unnecessary items really needed to go.¬†


That evening, we put my dad’s new grill to use….and some calamine, because I literally got ants in my pants ūüė¶

BBQ’d¬†sirloin steaks, mesquite chicken breasts, and garlic peppercorn pork tenderloin.¬† Served with multi-grain¬†Central Market baguette (for them), grilled corn, and 10 pounds of grilled vegetables fresh from dad’s garden (zucchini, yellow squash, red and yellow onions, and eggplant).¬† Meant to try grilling okra too (which was suggested by my WW leader, but I forgot).

Apologies for the crummy photo, it was over 100 degrees and I took any shade I could get.¬† Strawberry shortcake for dessert for them.¬† I had strawberries and cantaloupe from dad’s garden.

Did I mention it was also my parent’s 34th wedding anniversary?¬† I actually stumbled across a huge box of their wedding napkins that morning, so we used those for dinner ūüôā¬† I suggested they use them every year on their anniversary.

They had enough leftovers for Sunday for sure.¬† Plus I’d taken the leftover chicken and put together Guenther House’s Champagne Chicken Enchiladas for them to¬†cook up on Monday or Tuesday when contractors are coming to work on parts of the house that they will not be doing themselves.

That was the theme of the weekend, trying to help the parents and make this remodel/downsize/sale easier on them ūüôā

Rough weekend


I ended up not really sleeping at all on Friday night ūüė¶¬† I laced up my shoes and ran a 7 miler in Schertz.¬†¬† Once again I had a crappy run.¬† I had nothing.¬† I made it 7 miles, but the pace was really slow, didn’t help that it was incredibly humid and warm at 6 am.

I didn’t sleep well on Saturday night either.¬† I did¬† not workout Sunday.¬† I hate missing on Sundays, but I just had nothing.


#1 lesson learned this weekend…I must eat regularly.¬†¬†This is the 2nd time that¬†too much time has¬†done me in.¬† ¬† I didn’t eat between the sandwich on the river and the time we got food at Mozie’s which was about 8:30 (mostly because we were on the river).¬† My stomach had a fit.¬† It didn’t help that I didn’t have enough water either.¬† The Comal River limits the size of the cooler you can take¬†and I only had 2 drinks in the ice chest, the rest was Dan’s beer.¬† The float took ALOT longer than i’d planned.¬† We’ve never stopped on the Comal before, and we did twice this time, which meant I ran out of food and water.

I got naseous, very emotional, and weak.¬† I ended up going back to our friend’s house with my sister and missing Micky and the Motorcars.¬† Ate my Mozie’s dinner, took some medicine, and fell asleep on the couch with her dog.¬†

Woke up the next morning un-able to breathe and swallowing junk.¬† My sister and I both had some sort of allergic reaction to something in the air.¬† Nothing a run to Walgreen’s couldn’t cure in a couple of hours, but it was miserable.


Saturday was nothing exciting:¬† oatmeal, pb on Ezekiel, Subway turkey and swiss, apple, broccoli and carrots.¬† Dinner was roasted turkey and avocado on rye with skinny fries from Mozie’s in Gruene.¬† LOVE that sandwich.¬†

I do not like Subway, but I needed lunch for the river.¬† Subway meat is 1 step above gross.¬† But if I don’t have protein on a sandwich, I will be starving.¬† So Subway it was.¬† I needed something quick, close, and filling.¬† Grabbed an giant apple to go with it.

Sunday was equally un-exciting:  skinny latte from starbucks, rice cakes with almond butter, tuna burger with side of veggies, greek yogurt.

Dinner was a little more fun, although the coloration of my photo makes the chicken look raw!

Cheesy stuffed chicken, sliced farm fresh tomatoes, spicy satueed corn, mixed veggies with EVOO drizzle.

And yes, I bought REAL plates.¬† We agreed that we liked them, so I’ll go back this week and buy another 4 person setting.

See you round my hometown…

You name the song, I think it was written about my hometown.¬† Charlie Robison “My Hometown”¬† (his hometown actually is very close to mine), Wade Bowen¬†“God Bless this Town”, or Cross Canadian Ragweed¬†“17”.¬† I could go on and on.

I swear Friday Night Lights was written about MY town.  I went to Medina Valley High School, home of the Panthers.

See how big football is?  They care more about winning state in 1984, than golf and softball winning 3 years ago!  Oh and they just built an indoor pratice facility for the football team.  Sigh, only in Texas.

Stadium looks the same, however the high school is brand new and the school I went to is now the Junior High. 

After football games, you had to go to Sammys.¬† They have the best salad bar EVER!¬† If they were open today or yesterday, I would have went.¬† My usual back in the day was fried fish or chicken fried steak with their seasoned fries dipped in their house dressing.¬† I’ve varied my choices there, but I still happily eat that house dressing, I LOVE Sammy’s House dressing.

Directly across the street is the famous Habys Alsatian Bakery.  Thank goodness they are closed today and tomorrow.  I rarely go there when I come home, when I do, I usually only get an item or two.  That place is DANGEROUS.  I could use a cowboy cookie today though.  Maybe next time.

Speaking of famous and historic, the town is full of historical sites.  Many of the original buildings from the French-German settlers are still standing.  The original residents were from Alsace-Lorraine, France.

Famous Landmark Inn.¬† It’s now a bed and breakfast and a state historical site.¬† It used to be a mill and hotel.

A river runs through it…

In high school, I helped open the Sonic and was one of the very first carhops in town.  At the time, we only had a Dairy Queen and a Sonic (this was the beginning of my weight battle).  Now there are quite a few fast food places.

One of the biggest historical sites in town is the church my family attends, St Louis

That’s it!¬† My little hometown of Castroville, Texas.

No place like home

Made a lot better time to my parent’s house than i’d expected on Wednesday night.¬† 2.5 hours from the office to their house, which usually takes 2 hours with no traffic.¬† Not too shabby, just hit traffic in the regular spots in Austin and San Antonio.¬† Nothing exciting, ate dinner, unwound, went to bed.

Got up and waited for mom to rise, so we could go to her gym.¬† Sampled the French Meadow pumpernickel bread I got at Sprouts yesterday pre-workout¬†(still on the¬†fence on it).¬† Got to gym¬†around 6:30 am, she needed to run, I needed weights.¬† It may be a small place, but it’s VERY nice and well maintained.¬† Knocked out a pretty darn good workout.¬† Came home and grubbed down on an egg scramble with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese, side of apple.¬† Yes, I didn’t eat oatmeal for once.

We got ready and jetted off for San Antonio to run some errands and have a little fun.¬† First item of business was going to a Weight Watchers meeting together.¬† Mom joined officially on Monday to lose her last 5 lbs (she’s never technically been a member, she learned from me).¬† However, with the new program, she wanted to learn from the center and ultimately become a lifetime member¬† ūüôā¬† I really want my momma to be able to keep the weight off.¬† She’d made goal once before on her own with WW, but couldn’t keep it off.¬† I really think meetings will help her.¬† We had a good time.

I wanted to make some crafty things, so we went to Hancock and Hobby Lobby.¬† I’m excited, although things in my head NEVER turn out how I imagined them.¬† Will post regardless of how they turn out ūüėČ

We then ventured out to lunch, which was the #1 reason I wanted to drive into San Antonio.

I’ve mentioned Green¬†before.¬† Tiffany¬†actually recommended it earlier in the year.¬† I had originally eaten there in the summer with my mom and we liked it.¬† Since they aren’t open on Saturdays, we took advantage of the fact I was in town and it wasn’t Saturday!¬† Last time we had the Mike and the Green Burger.¬† Mom wanted the Green Burger again, today I opted for the Portabella Burger.

I liked the Portabello¬†Burger, but I should have added cheese, because the lack of protein didn’t keep me as long as I would have liked.¬† The table next to us got the daily special which was braised eggplant, it looked fabulous, I had a little bit of food envy, but then again, I wanted EVERYTHING everyone had.¬† Yeah, I totally had a staring problem in there today.

Mike came outside when I was wondering through their gardens and greeted us.¬† Super nice guy and he’s an Astros baseball fan!¬† Look at these raised beds, aren’t they fabulous?¬† DAN!!!¬† If you are reading this, THIS is what I want!¬† (we pretty much live on a giant boulder, planting things is hard, and no, it’s not coincidence that our neighborhood is called Boulders), lol.

We then jetted off to Central Market¬†to get some tamales and browse.¬† Good times, although it was SUPER crowded.¬† We didn’t explore long, but long enough for me to hit up their cafe and drink some delicious hot tea.

Headed home for the day.¬† Man, I was feeling GOOD, even commented to my dad that this was the first day in almost a week that I felt alright.¬† Jetted off for a quick run and back to get crackin on dinner.¬† I don’t know how my mom cooks with all of my dad’s clutter everywhere in the kitchen!

Who doesn’t cook in their running clothes?¬† I swear most meals I cook in normal clothing.¬† Pizza night.¬† Roasted eggplant, bell pepper,¬†and onions, baked tofu on 1/4, turkey breast on the rest, half mozzarella, half feta.¬† Fully fabulous!¬† (added mushrooms after the fact for myself).¬†

I had a slice of each, made sure I had some of everything ūüôā¬† Unfortunately I started feeling bad again after dinner ūüė¶

That about did it for the day.  Good way to spend the 1st of my 2 days off, doing alot of nothing!