Fun Facts Friday

  • I didn’t drink coffee until I was 32.  More specifically, I started in March.  Now I drink too much
  • I can’t quit staring at my toes.  I got my first shellac pedi last Friday and it looks great.  If it lasts as long as she says, I’m going to be SOLD.  Thank you Groupon for my first.
  • I have a couple of articles of clothing that are more than 10 years old…that I still occasionally wear
  • I have some jewelry from high school from Paul Harris and Lerner’s that I still occasionally wear and I always get comments on
  • I hate paying full price for anything
  • I have a hunting license
  • I love to fish, but only in salt water and I don’t really have time for that these days
  • I have a bad habit of talking over cubical walls at work instead of getting up and going to someone’s office.  Then again, I am not the only one who does that
  • I love rain.  It never rains here.
  • My kitties are a source of joy 99% of the time
  • I have a weird obsession with chewing gum when I am at the gym.  That’s pretty much the only time I have gum.
  • I keep said gum in the console of my car, so I can grab a piece on the way in.  And when it gets hot, my car smells like mint.  It must be peppermint.


Things I like Thursday: the suite life

Nice relaxing evening at the Round Rock Express game on Wednesday.  Dan got to invite 10 people to share the suite with us.  This was a long and hard decision on who to invite.  It was our first game of the season for us.  Since we didn’t get a half share of season tickets this year, and we’ve both been so busy, we just haven’t had a chance.

Food, drink, baseball, and buddies.  That’s my kind of hump-day!

Dan let me pick out the food.  Ok, most of it.   I picked the mixed fajita dinner, it has  the most food I can actually eat on it and it’s good.   He ordered the drinks and the rest.  The veggie tray, fajitas, and tortilla chips and salsa were a big hit.   Rice and beans, not so much.

I’ll admit, I didn’t eat the rice and beans, I rarely do because I am a huge rice snob.  Extra fajita meat instead, drowned in pico and guacamole!  We had to get them to bring more meat, because my sister and I ate almost all of the beef before anyone else got there.

He has said before the dessert was a waste because there is always a ton left.  He ordered it anyhow and once again more than half was left.  He also ordered mini corndogs because they sounded good.  Over half of those were left too.  Who orders corndogs with Mexican food?

It was good to see our friends, I invited AK and her family too.  Dan doesn’t like “mixing” groups of friends, but I thought it was fine.  So funny to see her in real clothes, I rarely see her anytime but running.

Good to see many of our “south” friends way up North 🙂  And on a weeknight!  So happy they got to come.  Missing one gal, tsk tsk, she was late.  Holy heck, look how much alike sister and I look.  Rarely does anyone think we look alike, but here, I can see it. (she’s on left)

It may have been 105 degrees outside, but there was a nice breeze outside, it never felt that hot at all and the box on the suite is completely shaded.  Plus the air conditioner inside was FREEZING!  So the heat was definitely not an issue.

My sister didn’t stay outside long.  I had just warned her that she needed to pay careful attention to left-handed batters (and quit playing on her phone).  Next pitch was a line drive back into the window behind us (about 3 feet from our heads).  She said she didn’t want to have to pay attention, so she went back inside.  Dan joked that was his master plan to “off me.”

Not sure what was going on, if it was the new medicines or what, but not only did I make it through the whole game without falling asleep, I was wired!  Usually I fall asleep after the 7th inning stretch, which is usually around 9 pm.  At 11 pm I was still totally wide awake.  Now if I can find the happy medium!

Random loves

We got Dan’s birthday quilt back from Campus Quilts.  It looks AWESOME.  I know I could have done it myself, but it’s 3 very different fabrics (which is a sewing challenge) and it would have taken me forever.    I am glad he loves it, because it was incredibly expensive.  And he ended up ordering a bigger size than I had planned. But he loves it and it forced him to actually do something with the shirts that were boxed up (there is still half a box, but not as special shirts).  A few of them are actually mine.

It took us a whole evening to pick and layout the shirts.  I will say, I shed a few tears, looking back at some of the really old ones.  Some good memories.

I love my BFF.  She makes me smile.  I told her and my sister they looked like Pippa and Kate, lol!

Spaghetti squash pizza may have well have just been pizza pasta.  I ended up just mixing it all anyhow and tossing the shell.  It was good though, really good.  Red bell peppers, pepperoni, fresh basil, onions, EVOO and a little mozzarella.

My dad grew some jalapenos that are no joke.  I have a chemical burn on the palm of my right hand from de-seeding them on Sunday.  Stuffed with bacon and Canecuh sausage (from Alabama).  These were part of my special Dan dinner on Sunday. 

Sunday night dinner was something different, simple and easy (in addition to the jalapenos).  DIY caprese skewers for Dan with fresh basil from my patio, veggie assortment, lemon-pepper chicken chunks, greek yogurt  garlic herb dip.

I really thought that if I ate just a little Greek yogurt as dip, I would be fine.  Not the case.  I can’t wait for that ALCAT test to come back to tell me if I have a dairy issue for sure.

I love that my new medicine is here today!  I have been FEDEX stalking the shipment since Friday.  I am looking forward to for the first time actually trying something to fix my issues!  I am tired of sitting, waiting, and watching.  I know it may be a bumpy road and there may be side effects and adjustment period, but any progress would be moving in the right direction!

I love that I don’t have to cook tomorrow night, that I got to pick out the food and drink, and that I can sit on a big leather couch and chill with some of my friends while watching America’s game 🙂

Saturday smiles

  • I got a 10 mile run in on Saturday morning, half it it with AK.  It was hot and humid but I felt fine.  I had a clumbsy at mile 9.75 but saved myself from the fall. WHEW!  That was close.  The route was called Jason’s eastside.  I liked it.  New and different was good for me.  
  • Cherries were on sale at Sprouts.  I enjoyed some with coconut water on the way to the gym to shower.  Funny how 2 years ago, I wouldn’t even try cherries.  I hate anything cherry unless it’s fresh cherries.  No maraschino cherries, cherry candy, or cherry pie for me.  Fresh or nothing!
  • I enjoyed a kick butt lunch at Morelia with 4 OPA sisters.  I wish more girls had been able to come, but it was nice to meet 1 alum that I didn’t know that graduated from UT.  And of course the 3 I did know…my bff, my sister, and the lady who does Girl Scouts with me.
  • I got a whole day with my BFF which was FABULOUS.  I’ve seen her twice this month which is rare.  All week all I could think about was seeing her.  She really is my second sister, I love her a ton.
  • Got to enjoy an afternoon Starbucks break with my sister, my BFF, and another sorority sister in the area.  
  • Came home to Dan, who’d been away in Chicago for work all week.  Nice low key evening at home which included tamales.  
  • Still laughing at the fact I wore a houndstooth print dress with dark red flip flops yesterday.  I am surprised Dan let me in the house!  Although, when I pointed it out to him, he hadn’t even noticed, haha!  
  • I have a secret that someone told me and I am SO SO SO excited.  My lips are sealed, but gosh darn it, I am so happy.  Like I cried I was that happy.  LOVE.
  • Missy finally decided that Dan wasn’t the devil anymore.  
It was just a really good day.  Blessed for sure.  I was feeling better, got to see great people, and Dan is home for the next week, after traveling for the better part of the last 3 weeks.

Recipes: more from dad’s garden

Breakfast quinoa bake.  Easy.  Quinoa cooked in broth, tomatoes (from the garden), herbs, spinach, egg.  If you do dairy, cheese would be great. Next time i’ll add different types of veggies.  I tried it with broccoli too.  I eat broccoli a lot with breakfast, apparently that’s weird.

Fish with Jalapeno-peach pico (red onions, peaches, and jalapeno from dad’s garden), warm spinach and tomato salad (also from the garden), and green beans.  Made the pico a day ahead of time to let the flavors blend.

I don’t usually do fish leftovers, but I made extra to have for lunch today.  Cold.  I am not a cooked fish or shrimp at work person.  I don’t like when people make gross food smells in the breakroom!

Roasted baby acorn squash with saigon cinnamon and almond butter.  Great dessert!

Our intern brought me some yellow squash today. Not sure if i’ll cook that up or opt for one of the other squash types I have all over my kitchen!  I am thinking squash pizza.  We’ll see 😉

I am LOVING all of this homegrown fresh summer produce.  But it’s a good thing Dan has been traveling.  He doesn’t do quinoa, squashes, or pretty much anything but the jalapeno and tomato dad sent.

Things I like Thursday: Good news

My new Dr’s office called Thursday right before 7 pm, I was really hoping it was them telling me my prescriptions were here (I now know that’ll be Tuesday).

They called to say that Metametrix reversed their decision and will accept my insurance now.  YAY!  So at my July 10 appointment, I get to review that and the ALCAT.  I am really looking forward to see those two, since i’ve had so many stomach issues in the last 2 years.  Wondering if there is more than is bothering me than milk and gluten.

I did a happy dance and thanked the Dr’s office for following up on the insurance thing.  Made my Thursday very happy.

What’s broken and what’s not

Lab results back and reviewed yesterday at my follow-up appointment.  She went over every single thing, good or bad and told me exactly what that result meant and what that meant for my body.  I loved that she didn’t skip anything and explained everything line by line.

What was good, was really good.  She said I had some impressive numbers, some of them, the best she’s ever seen.  My insulin, calcium, glucose, ferratin, and electrolytes were great.  She said for someone who works out, I was surprisingly better than average on the electrolytes.   There were many other areas I tested well in.

With that being said, the broken stuff is REALLY broken.  My free T3, testosterone, progesterone, cholesterol, lutenizing hormone, and thyroid antibody are all far from where they should be.  After hearing what those things being off in my body does to my function, it makes so much sense why  I feel so poorly sometimes.

What does that mean?

It means 3 different prescriptions and 3 supplements to try to bring everything up to normal.  Everything is all natural and nothing synthetic.  They only do mail-order pharmacy, so on the prescriptions, I have to wait until they come in the mail 😦

I got a two page list of everything, how much, how often, and how to take it.  I think everything is at a different time or way.  I may be relying on my cell phone for reminders of what gets taken when and how for a while.  I started the supplements yesterday.  The rest will start when it all comes in.

They’ll test my levels again in July and we’ll go from there.  Plus i’ll get to see the results from my ALCAT test.  Metametrix?  Yeah, I found out the day I mailed that one, that they no longer want to accept my insurance at their lab 😦  So Metametrix, which I was really looking forward to getting results on, is on hold for now.

I’m not putting all of my hope into this, but I am really optimistic 🙂  I almost cried in her office when she told me what we were aiming for and how at the very least, how I should feel after we get my levels adjusted.  Hopefully I can move off at least some of the treatments if my body can regulate after a while on its own.

Another reason my dad rocks

After Father’s Day dinner, my dad gave me all of this from his garden…..

Peaches.  I cut and froze 4 quarts, left the rest for snacks and desserts.  Ate 2 of them yesterday for breakfast in a dessert omelet.

Spaghetti and butternut squashes, with a few acorn.

Tons of different types of tomatoes

A huge bag of jalapenos and some onions aren’t pictured, but will be enjoyed.

I am certainly going to miss this free summer produce if they sell their house 😦

I cooked 2 spaghetti squashes on Sunday and froze them.  Cooked another for for Sunday dinner and Monday lunch for me.  Regular pasta for Dan, because he won’t eat spaghetti squash.  It turned out great!  Chicken breast, artichokes, sundried tomato seasoning kit mixed with EVOO, (the tomatoes, onions and squash) are from his garden.  It was delish!  Not the prettiest dish, but very tasty with so much flavor!

Mediterranean salmon warm salad.  Salmon, spinach, EVOO, (tomatoes and onions from the garden), feta crumbles, and quinoa (cooked in chicken broth).  

I haven’t cooked any of the butternut squash yet, I may put that on the agenda for Wednesday.  There is too much to eat, so i’ll  have to cook and freeze some of that too.

Looks like some kitchen adventures are in store for me on Wednesday evening!

Ode to my dad

First off, I feel like a jerk for being the only person on Facebook not to post a photo of my dad and why he’s great.  So i’ll do it on my blog instead!

It was a long weekend and I just got my replacement laptop out of the box and running at home, plus we were out of town all weekend.  Not making excuses, but that’s my story, lol.

My dad is pretty awesome and I did see him this weekend. (really disappointed my sister decided to go back to Austin before dinner and never saw my parents!) Dan and I met up with my parents in New Braunfels to do a Father’s Day dinner at Huisache.  My dad does not eat gluten either, so I had to pre-screen a list of places I thought he’d enjoy and let him pick from said list (I think my mom probably actually picked for him).  My mom, dad, and Dan had never been there, and it was a great time for all of them.  Everyone really enjoyed their food and the visiting 🙂    For Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, I gave my parents money to pay movers to help them when they sell their house.  I knew they wouldn’t fork over the money, so I will.  I like to buy my parents things they wouldn’t spend money on themselves.

Here’s a little photo homage to my daddy…

Christmas 2011 after church.  It was SO cold!

He likes to hunt.  I gave him a really nice hunting knife kit with a sheath thing for Christmas 2011.  He was super excited.

He also likes to fish.  Fishing in Port Aransas for his 60th birthday 2 years ago.  I surprised him by showing up unannounced and gave him a super dandy fishing cart that he’d really been wanting.

He’s super supportive.  He’s been to all of my San Antonio races, volunteered and cheered at Cap to Coast, and came to 2 of the 3M half Marathons.

He’s a family man.  He even endures my kitties.

Love my dad.  He’s the best.  He may be grumpy sometimes and always getting into weird projects and experiments in his free time, but he’s one of the smartest and hardest working people I know.  Definitely one of my role models.