Bye-bye 2010

I wore one of the new headbands I made and it’s AWESOME (I first tried it Monday for sweat-a-thon on the stairmill).  Actually, that  shirt is probably the only thing I own that it matches, don’t really care.  I think that headband maybe cost me 50 cents to make.  I call it the “I run really early in the AM headband, can you see me now?”.  I actually bought some reflective ribbon too, haven’t used that yet.  I plan to make more next week when my mom is here, maybe i’ll perfect the technique and make ones that match things, lol!

Yeah, I don’t really fix my hair to run, as you can tell.  I don’t have a whack hairline, I swear.

Ran my last run of the year this morning with AK at the lake.  It was warm, humid, and pretty gross.  Didn’t help that I probably wore the thickest tech shirt I own.  I’m glad it got windy at the very end.  My legs were tired from yesterday’s workout, I  know better.  Oh well.  

She REALLY bounced back from her injury, back to her speedy self.  I hadn’t run with her in forever and this was just what I needed to make sure I didn’t dog the run.  I was drained, but I ran it how I needed to run it.  Gosh I hope I have energy for tonight and tomorrow!    She actually had to run 19, I had 11.   I killed the 11, which I really needed mentally.

While she finished, I made my last trip to Gold’s for the year.  Last one-on-one with the stretch trainer and foam roller.  Showered up and then curled up with my book that I started marathon weekend at Starbucks for the last latte of the year (soy because I am almost certain now that dairy is a problem 😦 this makes me very sad)…

I will finish that darn book this weekend!  I keep losing it.  I finally got back to reading and it’s taking me forever.  It never used to take me more than a few days to read a whole book.  Yes, I started that one November 15, that’s almost shameful, but at least i’m reading again.  Next up, to actually read my magazines, which I am also working on.

Headed home for some lunch.  Leftover Edamame Stew over some spinach with feta, side of the winter squash quiche, and some blueberries.  I was HUNGRY! 

Dan was MIA at the gym, so I packed my stuff and loaded the car.  Still waiting on him to shower and pack.  He is VERY slow.  I love my little snail though.

Running errands on they way out of town and then heading to Houston for the evening!  Seeing Jason Boland at the Firehouse.  Then a run with June from Boston Dream Pie in the AM.  I’m not used to staying up that late, so I have no idea what time morning will be, lol.

Speaking of June, looky i’m famous, I made her racing synopsis for 2010 here.  I like that Dan took an upper body shot only and you can’t see the blood all over my hips and leg.  Yeah, I laugh now, although scars aren’t really funny.

Well, everyone have a very happy New Year, have fun, and be safe!  See you next year!


Wisdom and new recipes

“People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas.” -unknown

So true, so true.  If I ever shared great thoughts like that, i’d make sure my same was attached to the quote, lol! 😉

The Quiche from yesterday is a great snack (in fact, had it for both snacks today), I love that it used the fresh rosemary from my yard, which right now, is the only live herb I have.  

Still loving on my oatmeal with Cranberry Relish, although today it was oat custard with Cranberry relish.

Lunch was something new that i’d made a pot of Tuesday night.  Eating Well’s Edamame Stew (6pts+)

It was good, better than I had expected.  Topped it with some feta (2 pts+).  Love  feta. 

I was disappointed though because I liked their recommendation of serving it over barley or bulgur. I had my heart set on having it over bulgur, until I realized I had none 😦  I had barley and several different kinds of rice, but I was too lazy to cook those because they take too long, bulgur is quick and easy (and probably the #1 reason i’m out of it).  Settled for pita triangles I made instead.

Dinner was pretty simple.  Made Dan the same as the night before, but Shayne Sauce jalapeno linguine and chicken instead of the sausage.  For me I had a random bowl:  cubed veggie burger, sundried-tomato and basil Pita Pal hummus, ww couscous, spinach, mushrooms, baby normandy  blend veggies, and tomatoes.  Odd but tasty and filling.  No photo, it was pretty darn ugly and the pearl couscous looks like Missy and Chanel’s Science Diet catfood (I kid you not, size, color, and everything).

Boring kind of day

I slept horribly Monday night.  Dan cranked the heat up when he got back, so I woke up sweating in the middle of the night, so bad that I had to change clothes!  (it was like stairmill induced sweat, seriously).   Snooze was hit many times.  I’d actually broke myself of snoozing a while back, but today, today I snoozed.  Snoze?  Whatever.

Work didn’t fly like it did the day before and I certainly didn’t get enough done 😦

Since Dan was at the gym til late, I made 2 dinners.  1 for him and the leftovers of mine will be snack food for me for the rest of the week.  I made him pasta with sausage, sun-dried tomato-basil hummus, spinach, tomato, side of mini-garlic breads.

I knew he wouldn’t eat mine because he doesn’t really care for rosemary, vegetables (especially squashes, or eggs for dinner).  Good, more for me.

I had this:

Quiche (recipe below), salad, and French Meadow pumpernickel (which I’ve decided I don’t love).  Life is too short to eat mediocre bread, not buying that one again.

Winter Squash, Onion and Gruyere Quiche

2 cups acorn squash or 2 cups butternut squash, mashed
1 small onions, diced
olive oil
1 pie crusts ( store-bought or home-made) 1 teaspoon rosemary
1 garlic cloves, chopped
1/2 teaspoon
fresh ground pepper, to taste
4 eggs
skim milk
3/4 cup gruyere cheese or 3/4 cup swiss cheese, grated

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Heat small amount of olive oil in pan and saute diced onion until slightly translucent.
Fold onions into squash with rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper.
Crack eggs into 2-cup measuring cup. Add enough milk to make 2 cups. Whisk eggs and milk together. Add to squash mixture; blend well.
Place crust in pie pan and p-rick bottom with fork. Spread small amount of cheese on bottom of crust. Pour in squash and onion mixture. Top with rest of the cheese. Bake for 40 minutes, until Quiche is set and cheese is golden and bubbling.

*I made it crustless.  I am actually not fond of most pie crusts, unless they are graham cracker based 😉  Since I did no crust, I just did the cheese on the top which is Italian Blend because I didn’t have the others.  Oh and I used butternut squash.  I cut the finished Quiche into 6 triangles .  Very good stats.

Marvelous Monday

Monday at work zoomed by, I *think* that was a good thing.  Didn’t get everything done that I wanted to, but I still have Tuesday-Thursday 😉

During lunch I got myself 2 new fabulous bed pillows AND produce.  YAY!  I don’t really grocery shop during lunch usually, but I needed groceries and I was in a time crunch.  I wanted to fit in a workout before I got Dan from the airport after work.  I even planned a route to the airport that has a Gold’s on the way (a location I’d never been to in south Austin).  It looks questionable on the outside, but it was so big and spacious inside and really arranged well, I liked it.  Wow, I think the only location I haven’t used in town is Lincoln Village.  I got 2 magazines read and an awesome stairmill workout.  What I wasn’t thinking ahead about is that stairmill=massive sweat=wet clothes.  It was cold outside which made being drenched worse. I was pretty much wet from 5:30 until 8 when we got home.  Should have packed extra clothes or thought to bring my shower bag.

Speaking of Dan coming back, we had more Christmas to do!  He hadn’t opened half of my gifts since they arrived right after he left, plus he hadn’t opened the ones from my parents. (and I might have sorta bought him a few more things while he was gone like that awesome FML calendar).  The pillows weren’t part of Christmas, but I wrapped them up anyhow.

Mom and dad got him some of his favorite coffee from Guenther House (owned by the lovely Pioneer Flour mill) and a giant giftcard to Dick’s Sporting Goods.  I’m hoping he spends it on workout gear, but they do sell quite the array of golf stuff.

Missy really missed him.  She was thrilled we did gifts on the floor, so she could sit near Dan, afterwards, she didn’t want us to clean up the mess!

Not really sure Chanel noticed he was back, but for some reason, she all of a sudden discovered sleeping under the tree (they do this every year, I gave up trying to keep that tree skirt clean).  This year, I put her pillow in front of the manger and she’d be sleeping there, but last night, she decided the tree is better!

I hate to break it to her that the tree is likely coming down on Sunday.  Although Dan and I both agreed we like the light the tree gives off and it makes the house extra homey.  Maybe we’ll keep it up a few more months, lol!


Food was low-key and effortless today, halfway because I didn’t have anything before I went to the store and halfway because I wanted to use what I DID have up.  Putting leftover Keller Cranberry Relish  in my oats all week, which I LOVE.

Last serving of Janetha’s Mexican Casserole from my freezer for lunch, deviled eggs made with Pita Pal Basil and sun-dried tomato hummus, and for dinner leftover Pioneer brand chili on a baked potato for me, chili-cheese dogs for Dan.  Gingerbread flavored greek yogurt for dessert with walnuts.

It’s a good thing I had a plan for dinner, because we got home pretty late and didn’t eat until after 8!  I hate to eat that late, but by time we started home from the airport, bought Dan’s pillows at the mall (couldn’t get the right ones at the other store during lunch) and unloaded the car, time had ticked away.  Well and then it wasn’t just heat and eat, it probably took at least 30 minutes for us to prep our meals. 

Good day, although it seemed SO short!

Don’t toss those greeting cards!

Recycle when you can 😉  Reduce, reuse, recycle right?  Technically this is reusing (and helping a charity!)

I’ve been doing this St. Jude Ranch card project since I was in high school.  They take the fronts of greeting cards and recycle them as a project to help raise funds.

It’s a really easy way to recycle those cards AND make a difference.  And if you live in the Austin area, get me your cards before the end of January and i’ll include it with the mass mailing I am coordinating.

If you want to do your own, it’s SO easy.  Check out the St. Jude Ranch Card Program site, or check out the directions below:

To Donate Cards:

We welcome your donation and ask that you please review the below tips before sending your donation. Currently, we have found the least expensive way to mail large quantities of card donations is through the USPS in a Flat Rate Box which holds up to 70 pounds (available at the Post Office).

Card Donating Tips:

  • All types of greeting cards, including Christmas are used.
  • Only the card front can be used (please check to be sure the back side is clear of any writing, etc.)
  • 5″ x 7″ size or smaller is preferred.
  • Mail donations to :
    St. Jude’s Ranch for Children
    Recycled Card Program
    100 St. Jude’s Street
    Boulder City, NV 89005

Thanks! 🙂

Post-Christmas, back to Austin

I left around 6:15 am to drive back to Austin.  Texted BFF the night before to tell her I wanted to see her for lattes at the Starbucks by her house (super early), but I knew for sure she wasn’t awake when I passed the area at 6:45, so I didn’t call and wake her.  Good thing, because she texted me at 9 am saying she would get dressed to meet me.  I told her that I’d been home for almost an hour at that point and I’d catch up with her soon.  I had just really wanted to get home and I hadn’t wanted to wake her during her vacation.

I considered hitting the gym on the way home for weights, but I had too much stuff in the car and I was so tired.  Unplanned DOR.

I had 2 hungry kitties waiting for me at home, along with a messy house.  How does my house get messy when I am not there? I left it pretty clean!  2 giant packages on my front door-step that had been sitting there since Wednesday (apparently Dan forgot he ordered that stuff).  He usually ships stuff to work and didn’t this time.  I am glad no one took the packages or noticed that we weren’t at home.

Missy and Chanel were both sad I had been gone.  In fact, they both curled up on the downstairs couch, I think they were trying to encourage me to sit and relax with them.  Unfortunately I had too much unpacking, organizing, cleaning to do.  Wish I could say I was successful, but I guess I at least got some things done.

I didn’t realize it, but dinner rolled around and I really had no veggies.  None in the freezer, no fresh, none in the pantry 😦  I am weird, but I freak out when this happens!  It rarely does, because I replace everything before it runs out usually.  In an effort to avoid HEB (there are 2 that are equidistant from the house), I decided to hit up the stores near me instead, including Walgreens.  Walgreens always has a little of EVERYTHING!  However, they do not carry frozen veggies (but they sell just about anything else you may need frozen, like complete meals, ice cream, and even steak!).  I finally just went home, but not before I bought some Christmas ornaments, lol.  In that amount of time, I could have went to HEB and bought my frozen veggies, but I HATE the grocery store on Sunday and Monday evenings, it’s way too crowded.  Fail on my part for not planning ahead.

Dinner was simple.  Chili I made using Pioneer mix (they make GREAT stuff) and they are based in San Antonio.  Experimented with this hot mexican tomato sauce I saw at the store, it looked interesting (I mostly bought it because I liked the can.) 

It was pretty tasty.   Had some baked tortilla chips with it and a little cheese.  Cheese makes everything even better!  It was filling without anything on the side, but I still pouted I didn’t have anything to put with it or add to it.  Yes, I know, I shouldn’t have been lazy and just gone to the store!

Curled with with Missy and tried to watch Running the Sahara, but I have horrible ADD when it comes to tv/movies over an hour, especially when i’m alone.  I made it through just under an hour before I turned it off.  We enjoyed leftover Double Chocolate Cake with an orange from my parent’s tree.  I adore chocolate and orange flavor together, it was SO good.  When I say we, I mean I did and Missy watched 😉  Warmed ourselves by the fire because BRRR it was cold.  (ok, my cold is probably mild compared to your cold.  It was 28).

 I really don’t want to take my Christmas decor down, it seems like it just went up!  (even though it’s been up almost a month).  Not looking forward to Saturday or Sunday when it comes down.  I always leave everything up until after New Years.  I’m going to enjoy it for the next 5-6 days though (ok I guess that’s 4-5 since we are not in town for NYE or NY day)!

Christmas, cake, and crafts

Christmas is always pretty low key at our house.  Christmas Eve is where the celebration occurs, Christmas day is all about relaxing with family.  (although i’m not sure I really relaxed!).

Mom and I got up right before dawn.  I didn’t want to start running until the sun came out because #1 I hadn’t taken any light-colored clothes, #2 a strong front had moved through and it was below freezing.  She set out for her Galloway 6 miles right after I started my 9.  I saw her twice around town and made a point to finish her off when I was done.  Not sure where the energy came from because I went to bed super late and slept poorly.  Plus I decided after coming across a bunch of un-gated dogs on the other side of town, I needed to detour, and that I wanted to run THE hill just to say I have.  Why on earth i’d want to run that hill in the middle of a longer run is beyond me, but I did.  I got a ton of stares and pretty sure most of the people thought I was insane as they zoomed by.  I probably am a little crazy, because it’s kind of on highway 90, but traffic was light and I used good judgement 😉

After the run, I noticed they needed help getting the last of the FABULOUS oranges off of their tree.  I volunteered to do it, although, I already couldn’t feel my fingers from the run.  Let me tell you, it’s very hard to work shears when your hands won’t cooperate!

I asked to eat later this year, so we had more time to do other things (plus we’d prepped most everything the day before).  Dad baked a turkey, which, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE turkey, but I really prefer it smoked (as does my mom), but he didn’t want to try to match Dan’s (dad has smoked them before, he was the originator of using the method in our holiday).  Anyhow, mom and I lost the battle of trying to get him to smoke one, and after all, baking is way less work.  Food was good, but I am NOT a fan of mom’s dressing (neither are Dan or sister, but neither was there). 

Christmas dinner is like a mini-Thanksgiving.  Turkey, mom’s dressing (still trying to convince her to make my paternal grandmother’s dressing, or the Bateman dressing), Bateman green beans, Keller cranberry relish, roasted veggies.  I took a little dressing to make her happy, but most of that brown stuff is the topping of the green beans.  There was bread and gravy too, but I didn’t have any of those, no room.

Double chocolate cake  with blackberries on top for dessert.  I actually add egg whites to mine, I like the texture better.

I had originally planned on leaving late afternoon.  I needed to get home to tend to my hungry kitties, my house, and prepare for the workweek ahead.  However, I got started on something and decided I didn’t feel like driving, so I stayed 1 more night.

  Lol, probably should have spent my time ripping down wallpaper instead of sewing (don’t laugh, my sister and I actually de-papered 2 bathrooms last year for my parents).  Anyhow, I got this wild idea that while mom was test-driving sister’s sewing machine that I’d brought with me, that i’d sew.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t sewn since Jr high in home-ec or 4-H.

Also, sister sent no book.  Neither of us had used this machine.  I eventually downloaded the pdf of the book after fooling around with the sucker forever (I had everything threaded and set up right, but stitches weren’t correct).  Finally figured it was an error in the way the bobbin was feeding, once I fixed that, we were smoking!

I also ran across some old school memorabilia.  Yes, I am wearing my LNT apron that I kept from my over 3 years of working there, sipping tea out of my personalized Fiesta Texas mug.  CHEESY I tell you 😉

What I was working on was these:

They’ll be travel pillows, I made them for Dan.  Not sure he’ll use them, but I couldn’t resist the fabric.  Mom and I randomly went to Hancock Fabrics on Friday when running around and I found these great remnants and I knew it was meant to be.  The back on both is blue, white, orange stripes.  I also bought a few squares to make a bag.

I also decided to try to make a few headbands, which turned out cute.  Will have to post those later.  They are a mock-up of a popular brand in the workout/fitness world. 

Stayed up way later than normal, but had fun with mom 🙂  that’s what it’s all about.  I’m glad I stayed another night.