Things I like Thursday: Relay randomness

I’ve been MIA, but that is going to change! ¬†I am going to get back to my bloggin time ūüôā ¬†I may have been gone, but accomplishing much in the time I was away! ¬†Really the only thing I can remember is some of my Cap2Coast random stories.

  • I stepped in dog-shit watching Megan come in on her first leg. ¬†I didn’t know this. ¬†15 minutes later, she’s toweling off and I think SHE is the one that smells like crap! ¬†When I realized it wasn’t her, we all died laughing!
  • One of my team-mates, who I had never met before, literally beat the shit off of my shoe. ¬†I cannot believe a stranger touched my dirty shoe and cleaned it for me. ¬†Nice guy. ¬†Think we’ll keep him!
  • I was able to meet and beat my expected leg times for all three legs.
  • I got 5 “road-kills” on my first leg. ¬†Even had my first one curse at me! ¬†The girl was not pleased to say the least.
  • I ran the 2nd leg in a sports bra. ¬†Shocking, I know. ¬†But I was wearing a night vest over it. ¬†You will only see me running without a shirt in the dark and halfway covered in neon reflective mesh.
  • First leg was too fast and I tried to slow myself down, but the adrenaline got me. ¬†With the sun, wind, and hills, I should have backed off. ¬†I am pretty sure this set up the later hammy issues.
  • I overcame some super tight hammy issues on my 2nd and 3rd legs. ¬†Once I got going, it got WAY better. ¬†I am really pleased I beat my expected times, because when I started the 3rd leg, a replacement was getting ready just in case. ¬†(that’s how awful I looked when I took off)
  • I got chased by 3 dogs in the last half mile of my last leg. ¬†One of them wouldn’t back down and was snarling and snapping at me like crazy. ¬†There was lots of screaming, threatening, and then running like hell! ¬†I’ve been chased before, but never like this. ¬†On our 3rd leg, three of the six of us got chased, mine probably the worst.
  • I took a whore-bath in the Rickster’s bathroom. ¬†I ate breakfast on Saturday with wet hair and fit right in with the locals. ¬†A little scary.
  • You know that saying, don’t try anything new before or during a race? ¬†Drinking a soda, even a diet one, after leg 2, BAD idea. ¬†I thought diet 7-UP would make me feel better. ¬†Not so much. ¬†It worked for my pregnant BFF, thought it would work for me too.
  • I was the most aromatic one in the van. ¬†First the dog poo, then the sunscreen, then the bug spray, then sweat x3.
  • I may have not smelled pretty, but at least I didn’t have any mosquito bites!
  • I’m recovering now. ¬†To be honest, I think relay recovery is more serious that marathon recovery. ¬†Essentially it’s running several races in a short amount of time. ¬†I’ve run once this week, going to do another one tonight.
  • First recovery run was insanity. ¬†LUNA run on Tuesday…the three girls who led the run were the same three that had just done the relay! ¬†We were a sight, but the runners got to hear some awesome stories from the road!
  • 1st place open-mixed champs for Cap2Coast relay! ¬†2 times baby!
  • 2nd place overall champs at Cap2Coast relay, also 2 times!

Cap2Coast Results

Friday we started the trek to Corpus Christi….

For the 2nd year:  2nd place overall, 1st place open-mixed champs!  2 vans, 6 girls, 6 guys, 223 miles! Running Gangnam style the whole way!

We are super stoked to maintain our mixed-open title and have that 2nd overall.  The first place team for the last 3 years is an open team (9 guys, 3 girls).


Is it possible to be super busy but at the same time, it be stress relieving and relaxing?

Me thinks yes.

I’ve been going non-stop since last Saturday and I feel GREAT!

Saturday: ¬†Promoted LUNA Chix at women’s center spa day, then Coworker’s wedding out of town.

Sunday: ¬†Long run with my friends at Hill Country Running. ¬†Stayed up too late driving home from the wedding, but run was decent. ¬†Then going away dinner with our friends Devon and Kristi (moving to DFW), then Olympic Party downtown with Austin Runner’s Club, Jack and Adam’s, and LUNA. ¬†Drive to San Marcos. ¬†Stayed up SUPER late with my good friend Alison catching up.

Monday-Wednesday:  training class, runs after training, dinner with Alison Monday night.

Wednesday:  Travel to Houston, ran with Bayou Country Road Runners, played in a fountain (not recommended if you have errands to run).  Set a record for most money ever spent on a salad and weight of salad.  Whatever it was good and healthy.

Thursday: ¬†Early AM to the Houston office. ¬†Out on a boat all day doing sampling in Galveston. ¬†Fun but it made for a very long day and a very late lunch (thank goodness for snacks). ¬†Some Zoe’s kitchen, Barnes and Noble, and then a very hot run with a group from Luke’s Locker. ¬†Wish I wouldn’t have gotten dinner at the hotel, my crab and shrimp salad was really lacking ūüė¶ ¬†I regret not getting something in the Luke’s Locker area before heading back to the hotel.

Friday: ¬†Wow, is it Friday? ¬†I got to sleep in today. ¬†They don’t want me at the conference until noon to work our booth. ¬†So instead I am working in my hotel room, in bed, drinking coffee, plotting my plan for hitting some tax-free weekend shopping before work today. ¬†First stop is Athleta. ¬†Only one in Texas and it’s in Houston. ¬†Pro deal+tax free, heck yes!

*Hardest part is trying not to spend my vacation money on tax free clothes and shoes!

Brain Power 5K

A coworker handed me a flyer last week about this event while we were out for lunch.  The Sunday, I received a message about this race on Facebook with a discount.

Monday I finally got around to reading about the specifics.  Race in Williamson County to benefit brain tumor research.  September 9, 2012.

I have to do this.  I am doing this.

I signed up and formed a team.  The team is NOT in my name, I put it under LUNA.  You can join the team here.  Some of my friends and family have joined the team already.  I encourage everyone to consider joining the team.

I do not and did not ever have brain cancer. ¬†I did go to the MD Anderson Center in Houston for evaluation of my tumor. ¬†If you haven’t kept up with my blog updates, Dr.’s have chosen to leave it alone and monitor it with additional tests in June and September for now. ¬†They don’t deny it’s there, but they are uncertain it needs to be removed at this point.

I want to do this event to help others and raise awareness.  Just with my limited experience with the subject matter, I understand the need for more research and exposure for the problem.

More about the beneficiary:

Brain Power 5K is proud to join the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, in their efforts to eradicate brain cancer.

The Brain Power 5K seeks to provide funding to the Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation for brain cancer research at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center as well as pediatric initiatives at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. We wish to create an opportunity for Central Texas to honor those affected by brain tumors.

The Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation is the only Houston foundation funding adult brain cancer research at MD Anderson.

Very happy hour, or two

Had a great evening yesterday after work. ¬†I took off a little bit early, to go run with AK from her house (it was all part of a plan). ¬†She’s on her Boston Marathon taper right now. I told her I’d do whatever she needed to do for her run…this was her workout.

5 incredibly hot and sweaty miles. ¬†My dumb self wore a navy blue shirt with sleeves, which didn’t really help things. ¬†Plus Brushy Creek on the dam side provides no shade. ¬†It was a good reminder of how I am not acclimated yet and it’s going to be a long hot summer. ¬†It was only 90 at 5 pm when we started. ¬†She started kicking it on the dam. ¬†The only kicking I was doing was of my own rear end.

Went back to her house for the cool down and we were DRENCHED. ¬†I was seriously dripping sweat all over her house. ¬†I toweled off and rushed across the road to Z’Tejas where I was hosting a surprise happy hour/Boston Marathon pep-rally for her.

Unfortunately I was in the bathroom changing my shirt when they showed up! ¬†She didn’t see my purse at the table though, so I was able to sneak up behind her and still get a reaction. ¬†She was all smiles, made me so happy!

Great evening with the gals.  A little disappointed in the restaurants GF menu.  I ended up getting tuna and them just putting the sauces on the side.  There were no appetizers at all, a couple of salads, and then some big entrees.

We all wished her well and sent her off with hugs!  So proud of her!

Destination Orlando

Yesterday morning

Megan: ¬†It’s the 10th year anniversary of my first marathon in Jan 2013, which was Disney. ¬†I’m going to run it again. ¬†It’s the 20th anniversary of the race.

Me: ok

Megan:  You should do it too.

Me:  No more marathons.

Megan:  Run the half then.

Me:  Ok.

Geez, my arm is easily twisted. ¬†So i’m registered for the half, will cheer her on for the full the next day. ¬†Trying to talk a few more girls from our circle into going. ¬†Plus my college¬†roommate¬†lives down there, she wanted to do Princess a few years ago, trying to get her to do this one instead. ¬†Not to mention all of my new Orlando friends I met at the LUNA Summit a few weeks ago.

Funny thing, i’ve never ¬†been or had the desire to go to Disneyland or Disney World. ¬†I guess I am weird.

I’m sure it’ll be fun, after all, it’s the Happiest Place on Earth!

Heart Happy Saturday

Woke up really early and volunteered with my sister and friend Diane at the finale for Marathon Kids.  We worked the 6 am shift, since we all had so much to do that day (and the stadium was 45 minutes away).  We helped unload the trucks and move everything into the infield of the track.

Then off to Girl Scouts Thinking Day for a few hours back up in Cedar Park.

After an already full morning, I headed home to meet Dan and have brunch.  Made myself a bowl of delicious.  2 fried eggs, guacamole, salsa, veggies, and some tortilla chips.  Like deconstructed migas, lol.

We then drove way down south again to help our friends unpack their new nest.

It was great to see everyone and to help where we could (plus our expectant momma didn’t need to be lifting). ¬†We didn’t unpack their whole house, put at least we got the kitchen mostly done and boxes moved from the garage to some of the rooms they needed to be in.

The kitchen had been completely full of boxes, we tackled all of them and then took a break ūüôā

Then we were off to San Marcos to see my 2 BFFs that evening. ¬†I hadn’t seen Michele since December and Alison since October. ¬†Makes me sad we are all so busy and don’t see each other much any more ūüė¶

Had dinner with both girls, Dan, and Michele’s husband Danny. ¬†Alison’s husband was out of town for a Diaper bash (which is apparently the baby version of a bachelor party). ¬†We ate at the Root Cellar, which is fabulous. ¬†I’d never been for dinner, only for brunch. ¬†My first time was actually for Alison’s wedding day bridal brunch.

I had a lovely time with the girls, but we somehow didn’t take any photos! ¬†I hate that I don’t have pictures of my 2 favorites. ¬†It was so so good to see them both. ¬†I’m already eager to see them again as soon as possible.

Dan and I got back home pretty late, watched some tv, and I went to bed.  I had no energy left, but it was very much worth it!  Saturday was a reminder of all of the good things in my life.

Austin Marathon weekend

This past weekend was one of my “give back events.”¬† What the Austin Marathon means to me is volunteering.¬†¬†I volunteer every year and i’ve never run the event.¬† I love being involved on the volunteering side, just like for Decker Half Marathon.

The slogan may have been eat, run, sleep, repeat.¬† But this weekend was volunteer, volunteer, volunteer.¬† I went downtown on Friday and stayed until late Saturday.¬† I had a great time and loved it, but man, not used to standing so much.¬† I felt like i’d run a marathon after the first 2 days of standing for 12 hour days.

This was the first year I’ve done packet pick-up which was incredibly fun and fast paced (so much so, that I never even got to look at the expo, which I heard was awesome).¬† Plus I was a team lead, which was super cool, thanks Megan! (here¬†she is¬†assigning our first crew).¬†

My job for the weekend

The masses in for their packets.  Friday was pretty steady, Saturday was SLAMMED! I was one of 2 team leads for the half marathon pick-up. 

I was more than exhausted after the weekend, but well worth it!  Now on to Waco for work for most of the week!