Food trends

Just stumbled across this article on Yahoo….

7 Food Trends that have lost their cool

I guess I never really bought into most of them.  I do like chipotle flavor although Dan does not, it’s not something i’ll miss if it does fade in popularity at restaurants.  The cupcake trend, I do dig that, although don’t buy them often at all.  I think my birthday was the last time I bought any.  The only reason I see that one fading, is because of the sheer number of cupcake places and tv shows about them (that alone makes them destined for a downward spiral), lol!

One I hope doesn’t die is Frozen yogurt (it wasn’t on the list).  I know it was big in the 80’s and then it went away a while.  I am ok with that one staying around.  In fact, if someone wants to build a good place closer to me, i’d be all for it 😉


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