Things I like Thursday: the suite life

Nice relaxing evening at the Round Rock Express game on Wednesday.  Dan got to invite 10 people to share the suite with us.  This was a long and hard decision on who to invite.  It was our first game of the season for us.  Since we didn’t get a half share of season tickets this year, and we’ve both been so busy, we just haven’t had a chance.

Food, drink, baseball, and buddies.  That’s my kind of hump-day!

Dan let me pick out the food.  Ok, most of it.   I picked the mixed fajita dinner, it has  the most food I can actually eat on it and it’s good.   He ordered the drinks and the rest.  The veggie tray, fajitas, and tortilla chips and salsa were a big hit.   Rice and beans, not so much.

I’ll admit, I didn’t eat the rice and beans, I rarely do because I am a huge rice snob.  Extra fajita meat instead, drowned in pico and guacamole!  We had to get them to bring more meat, because my sister and I ate almost all of the beef before anyone else got there.

He has said before the dessert was a waste because there is always a ton left.  He ordered it anyhow and once again more than half was left.  He also ordered mini corndogs because they sounded good.  Over half of those were left too.  Who orders corndogs with Mexican food?

It was good to see our friends, I invited AK and her family too.  Dan doesn’t like “mixing” groups of friends, but I thought it was fine.  So funny to see her in real clothes, I rarely see her anytime but running.

Good to see many of our “south” friends way up North 🙂  And on a weeknight!  So happy they got to come.  Missing one gal, tsk tsk, she was late.  Holy heck, look how much alike sister and I look.  Rarely does anyone think we look alike, but here, I can see it. (she’s on left)

It may have been 105 degrees outside, but there was a nice breeze outside, it never felt that hot at all and the box on the suite is completely shaded.  Plus the air conditioner inside was FREEZING!  So the heat was definitely not an issue.

My sister didn’t stay outside long.  I had just warned her that she needed to pay careful attention to left-handed batters (and quit playing on her phone).  Next pitch was a line drive back into the window behind us (about 3 feet from our heads).  She said she didn’t want to have to pay attention, so she went back inside.  Dan joked that was his master plan to “off me.”

Not sure what was going on, if it was the new medicines or what, but not only did I make it through the whole game without falling asleep, I was wired!  Usually I fall asleep after the 7th inning stretch, which is usually around 9 pm.  At 11 pm I was still totally wide awake.  Now if I can find the happy medium!


Friday Night Lights-SF style

Started off the day with a quick run before heading to the airport.  Wasn’t the best workout, but it sufficed.

All 13 of us flew from ATX to Houston to San Francisco.  We’d be in the air during lunch, so I grabbed a strawberry almond salad and baked potato from Wendy’s to eat during lunch-time.  Glad I did (and had a snack too), because we didn’t eat dinner until pretty late and my options weren’t that great.

I  had some weird bloating/swelling from the flight which was uncomfortable for sure and not typical for me.  Glad that was only during the flight.

Landed, got checked into the hotel and then half of us headed  on the bus to AT&T field to see the Giants vs Phillies.

The stadium was gorgeous!  Dan bought what was picked as the “top 3 seats to see a MLB from”.  They were pretty awesome.

This was the view behind the seats

Homerun ball recovery crew

Goofing around on the trolley

Had a first for all of us.  A real “bench clearing brawl” during the game.  Never seen one live at a baseball game before!  (only hockey)

I had a few setbacks in the park.  #1, the bathrooms closest to us were downstairs.  A lot of stairs.  I had trouble getting back up the stairs.  WTF?  My legs were so fatigued I didn’t think i’d make it up the whole way.  I haven’t struggled with stairs since I was overweight.  This upset me.

Then it was dinner time.  The only Gluten Free option that I could find, other than eating a piece of meat without a bun was a piddly little grilled chicken salad.  I’m glad Emerald was giving out nuts as the promotion before the game, because I had to dig into those before we left the park.

Once the sun went down and the fog set in, it got pretty cold.  I am fine if I am moving, but sitting still, I get cold easily.  Don’t get me wrong, this girl wasn’t complaining, but it was uncomfortable.  You can tell by the photos that I am cold (and not so cute any more).

I was wearing a sleeveless tech shirt, a light wool sweater, my RNR SA tech zip-up on top.  Then jeans, Dan’s hoody, my hoody on my legs.  Friend’s boyfriend bought that blanket ($60!, ouch!) and Dan made me wear the beanie (first time ever wearing one, they look dumb on me).  Can you believe I was still kind of cold?   I think the people behind me were locals, notice they are wearing shorts?

When we got back to the room, a big bowl of regional fruit was delivered.  (I was giddy with excitement).  Found out later on that Dan’s boss had it sent to all of the guys.  I SO loved it.  I ate all of it before we returned.  Came in handy for snacks all weekend 🙂

Day #1, although challenging, was a good day.  Good day indeed.

Hot hoppin Easter!

Not your typical Easter blog.  I don’t think we did anything we usually do, but I was ok with that. 

Went to the gym when it opened.  Had the worst workout i’d had in months.  Coincidence that I introduced gluten back into my diet at midnight last night?  Maybe, maybe not.  The workout was horrible though. Not to mention when I went to foam roll my legs, I had huge knots.  Not good.

Well I neglected to observe that both Super Target and HEB were closed on Easter.  Walmart isn’t.  I had to get groceries at Walmart.  I hate their produce.  They have very little of anything.  I made due.

I was successful in planning ahead for the Easter bunny though (bought most of the stuff last month).  The bunny left Dan this basket of goodies.  Only candy is in the little eggs, just small pieces of the good quality stuff.  That’s how this bunny rolls 😉  All things he can use for snacks.

Come home, get ready, then Dan and I head off to Round Rock for an Express game.  It was pretty warm, but a gorgeous day at the ballpark and not very crowded, which was nice.

I tried to snap a picture of Dan’s giant hotdog, which was a Nolan Ryan beef 1/2 lb dog.  I guess if you are going to have that much dog, it may as well be good quality.

There are no photos of my lunch, because Dan didn’t want to play along and I was making a mess.  BBQ turkey sandwich with extra pickles and bbq sauce.  Because of my stomach being mad, I wasn’t physically hungry, but I knew it was time to eat, so I ate.  I’d been wanting that sandwich all lent season, so even though I was wondering about putting gluten back into the diet, I ate it anyhow.

Rest of the day was pretty chill.  Dan replaced his stereo, I did laundry and grilled chicken fajitas for dinner. 

I fell asleep on the couch watching the Office with Dan after he finally wrapped up his stereo project for the day.  This bunny had a long day and had to turn in early.

Wednesday Woes and Wind

Allergens were sky high and the winds were insane on Wednesday morning.  No outdoor run for me.  I opted to go workout at the office gym and then clock in at 5:30.  I need my head examined.  I  had a ton of work to do and I like doing it with no distractions.  All of my distractions were still asleep, hehe!

Bad day at work.  Not a fan of  grown-ups acting like children.  Afternoon meeting went south, I left work mad.  I was just happy that part of the day was over.

Headed North to meet Dan.  Our AAA baseball team is now a Rangers affiliate!  Exposition game with the Rangers and Express was on tap 🙂  Baseball makes everything better.

Dan and I walked next door to the stadium (because they had nothing I could eat with my current GF situation).  They allow you to bring food in, but Dan didn’t want me to have to do that (nor did I really).  We ate at the Round Rock location of Salt Lick BBQ.  (it’s pretty well known in Texas).  Anyhow, I am not really a fan of their food.  They have a tiny menu and I don’t really think it’s anything special, plus they have weirdly sweet BBQ sauce.  I got smoked turkey and a big bowl of beans, with tons of pickles.   Their beans are good, which is nice, because it’s their only side i’ll eat.  Not photo worthy, believe me.  It was ok.  I like Rudy’s better, especially since they have more to choose from and I like their sauce better. 

We walked back over to the stadium and it was super windy, cold, and crowded.  Sold out crowd.  Settled into our awesome seats, which are also our season ticket seats.  (we have partial share in season tickets that we buy into and also Dan sometimes gets the suite for work).

Good times.  Express won, 4-3.  Should be a great season for both teams, lots of talent.  We were both really cold the whole time, but I held on the whole game, I didn’t want us to miss the rest of the game.  Where was this weather last weekend?  Perfect running weather!

By the way, I have made it clear that I want to wash their pants in hot water.  Maybe I should launder for them.  Who wants baggy britches?

Next game for us is 4/24.  Yeah, oops!  I didn’t realize that when we selected our 1 and only weekend or daytime game, it was on Easter.  Dan and I are ok with that though, ought to be fun 🙂  And I can enjoy whatever ballpark food I chose to eat, if I want to eat there, hehe!