Happiness is

Happiness is….

Having a really great week (well minus the part where the Rangers didn’t win the World Series.)  Missy wasn’t a fan of those last 2 games either.

Work conference I hosted went very well.  I really enjoy putting on this training every year, seeing people I don’t see near enough, from all over our great state.

And well, I got to crawl through caves.  That’s way more exciting than sitting at my desk!

Saw friends I hadn’t seen in way too long and met a new one 😉

I went to school with Amanda at TAMUCC.   I have had her baby shower gift since May (had to miss the June shower).  I finally got to see Amanda, give her the gift, and meet Presley, who was born in July.  Pardon the drool all over my shirt, she’s teething and wanted to eat my shirt, lol!

Eating awesome food every single meal.  Gosh, I love New Braunfels.  I actually in my opening remarks banned everyone from eating at chain restaurants for dinner.  Most people obeyed 🙂  Why eat at a chain when you have really great food that is local all around you?

Speaking of friends, I got to see both of my BFFs this week.  Michele on Tuesday night for dinner at Huisache Grill and Alison on Thursday afternoon at Rudy’s (where she was having her going away party, she starts a new job Monday).  So great to see both of them! 

I only got sick 1 day this week and it was shortlived.  I felt great, maybe because I wasn’t dealing with office stress since I was out.  I worked off of my race recovery schedule and that went fine too. 

Just one of those weeks that I want to bottle up for later.  I can’t remember the last time I had a week that was so rewarding in so many different areas. 

Here’s to another great week!



I never thought when I was growing up that i’d ever see either of my favorite teams in the World Series.  Now we have 3 times in 7 years.  Astros and Rangers both fell short on their initial attempts.

Please let the Rangers win 😉  Nolan Ryan needs a ring!

Things I like Thursday: Random acts of kindness

I got back to Austin late today.  After a week putting on a training conference in New Braunfels for staff all over the state in one of my programs, I was beat!  It was a successful week though for work and personal reasons.

When I got to my car I though, man, how the hell did my car get clean?  It was embarrassingly dirty inside and out when I left.

Then I got inside and saw this

While I was gone, Dan wondering my building’s giant parking lot and searched for my car.  He then took it to have the oil changed, washed, and detailed.  Like super expensive and major detailing (i’m way impressed).  Plus he had some minor maintenance done on it. 

I cried.  I seriously cried.  Not only did he know how upset I was that I didn’t have time to schedule an appointment for my car service, but I kept running out of time to wash and clean the inside.

It’s immaculate now.  It was such a relief to me to see all of that was done and I didn’t have to stress about scheduling any of the appointments or figuring out when on earth i’d do it.

It was already a good week, but gosh, that REALLY made my week.

Thanks Dan, I LOVE YOU!

Freaky fast

Like faster than Jimmy John’s freaky fast sandwich delivery.  And it was HOT.

Here is a little bit about Saturday’s race winner.

Scott Rantall wins Frankenthon

Amazing, I doubt I can even run 1 mile at his pace. I couldn’t help but smile….even when he lapped me, lol.

Ok so now you know I didn’t win 😉  It was a victory for me in many ways.  I made it through my last 20 miler (ok, it was more than that), I felt the best i’ve ever felt in that distance, and I feel GREAT afterwards.  Tiny bit stiff Saturday, barely sore yesterday or today.

Now to focus on recovery.  I know my body is still not well, but this gives me great hope.  If I can keep feeling well and staying in 1 piece.  There have been days where I couldn’t even function properly and then to have 2 great running experiences in a row?  Yeah, I’m all smiles right now.


It’s hot outside.  Where is my fall?  It was 68 when I started running this morning, 78 when I finished.  GROSS.

Yes, I caved and did Frankenthon instead of my 20-miler.  (yes 3rd year i’ve done that).  I signed up yesterday afternoon and then regretted it all evening.  I started reading too much medical junk online and drove myself nuts late in the day.  Then after dinner last night, wound up with me crying and Dan telling me that I would be fine to run and that I would stop if I couldn’t. (yeah, because runner’s have brains, this one doesn’t).

I felt fine the whole time, the best i’ve felt at the end of that distance for sure, although the sun really sucked.  And minus the part where I knocked some sense into myself (not going to go  into detail on that) 😉  I recycled the kitty ears from year one, I was too lazy to go to the store and get a new headband.

I’m a happy camper now, going to watch the AU game which I am sure won’t be pretty, then my Rangers!  I told Dan he better get me a damn good dinner, just need to figure out what I want!

Short on supply

Lately i’ve been running short on time, patience, and sleep. Not a good combination.

Monday-My dad guilted me into not leaving really early from Corpus Christi and fishing with him until noon.  No fish.  I did get some decent bbq though and my fruit cup.  I got stuck in rush hour traffic, so I didn’t exactly get home when I wanted to.

Tuesday-I got to work and upon opening my email, discovered that I had a meeting at 1 that required a suit…which I was not wearing.  No one who knew I was out bothered to call and tell me.  So I had to go buy something during lunch.

Endcrinology appointment after work.  She ordered more tests to test for another auto-immune disorder.  I asked her about continuing to train and my races.  She gave me a very uneducated and random answer.  She doesn’t have patients like me apparently.  Annoyed.  I don’t want to risk injury or causing damage to my body.

Wednesday-work all day, then 1 hour of Girl Scout uniform shopping,  then a 3 hour Girl Scout leader training.  The training was intense and overwhelming.  I’m definitely going to have to do more classes and studying for this adventure!  I’m excited though.

Thursday-Everyone at work is sick.  I worked until 1 and then went home to sleep.  I didn’t feel sick, but I didn’t feel normal.  I can’t afford to get sick!  I have no idea what the hell my body would do already having 1, possibly 2 auto-immune disorders, plus compromised immune function from training.  I put myself into a Nyquil coma, got up only to go to a Weight Watchers meeting, ate dinner, and went back to sleep.

Friday-Went straight to the lab.  Grumpy, because I don’t like to fast.  The lab tech seemed confused on which bloodwork to run.  When I asked for the 3 night test the Dr. wanted me to do, she tells me they are out.  Not happy, because the Dr. ordered it all on Tuesday.  They told me to come back Tuesday for the kit, but i’m out of town all week for work 😦

Then I went to Which Wich for lunch to get my free salad (they really screwed up my order last week.  I didn’t want a salad, but it is close and it was going to be free.  After waiting 30 minutes in line, they tell me they are out of lettuce.  So I ran out of lunch time and was without lunch.  I ended up getting one of the crappiest salads ever from Taco Shack next door.

I am so ready this week is pretty much over.  It hasn’t been a bad week, but more of a blur.  I really need tomorrow’s run to unwind from this weird week.  Hopefully I will not be short on supply 😉

Things I like Thursday: the Fruit Cup

Don’t ask me why fruit in a styrofoam cup from a run-down place tastes SO much better than any other fruit?

Sunday I discovered the La Paletera by my old house in Corpus Christi had closed and became another place.  Surprised, because it was in a brand new shopping center in 2004, but i’m sure it was leased  and you know how that goes.  There was a similar place there now, but they weren’t open on Sundays, too bad for them, I was willing to try it.  The one on the way to Port Aransas closed before I graduated, which was sad, because they were really refreshing on the beach! 

With Corpus Christi being the reining “fattest city in America”, it’s no wonder that La Paletera apparently hasn’t done well in the last 7 years.  They apparently aren’t into fruit cups, fresh sandwiches, and popsicles.    You can see the nacho cheese machine in 1 of my photos, that’s how I guess they ensure something for everyone.  Most of their menu is healthy, but they have concession bar type stuff too.

After some “yelping” I found one on the way out of Corpus, so Monday afternoon after lunch, mom and I went to get our fruit cups. La Paletera lives!

P for plain.  No salt, lime, or chili for me.  That’s the traditional way to dress a fruit cup, but I am apparently not THAT south Texas.  I got the #13 which is cantaloupe, cucumbers, watermelon, fresh coconut chunks, and pineapple.  All of it very fresh and most of it is from the Texas valley!

Mom got the #14 which is everything I had, plus strawberries and bananas, but she also got no cucumbers or cantaloupe. 

I  used to get the best turkey avocado sandwich there too.  Nothing fancy, just plain good.

What is really funny is I almost always refuse to pay money for fruit cups from Starbucks, HEB, etc.  And when I do, I always complain about the price.

At La Paletera, I gladly fork over the cash.  Maybe it’s those fresh chunks of coconut that get me 😉 

My only regret is I didn’t get the 32 ounce cup to have some for when I got home!