Fun Facts Friday-Three Favorites

Today’s random facts are in threes.

Favorite songwriters:

1.  Mike Cooley, 2. Radney Foster, 3. Randy Rogers

Favorite bands:

1. Randy Rogers, 2. Jason Boland and the Stragglers, 3. Drive By Truckers

Favorite sports teams:

1. Houston Astros, 2. Texas Rangers, 3. Auburn Tigers (yes, i’m still a fan)

Favorite workouts:

1. weights, 2. running, 3. swimming

Favorite weekend getaways:

1. Gruene/New Braunfels, 2. anywhere with a beach, 3. home

Favorite holidays:

1. Birthdays(not just mine), 2. Texas Independence Day, 3. 4th of July

Favorite summer moments of 2014:

1. Florida trip, 2. June summer fun, 3. Riverwalk in SA


Best is yet to come


I really believe everything happens for a reason.  Lately I honestly have had to remind myself of that.

Next week I will likely be MIA from blog-land because I will be out of town on business all week.  I seriously doubt I will have the time or the energy to blog.  But I am certain the week will result in some interesting blog posts.  I LOVE those events.  It’s the weeks leading up to them that are insane.

I am pretty sure I will sleep all of next weekend because I will TOTALLY need it.  It’ll be worth it.


Fun Facts Friday

  • I still want to learn how to swim properly.
  • My hair is finally starting to get longer!
  • I have 2 James Avery charm bracelets.  One is overflowing, the other is slowly being built.  Both are very special to me.  One day I am going to blog about the meaning of each.
  • I am dying to go crazy in the kitchen again, but I only halfway cook since I’m in a temporary situation.  It’s only me to cook for 90% of the time, which is still and adjustment for me.
  • AIP is hard.  I want tortilla chips.  And salsa.  And just a little cheese.  And chocolate. It’s only been 8 days, I need to give it a full shot to see if it helps.  I’ve been feeling better, but not 100%.
  • I have a race VERY soon.  I am SO not ready.  I may be running with mom if she’s not still injured.
  • Drive by Truckers AND Lucero are both coming to Austin soon, not soon enough!  I have tickets for both already
  • I miss my friends.  I need to make the rounds and see everyone I can soon
  • There is no better feeling than feeling loved and appreciated

Fun Facts Friday

  • I am working retail for the first time in 9 years.  I like my holiday job.  People are a lot nicer than I remembered them being.  Who am I kidding?  It’s the quality of people I am sure.  Different city.  Different culture.  Different clientele.
  • I’ve surprisingly only bought myself a few small things with my nice discount.  I should probably look ahead to get something good for myself before the discount goes away in a few weeks.
  • My Christmas shopping this year was stress free and 0 physical effort.
  • I worked more days at my holiday job this week than I did at my real job.
  • I ran a 5 mile Christmas light run on Tuesday.  That was probably the 5th time i’ve run since Shiner.  I’m just not feeling it after that day.  It was a bad race mentally.
  • I have a new cortisol test pending.  Will see if anything has changed since last year.  Fingers crossed it has
  • I am only waking up once or not at all during the night now.  YES!
  • Transferred to another Dr. in the practice.  One that is supposed to be the best for hashi’s.  We will see where that goes
  • More labs this past week.  Fingers cross these help with making progress

happy friday!

Catching up

I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging, but I rarely take my personal laptop with me when I travel.  And I have been gone.  A lot.  I did this week, but it just stayed in the trunk of my car.  Eventually I will get back to my regular schedule (well the parts I want back!)

Halloween was pretty uneventful.  We had a happy hour and dinner with costumes the Monday before the holiday.  I didn’t dress up for work, I had planned on it, but had an unexpected meeting.


New toys.  My headphones broke Sunday at the gym, so I went and got some inexpensive new ones to tide me over until I figure out what I want.

IMG_2488[1]I am seeing what the Withings Pulse is like.  I am a dork when it comes to science and data.  I remember when I got my first Garmin Forerunner, I was hooked.  Then when I got a fancier Garmin, forget it!  I would analyze everything that came off that thing.  Nicole told me Stacy from PaleoMom loves hers, so I decided to go that way instead of another brand or model.

Got to see this guy on Sunday afternoon.  LOVE!  He’s walking a little bit and getting so big.  Miss his face!


I spent the whole week in San Antonio for work.  Long days, but it went well and I had fun.

I gave up my room at our host hotel, because one of my coworkers needed the room more than I did.  But the last night, I got this:

IMG_2541[1]The suite was awesome.  It was like a badass apartment.  Top of the hotel with the best views.


I wish  I had been there the whole time!  The room I had  given up was an upgrade, but not top of the line suite nice 🙂  My boss left early, so I got to enjoy the suite.  Boy did I sleep well.

Got off early today because I had worked too much for the week.  Good stuff 🙂  Zoe’s for lunch, Orange is the New Black on Netflix, and yoga pants.

Fun Facts Friday

I am so excited about new things right now, i’m such a dork.

  • my stand up desk.  I have stood except in meetings and while eating breakfast and lunch everyday this week.  My feet hurt at the end of the day, but I am not used to standing AT ALL during the day.
  • I am more productive standing up, but I don’t type as fast.  Weird.
  • My kombucha brew.   I am getting impatient waiting for it to be ready for bottling and flavoring.  I tasted it a few days ago and it wasn’t ready, too sweet 😦
  • Speaking of kombucha, I am totally addicted.  Even drinking half a bottle a day is expensive, now I know what Starbucks addicts deal with
  • I canned some spicy carrots on Monday, I hope they are ready today.
  • Tried a couple of new recipes that rock, will be posting reviews soon.
  • I really want to take Dan to Enchanted Rock this weekend, he’s never been and I haven’t been since I was a freshman in college for a geology class
  • We are trying to decide on bids for our deck.  I am getting REALLY impatient, this was supposed to happen last spring.  We have a giant backyard and never go out there because are patio is tiny, like 10×10 tiny.  And it has a smoker, grill, table, plants, and a cooler on it too.  I want to enjoy the weather and finally landscape that sucker too.  Dan didn’t want any landscaping in the backyard until the deck is built.
  • I am getting inducted into the sorority’s topaz society next Saturday.  Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to travel to College Station for the ceremony.  I can’t believe it’s been over 10 years since I was an OPA pledge.
  • They aren’t new, but i’ve been rocking my Ahnu shoes extra lately.  They are the most comfortable to wear for standing at work and they are adorable too.  I can’t wait to get another pair.

Fun Facts Friday

Another installment of Fun Facts Friday!

  • I can’t stand trash in my car.  I put everything in my cupholder if it fits and I must get rid of it immediately.  If I’m on a roadtrip, you better believe there is a trash bag and it gets dumped whenever possible.
  • I hate eating in the car and I try not to.  I hate food smells in my car and I am not a fan of eating on the road.  When I first got my car, Dan borrowed it and ate 2 am Whataburger in it.  I just about flipped out the next morning when my car smelled like fries.
  • I keep emergency snacks in my glove compartment and my purse.
  • I can’t stand too many emails in my inbox.  I either delete them or put them in folders, unless I need them right away.
  • Dan got me hooked on Adam Carolla’s podcast.  I listened to all of the ones I could download (been working on them since October).  I am now in real time and was sad when I didn’t have any more to listen to.  Good thing they put them out almost every day!  I’ve been listening to them in the car and when working out.
  • He also got me addicted to Duck Dynasty.  I’m usually pretty good about not watching whatever reality tv everyone gets sucked into.  I thought, this has to be the stupidest idea for a tv show ever! I was wrong, I really like it.  Plus I like that they show good values and prayer in their show.  That’s something you don’t really see.
  • I almost always sleep with White Noise either from my alarm clock or on my phone
  • Last Wednesday I finally caved and got an iphone.  I started with a Blackberry, then an Android, now the iphone 5.  So far, so good.  Any must have apps?

Happy Friday!

Fun Facts Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve played along with Fun Facts Friday.  Heather at Where’s the Beach (LOVE her), is one of the gals who does it weekly.  I love reading it, not sure why I don’t participate more.

This week’s random facts (smells edition):

  • I hate the smell of movie theater style popcorn.  At my conference last week, they had it during the afternoon breaks.  BLECH!
  • I don’t like eating oranges unless someone else peels them for me or they are sliced up already.  I hate getting the peel under my nails, almost as much as I hate the smell of oranges on my hands.  Even if I wash them over and over, I can still smell it.
  • I love bacon, but I hate the smell of it.
  • I don’t mind the smell of syrup during a meal.  But if someone spills it on themselves or it gets on your hands, then I can’t stand it.  My BFF Michele and I share this one.  She can’t stand when her students smell like syrup after breakfast.
  • I don’t like vanilla scents.  If it’s a vanilla blend, then I am ok.  (like vanilla cake or vanilla apricot).  Generic vanilla I am not a fan of.  Vanilla flavoring, yes, I like the way that smells.
  • I can’t stand the way Dr. Pepper smells and I despise it’s taste even more
  • I love the smell of rain.  It’s raining right now and it’s driving me nuts i’m indoors with windows that don’t open
  • I will only put “clean” scents in my Scentsy nightlights in my bathrooms.  Anything else is just weird to me
  • Don’t tell anyone, but Dan loves our Scentsy’s.  I finally bought him one of his own for Christmas to put in his office (the Auburn warmer).  Before that, he just stole others from around the house
  • Speaking of Scentsy, I have 4 nightlights (all bathrooms and the guest bedroom), and 4 full size.  We really only use 3 of them regularly, but the extras are in rooms we don’t use regularly.  What can I say? I like a good smelling house!

That’s about all with my scent quirks 😉  Happy Friday!

Forget about it Friday


DOR on Friday, like usual 🙂  I needed it.  My workouts have been terrible.  The only thing I can think of is work stress and the fact that i’d added gluten back in to my diet.  I am going to limit it as much as possible, but I have to eat it if i’m going to be tested for it (hopefully sooner than later).  My new Dr appt isn’t until May 18 and they said no tests that day.  Darn.

I had planned on leaving work early, but I had too much to do.  Plus, not only am I on call for myself (as usual till June), my boss took a long weekend vacation, so I am on call for her too.  I was supposed to take the Blackberry from a coworker before I left, but the dang thing kept going off with emergencies all day long.  So, yes, I stayed at work, got more done, and avoided taking possession of the Blackberry until I had to.  I’m glad I stayed, not just for my peace of mind, but I got quiet time to work on important items.


Came home, relaxed, then made dinner.  Although I already know how many P+ it is, I scanned my HEB Cajun Andouille Chicken Sausage because it’s fun (and I wanted to show it off).  Still trying to get used to my new phone, it’s a huge adjustment from a Blackberry.

  I LOVE HEB’s chicken sausages, I can only find them at HEB plus, which isn’t a big deal, there is one very close to our house, I just don’t go there often, because it’s not on the way home from work or the gym.

The chicken sausage was the main attraction at pizza night!  Red sauce, garlic, spinach, cheese, red peppers, onions.  Mushrooms on mine, olives on his. Mama Mary’s thin crust is easy and fab.  Once the ones I have are gone, i’ll only be buying them for Dan and finding myself a sub.

Randomness….I always put Dan’s food, if it’s special, on the right side of the dish.  Mine goes on the left.  This is because I am left-handed and Dan is right-handed (and I remember whose food is whose that way).

Very tasty.  (yeah, I may have cut a small slice off before I took the photo, lol!).  I was hungry and ate my half and some veggies.  Dan left a piece of his.  No, I didn’t eat it…but I thought about it.

Dan had to take off to have massage therapy on his neck.   I went and soaked in my lovely epsom bath, read a magazine, and turned in early.