Day 8, Wednesday: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at everyday in may

Everyone says, listen to your body.  I think sometimes your body doesn’t tell you everything that is going on inside.

Get rest, solid good rest and i’m not just talking about sleep.  Take Days Of Rest from working out, take them from stress, take them from work.

 Do something different.  If you are a runner or a cyclist, cross train, do yoga, lift weights, do some walking. (i’ve been a pretty loyal cross-trainer for almost 4 years).    If you are just starting out or getting back into something, take it easy.  Diving into something too hard and too fast is never a good idea.

I’ve learned many lessons the hard way.  I don’t want others to have to make the same mistakes.  I’m all about the stress relief and rest these days.


Note to self

When sister and I were in college down in Corpus, we always joked that we were going to write a book called “Note to Self”. For a short time, we even had a notebook with our random observations and comments.

We still joke time to time when we see something odd, stupid, or just nuts.

I think I am going to have to start blogging my notes to self, to chronicle the things that baffle me!  Most of them will probably come from the office, because I know I could write a book on the people who work in my building for sure.

Lets start today.  Note to self”  Work Gym

  1. I am guessing common sense and courtesy is a bit harder to find at the work gym as opposed to one that has a membership fee.    I see things at Gold’s too, but not of this nature!
  2. The weight bench is what it implies.  It’s not your own personal locker room for your lunchbox, newspaper, backpack, and coffee.
  3. The treadmill doesn’t need to be “warmed up” nor do you need to leave it running while you do the bike or elliptical.
  4. That jack on the top of your ipod is for headphones.   I have some free ones I got off of my last plane trip if you need them.
  5. Working out in your business clothes is gross.  And the treadmill doesn’t like your old man dress shoes on it.  Not good for the belt on the treadmill or your shoes.  I don’t use the treadmill, but I still think you should take care of it.
  6. Re-rack your weights.  I think this is a global issue, but more so at the work gym.  The good thing is, unlike Gold’s, the weights left laying around are something I can actually pick up.  However, I refuse to pick up your mess.
  7. The bathroom stall in the locker room is not a poop stall.  If you don’t use the gym, please don’t come into the locker room just to blow it up.  Take your poop cloud elsewhere.
  8. You don’t get to claim a shower before your workout.  You get to choose shower when you are DONE working out!
  9. Don’t leave all of your shower stuff in the shower every day.  There is no place for others to put their items.  Plus I am pretty sure people are going to start using up your toiletries.
  10. Leaving your stuff in lockers every day to marinate is gross.  Take your stuff home and wash it.  The policy is, take it home every day.  It’s for a reason.

#1 note to self on the work gym…Don’t use the work gym.

Sunday Funday

Sunday was just awesome, all of the way around.  I felt fabulous mentally and physically!

Hit the gym and probably had the best workout there in a really long time.  I was able to do things I hadn’t done in forever 🙂  It felt so good to be able to knock out a challenging workout and not being completely dead afterwards.

Hit the shower and then off to the Domain for free yoga at Lululemon.  Yes, I showered before yoga, I didn’t want to stink.   No one likes a stinker.  LUNA sponsors the first one every month.  Grabbed some Starbucks and did some people watching while I was waiting for the store to open for Yoga.  Mostly people at some private event at Tiffany’s and others going to get brunch.  The Domain is a large open air upscale shopping area.  Good food, good shopping, and great people watching! I used to live very close when it first opened and would go almost every weekend.

There is all kinds of cool local art throughout too.  This is the children’s area by Starbucks.

Yoga was great, a new place is hosting for July called Wanderlust.  Music + Yoga.  I’m sad I don’t have any more free Sunday mornings to enjoy it.  In fact, I don’t have any more free weekends until like November!  OMG!

After yoga, Dan met me at Zoe’s and we had lunch.  Their salmon kabobs are terrific!  It’s the only one in Austin, I wish they’d build another.  I love their food.  I’ve only had 1 bad experience, which wasn’t enough to stop me from going there.  It’s just not close to work or home at all.

Then off to the movies.  We FINALLY saw Bernie.  We’ve been trying to see it since the day it came out.  For the first 2 months, it was only showing at 1 theater and it was always sold out (drove way down there twice).  It’s currently showing at a few more places.  LOVED IT.  Based on a true story.  Jack Black, Shirley McClaine, and Matthew McConaughey were wonderful.

We never go to the movies, mostly because I am cheap and I think they are expensive.  The tickets are bad enough, but then they rip you off on food too (I don’t eat anything they serve there, but Dan does).  Since we just ate lunch, I figured no additional money would be spent…wrong. I hate spending money on what I consider stupid stuff.  Dan got candy and a giant soda.  *sigh* The same candy is less than a dollar in the same size box at the grocery store!

Then errands and home for chores and PIZZA NIGHT!

Had some fresh mozzarella that needed to be used, so Dan had it on his pizza and he made some caprese skewers.  I hope my basil plant makes it through the summer, we both love basil!  HEB chicken meatballs, all flavors, are awesome.  I love my meat market manager and the fact he always puts them on special sale!

My pizza was on a different crust than Dan’s (his was the pre-made individual crusts).  I used this recipe from Plain Chicken.  I bake it longer and add flax meal to it.  It’s good, not my favorite crust, but it’s gluten-free and I try to avoid pre-packaged gluten-free subs when I can.  Pizza and salad, delish!

Penzey’s salsa salad sprinkles are the bomb.  EVOO plus sprinkles=divine!  I had pepperoni pizza, with lots of veggies.  Forgot mushrooms at the store, which made me super sad.

Before I knew it, it was time for bed!  Good days always seem to fly right by!

New rules of the work gym

I never learn.  The office gym is ALWAYS a bad idea.  It’s not crowded before work and I only use it when i’m running late (and can’t make it to Gold’s across the freeway).    I was running late on Tuesday, so I settled for the work gym.  BAD MELISSA!  There are no rules and it drives me nuts!  Here are the rules I am proposing…


  • The bathroom stall is for people using the gym.  It’s not your own secret stall to do your nastiness in. 
  • There are only 2 showers.  You cannot expect to reserve them before you workout.
  • The signs say don’t leave stuff overnight.  And please don’t leave it in there for months at a time, it stinks.
  • Keep your fashion comments to yourself when others are getting dressed.  I don’t care what you think about my sweater.  I do care that you are watching me like a hawk, it’s creepy.
  • If you are going to bring an IPOD into the gym, bring headphones too.  I don’t want to hear your crappy music.
  • Wear appropriate clothing.  Wearing your work clothes is just gross.
  • Wear appropriate shoes.  Wearing dress shoes is hard on the equipment and one day you will probably fall on your face.  I will laugh then.
  • Re-rack your weights.  It’s common courtesy and sense.  Really.  It’s not ok to leave stuff strewn all over the room.
  • When you move to another piece of cardio equipment, shut the treadmill off.  There is no reason to leave it running while you ride the bike.  Really.  I promise it’ll turn back on when you are done.
  • The weight bench is not a locker room bench.  Please don’t bring your briefcase and lunch into the gym and put it on the weight benches.

That’s just my starting list.  I may need more than 1 piece of paper.  Yes, i’m only joking, but that all really happens, every single time I go in there.  And I only ever see the same 2 people that early.  Makes your head hurt, doesn’t it?

FOOD for Tuesday

PW:  half apple, Adora disk, half serving pistachios

WO:  weights at work gym

B1:  omelette I made with those leftover stuffed mushrooms.  It rocked, although it wasn’t pretty.  Dan ate all of our eggs, so it’s whites until I go back to the store.

B2:  DF latte

L: tuna spud cakes (new recipe from magazine), salad with EVOO and cracked fresh pepper, raw veggies

The tuna-spud cakes were tuna and sweet potato which were pan grilled.  I guess they had potential but if I hadn’t added spices (recipe didnt call for any), they would have been super bland.  Not sure i’ll make them again.  I thought they’d also be a filling combo with the rest of my lunch, but they sadly were not. 

S:  half serving of pistachios, other half of apple

D: same as Monday (I recycled that photo).  Pulled pork, slaw, but this time with broccoli., carrots came later

S:  cooked carrots with cinnamon and coconut oil

Stronger than Excuses

That is my favorite Gold’s Gym mantra from their campaign this year.  I even have the t-shirt (although I don’t wear t-shirts really).

I’ve thought about it more and more in the last few days.  I’ve had a rough time since Saturday.  It’s a combination of things, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Some are related to my current health situation, some due to work, some due to personal things.  I am not sure i’ve ever been so upset and stressed out.

But I will NOT make excuses. I am STRONGER THAN EXCUSES.

Frio Fest 2011-The arrival

Food, fun, friends and the Frio River.

We had a whole car full of stuff.  It still blows my mind we had so much stuff for such a short trip.  And I think we took less than last year!

We got to Concan around 9:30 pm on Friday.  Dan opted to eat at Sonic in Hondo.  (I worked at Sonic in high school and I am not a fan anymore, I can’t even stand the smell).   I ate a Simply Bar and waited until we got to the main house where they had an insane amount of food leftover.  Grilled zucchini, 5 different grilled meats, sides, etc.  

We ended up in the same house as last year, the “Wineglass”.  We were the 2nd to last to arrive (almost everyone arrived Thursday night or Friday morning), luckily we didn’t have to take the loft, and got the big bedroom upstairs with 1 queen and 2 twins.  It had it’s own bathroom, which is why I picked it (since I can’t see, I don’t like having to stumble to far in the middle of the night).    I am very particular about traveling and my distance to the bathroom.  I have glasses I wear at night, but if I forget where I lay them down, I seriously cannot see anything.  Anything at all.  Yeah, I could pretty much write a whole blog entry about my eyes.

After we unloaded, Dan went back to the main house, I chose to go to sleep since it was after 11.  I think most of them partied until 3-4 am.  Since I was tired and I don’t really party, I figured I may as well try to get some rest since I haven’t slept well in the last couple of months and I take what I can get. Yes, I am old.

By the way, the Wineglass is currently for sale if you want to buy it Wineglass for Sale  I would love to have a home out there, but not one that cost more than our main house, lol!

A little

A few good days off 🙂

A little dinner fun on Friday night at Hula Hut with friends. (I took no pics!?! How does that happen?)

A little long-run on Saturday morning.  Felt ok.  Still frustrated with what my pace seems to now be.

A little pool time after the run with my book.  I sent Dan to the river without me, I wasn’t feeling it.  Work has me totally burned out.

Followed by a little shopping with my sister.  (bought little random gifts for other people).  Can’t wait to give those out 🙂

A little chicken enchilada bake for lunch with green chile sauce (new find!)

A little weight lifting Sunday morning when the gym opened.

A little fish taco for lunch time.  Used HEB tuna patties that I pan fried (which I found out later aren’t GF).  FAIL.  But they tasted good.

A little music at Whitewater for Hayes Carll on Sunday night.  Lots of faces I don’t get to see often, including a friend of mine from college, who just happened to be there (this is Dan, myself, my dear friend Heather, and her friend Robbie).  I must have wings, I can’t seem to keep my arms down in photos.

A little stairmill cardio-cross on Monday morning.  I’d hoped to have my oil changed during the gym time, but they were closed 😦

A LOT of cleaning and chores (so I missed the neighborhood kiddie parade).

A little bbq’ing and watching FNL with Dan.

A great deal of much needed RNR!