Monday mayhem

Today was a case of the Mondays for sure!

It started off well, hit the gym for some cardio cross on the stairmill.  I paged through 5 magazines briefly and then donated them to the gym’s stash.  I am uninterested in most of them, but felt I should at least page through them (I did rip out a few pages I wanted).   I need to not renew any magazines, I never read them.

Speaking of reading, I read Dan’s book on the trip in 2 sittings.  All In by Gene Chizik is a great book.  Yes, it’s about football, but it’s also about life, obstacles, and faith.  Even if you don’t like football, you can take away some great spiritual and life lessons from the book.  And, haha, Dan is still not even 1/3 of the way through the book.   I hadn’t even planned on reading his book, but once I read 2 pages, I was hooked.  I need to go ahead and buy some books to read and commit to reading them.  I love reading and I just don’t anymore.

Anyhow, back to Monday.  Got to work extra early, only to discover that my PC was dead.  Had to wait an hour for 8 am to roll around to call the help desk, which wasn’t helpful.  An hour later they came and took my PC, and I never saw it again.  Right before lunch I borrowed a company laptop (I don’t usually take mine in).  I’ll be taking it the rest of the week just in case.

In the 2 hours of waiting this morning, I ran errands to other buildings and got to see many old coworkers friends.  Made me realize I need to visit more often, I miss my friends in my old office.

In the afternoon I got an email with a mug shot, the face being someone I’ve done business with (not work related).  Nice.  Charged with theft.  Fabulous.  I tried doing more research on that, nothing determined yet.

As if my head didn’t hurt already from the morning, my coworker apparently has chosen to avoid a certain customer’s calls for a while.  That person got transferred to me and I got yelled at for 45 minutes.  This man was so mad that he couldn’t even catch his breath on his rant.  I felt badly that he was ignored, but the more I spoke to him, the more I figured out he was half crazy.  I handled it well, but it wasn’t pleasant.  Said coworker wasn’t there today, it’s probably a good thing I’m out of the office tomorrow, or I may actually say something to them.

Plus side is, although my back is sore, the rest of me feels better.  No more burning in my hands and my energy level was good.  My fingers are crossed that it stays that way 🙂  I’ve got a busy week ahead with tons of work and after work special events, I need all of the healthy I can get!

Catch Up

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a rough week coming off of vacation.  #1 reason I think is that my mind was still thousands of miles away!

The end of this past week was rough for me and i’m still feeling it.  Joint and muscle aches I couldn’t shake.  It started Thursday and is still around.  I can’t trace it to anything, although I wish I could.  The worst is in my hands, which is very odd to me.

Worked the Texas Round-Up 5K Expo on Friday afternoon (worked Friday morning), which was a nice change of pace.  I like working expos whether it be for work or running events.  I’ve become so much better at engaging people about whatever the topic is at hand.  I was exhausted afterwards and was falling asleep between in traffic on my way to see Toy Story 3 on Ice with my girl scouts and my sister.

I did end up running the 5K on Saturday, it was the 6 year anniversary of my sister and I doing our first, which was the same race.  I chose to help her PR, which she did by 30 seconds.  Very proud of her.  It was a warm and not-flat course.

Gearing up for another busy week ahead.  Did a little meal prep today and tore up my back yard while Dan was gone.  I’m glad it’s dark outside and he can’t see the mess I made, lol!  I think I bit off a little more than I could chew.  It’s hard to rip up mass amounts of St. Augustine sod!

Eventually maybe i’ll get some vacation blogs up.  I’d hoped for that to happen over the weekend, but I was too busy working on race stuff, chores, and catching up on everything!

Medical update…or lack thereof

While on vacation, my local Dr. finally called me back about the tests done in Houston in March. It was 3 am Hawaii time, lol! Unfortunately, the nurse didn’t say much.

I played email and phone tag with them all of this week to get more information.

She said that she thought the cortisol level would be the explanation.  The MD Anderson results did not prove this. She said in interim we watch the pituitary lesion and the cortisol level. I go back and get retested here for the same things in June and September.

I asked her about my estradiol levels being off and being that of a post-menopausal woman. She said that I can go on back BC pills and see if that levels it off. Guess i’ll be trying that. Because really, if my body’s hormones are off, that isn’t helping me any.

So I guess I sit and wait some more. I’ve been feeling better for the most part, but I still have my days.  I felt better in SF and Hawaii, likely because there was ZERO stress in both places.  This week hasn’t been bad, until yesterday.  I went to bed at 7:45 pm, hit snooze for an hour this morning (not like me), and felt stiff and tired.  Needless to say, there was no run.

Trying to be optimistic, but it’s hard.  Not really a fan of being told “sit and wait”.

Things I like Thursday: Outside of comfort zones

I told Dan I thought we should zipline with 2 of the other girls in the wedding party while in Kauai.  Mostly because I know he would want to.  I had NO desire to go.  I don’t like fast or heights.

Much to my surprise, it was SO MUCH FUN!  I wasn’t scared at all.  Not even a little bit.  As soon as I was clipped in, I didn’t even hesitate and took off!

We did 8 lines total.  2 of them were REALLY long.  I did 1 backwards and 2 of them upside down.  The longest one, I could barely see all of the way across the canyon.

The last line wasn’t really a zipline, but a little hang line that dropped you into a lagoon.  The water felt great, although it was kind of cold!  I did the lagoon twice 🙂One of the coolest parts was that the estate the ziplining trek was on was the same mountains that Jurassic Park and like 10 other famous movies were filmed at.  It was GORGEOUS!

Proof that sometimes you really just need to do something to see if you like it or not.

Friday 13th, go away

I could not get out of bed this morning.  I did get some chores done and to work 45 minutes early, but that was about it.  Not everything I needed to do got done.

Work emails coming in constantly with the fires starting.  Figures, quiet all week, until I need to be getting wrapped up with things.  After lunch, things just started exploding!

Played phone tag with the nurse at the Endo’s office.  She finally got around to looking at my test results from MD Anderson that were forwarded to her.  Not sure what she has to say, because i’m still trying to talk to them, but i’m sure it’s going to be “come in and we will talk.”

It also never fails, when I plan to get a mani or pedi, I hurt that body part.  In a rush last night to make dinner (haircut was behind by an hour) I cut the heck out of my right index finger with a kitchen knife.  I will probably skip the mani now, because I HATE letting anyone touch me when I have an open wound, even if they treat it and are careful.

I think a good plan for this evening is errands, packing, and vegging out.  We have a very early departure tomorrow.

I don’t know what is wrong with me, but it’s not really registering that I am leaving tomorrow.  I have done almost 0 research on where we are going (which is TOTALLY not like me).  To be honest, I am not excited and I should be.  Maybe that’s a really sad sign that I need to get away more than I realize.

WW What?

This is almost as bad as the lady who rode the Segway to the Weight Watchers meeting at another location…

There was plenty of parking, including handicap (which she wasn’t).  This woman chose to practically park on the doorstep.  That isn’t parking lot, that is fire lane.  Ironically enough, the meeting was about moving more and how to be flexible when life throws something in your way when trying to include activity.  Apparently life threw walking 20 feet from a parking spot in her way.

I don’t usually go to the meeting in Leander, I was quickly reminded why.  I won’t go into details.  It’s just not for me.  There is a huge difference between this meeting and meetings at an actual center.  I was in a time crunch though and this was close.

Rant over.  This woman hasn’t quite grasped the lifestyle change concept yet.

Very happy hour, or two

Had a great evening yesterday after work.  I took off a little bit early, to go run with AK from her house (it was all part of a plan).  She’s on her Boston Marathon taper right now. I told her I’d do whatever she needed to do for her run…this was her workout.

5 incredibly hot and sweaty miles.  My dumb self wore a navy blue shirt with sleeves, which didn’t really help things.  Plus Brushy Creek on the dam side provides no shade.  It was a good reminder of how I am not acclimated yet and it’s going to be a long hot summer.  It was only 90 at 5 pm when we started.  She started kicking it on the dam.  The only kicking I was doing was of my own rear end.

Went back to her house for the cool down and we were DRENCHED.  I was seriously dripping sweat all over her house.  I toweled off and rushed across the road to Z’Tejas where I was hosting a surprise happy hour/Boston Marathon pep-rally for her.

Unfortunately I was in the bathroom changing my shirt when they showed up!  She didn’t see my purse at the table though, so I was able to sneak up behind her and still get a reaction.  She was all smiles, made me so happy!

Great evening with the gals.  A little disappointed in the restaurants GF menu.  I ended up getting tuna and them just putting the sauces on the side.  There were no appetizers at all, a couple of salads, and then some big entrees.

We all wished her well and sent her off with hugs!  So proud of her!

Things I like Thursday: Team LUNA Chix

Since our season is getting ready to begin, i’ll put it out there to the blog world….Austin now has a Team LUNA Chix Run group.  It’s the only one in Texas.

In the fall I interviewed to bring a team to Austin and was granted 1 of the 2 new teams created in 2012.  I heard I beat out quite a few people, I was stoked.   Around Christmas I had to select my leadership team.  I picked the most diverse group I could.  We have all ages, skill levels, backgrounds, personal lives, etc.

I love it already and I can’t wait for our season to start!  For the team, the season starts with Diva Dash on April 21.  Unfortunately our vacation was already booked, so I have to miss the first event.  Group runs start April 24, which I will be back in time for.

Check out our events calendar, blog, and other fun stuff at

Also, “like” us on Facebook “LUNA Chix Austin Run” and on Twitter:  @LunaChixATXRun

Destination Orlando

Yesterday morning

Megan:  It’s the 10th year anniversary of my first marathon in Jan 2013, which was Disney.  I’m going to run it again.  It’s the 20th anniversary of the race.

Me: ok

Megan:  You should do it too.

Me:  No more marathons.

Megan:  Run the half then.

Me:  Ok.

Geez, my arm is easily twisted.  So i’m registered for the half, will cheer her on for the full the next day.  Trying to talk a few more girls from our circle into going.  Plus my college roommate lives down there, she wanted to do Princess a few years ago, trying to get her to do this one instead.  Not to mention all of my new Orlando friends I met at the LUNA Summit a few weeks ago.

Funny thing, i’ve never  been or had the desire to go to Disneyland or Disney World.  I guess I am weird.

I’m sure it’ll be fun, after all, it’s the Happiest Place on Earth!