No connection

I didn’t get internet at the new house yet.  I was trying to hold off on things I don’t need like cable and internet.  Honestly, I haven’t missed it except for wanting to blog.   I had to email some pictures to my BFF, so that required a trip to Starbucks with the laptop.

Sheesh, where have I been?

  • Got completely moved into the new house minus my dishes, I need to go grab those Thursday.
  • My kitties LOVE the new house.
  • I have a kick ass backyard and I am dying to make it my own.  I need a grill, and a chair, and a chiminea, and a bird bath, and some new flowers.  Yeah, I foresee a lot of time and money spent on the yard.
  • I already tried to lure birds to my feeder.  They haven’t really come yet.  I love watching birds.  Almost as much as Missy and Chanel do.
  • I volunteered at Austin marathon expo again.   It was good but exhausting.  And I got sick 😦
  • Helped a couple from Mexico get engaged at the Marathon Expo on Friday night.  It was so cute!
  • I ran the Austin half for the first time.  It was a last minute decision.  I did ok considering I had very tired feet and legs and it was HOT.  Plus I haven’t been running a lot.  It’s one of my slower races, but it was faster than 2 hours.  Probably the 2nd hardest course I’ve ever run.  I felt great though.  I don’t even feel like I ran.
  • I’ve not really cooked in my new kitchen yet, I haven’t really been there much.  And I need to buy a microwave! And groceries.
  • I am on a break from work.  Ok, I worked half a day today remotely.  I spent majority of the day on the couch. Tomorrow I am doing NOTHING except making myself incredibly happy.
  • I have taken more leave this work year than I have in years added together.  I am finally learning how to relax.
  • I am loved.  It’s a great feeling.  I am not sure someone has ever loved and appreciated me so much.  It brings a tear to my eye to write that.  I can’t get enough.  I want more than I can have.

It’s a big couple of months.  I want to run one more half marathon this season.  I have travel coming up for work and a busy schedule.  LUNA season is starting in April, trip to SF to start that off.  And hopefully spending time on getting my house and yard in order.  And my personal life, yeah, hopefully working on aspects of that too.


Giving back

I can’t believe it’s taken me  a week to post about the 2013 Austin Marathon.  Like always, I volunteered, no running.  I’ve never run Austin, don’t know I ever plan to.  Every year when it’s all said and done, I FEEL like i’ve run one, no joke.  Long hours, no real breaks, and standing all weekend long.  But every bit of it is fun and rewarding.

This is when the expo first opened as people started flooding in.  20,000 runners over 2 days.

photo 5

I love the energy of the expo and talking to all of the runners.  This year I was t-shirt exchange lead in packet pickup.  I had AWESOME volunteers.  Mostly college kids (had the UT Lasso’s, premed fraternity, and a few other groups).  And I made a new friend from San Diego (him and his buddies came from California with a friend who was running).  Hi Larry!photo 4

The most interesting and humbling experience?  Majority of the race packets were put together by visually impaired men and women.  I wasn’t sure how that was going to work out, but it did.

I overheard 2 of the girls from UT’s LASSO group saying how awesome I was (I was behind the curtain).  Woohoo, the kiddos liked me 🙂photo 3

My buddy Megan is the packet pick-up captain and she does a damn good job at it.  I recruited AK this year to join the leaders team.2013 marathon expo, ak mk mb

I will certainly be back next year!  I can’t wait!

Race Review: Austin Marathon Relay

It’s been a week since I’ve blogged, but it’s been a SUPER hectic week.  More birthday stuff for Stacey, race, Girl Scouts, run, Dan came home from Germany, huge changes at work, etc.  Heck of a week.

I ran Austin Marathon Relay for the 4th time on Sunday.  For the first time ever, I ran a 10 K leg.  I’ve always run a 5K because I am usually deep into San Antonio marathon training around this time of year.  Since I’m not training for anything and we had a few minor injuries, I took a 10K leg.  (the legs are 12K, two 10K, two 5K).

One of our teams had a no-show.  So we shuffled running order, so I would run one of the 10K legs for TWO teams.  I was nervous about this.  I don’t run 10Ks.  I don’t like the distance and can’t get the pace down.  Before Sunday, i’d only run two in my life and they were part of a race series in 2008.  I knew our other team was just happy to have a complete team, but I knew my regular team is competitive.

A major accident had happened on the course overnight, so the race started about an hour late.  The race had already pushed the start time back to 8 instead of the usual 7:30.  So by time we started, it was getting warm.  The later legs you ran, the hotter it got.  Granted, it wasn’t in the 100s like it was last year, but it was pretty warm.

Not my smartest run race, no strategy at all.  I ran a little faster than i’d planned, especially for the heat.  I ran a huge PR, but then again, that probably wasn’t hard, since it was only my 3rd 10K ever. (my mom is so fired from taking race photos!)Our teams took 4th, 6th, and 12th in open women out of over 60 teams in the division.   I was on the 4th and 6th place teams.  We had a lot of relay first timers, including my sister, who was on the 12th place team and ran her first 10k ever.

Most everyone from our 3 teams.  So proud of everyone!

Untrained Marathon

One of the local radio personalities, Lunchbox, is running a marathon this morning with ZERO training.

He’s not just trying to finish, but trying to beat his co-worker’s marathon time of 4:45.  He saw people running this past weekend at Livestrong that he knows he could beat, so he decided today he’d tackle 26.2.  I think he even used the word easy.

Read and follow more here , see live updates here or listen to their broadcast on I HEART RADIO (96.7 Kiss FM).


Personally I don’t think he’ll make it the whole way through, but that’s just me.  If the physical strain doesn’t get him, the mental will.

Austin Marathon weekend

This past weekend was one of my “give back events.”  What the Austin Marathon means to me is volunteering.  I volunteer every year and i’ve never run the event.  I love being involved on the volunteering side, just like for Decker Half Marathon.

The slogan may have been eat, run, sleep, repeat.  But this weekend was volunteer, volunteer, volunteer.  I went downtown on Friday and stayed until late Saturday.  I had a great time and loved it, but man, not used to standing so much.  I felt like i’d run a marathon after the first 2 days of standing for 12 hour days.

This was the first year I’ve done packet pick-up which was incredibly fun and fast paced (so much so, that I never even got to look at the expo, which I heard was awesome).  Plus I was a team lead, which was super cool, thanks Megan! (here she is assigning our first crew). 

My job for the weekend

The masses in for their packets.  Friday was pretty steady, Saturday was SLAMMED! I was one of 2 team leads for the half marathon pick-up. 

I was more than exhausted after the weekend, but well worth it!  Now on to Waco for work for most of the week!

Race Report: RNR San Antonio

This was my 4th Rock and Roll San Antonio.  I ran the full the first 3 years.  Registered for the full a year ago, but opted late in the week to downgrade to the half.

After an emotional struggle with my decision, I woke up feeling ok with the choice I made on race morning.  I ate my mocha brownie oats, laced up my shoes, and drove through super thick fog to SA to be dropped at the start.

The start seemed easier to navigate this year, which was nice.  I went and dropped my bag after hitting the port-a-potty line.  I then set out to find AK, who I never spotted (apparently she moved to corral 1). 

RNR really needs to police those corrals a little better.  They really did the first 2 years.  I noticed before we started yesterday, there were people that should have been in corral 30 or further with no bib-change tags.  That’s a HUGE difference in pace.  I am glad none of them were in front of me.

The new start was nice, diverted us completely away from the train tracks and past SAFD command and station #1.  Loved seeing the firemen and EMTs cheering the runners with their cups of coffee in hand.

The on-course music was good, water stops were good, the congestion wasn’t bad on the course (but I started closer to the front than I ever have).  I drank at every single water station to be on the safe side.

I saw friends from Austin cheering at miles 0, 4, 9, and 13.  My parents were at mile 9.5 (dad didn’t want to break their Guenther House breakfast tradition).  I don’t think i’ve ever done a half with many people I knew cheering on the course, this was uplifting.   My parents said they were very worried about me, but after they saw me round the corner they were cheering at, they knew i’d be fine 🙂

I felt good the whole race.  Had to slow myself in the middle, because I was speeding up too much and I wasn’t sure what the weather was going to do.  I was dripping with sweat at mile 2, but it remained overcast until mile 10, when mother nature really turned up the heat.  When she turned it up, so did I (with caution).

I find it amusing that the Mission that is on the medal is one that the half marathoners don’t even run by on their course.  The only Mission on the half course is the Alamo.

What is more San Antonio than taking post-race photo in Bill Miller’s dining room?

I met my mom (who walked over from mile 9.5 to meet me after the finish) and my dad, who drove to pick us up there.  And yes, I had a tea.

We eventually went to Central Market to browse, then mapped a route for my mom to do her longest long run of the season next Saturday, then off to lunch.  Paloma Blanca, which is where we’ve gone every year after RNR SA, now it’s tradition 🙂  Mom says she wants to keep the tradition next year when it’s her decision where we eat.

I’m usually showered before lunch, but because I didn’t stay at a hotel, I had to settle for some wet wipes and changing in my car on IH-35 while my mom drove.  That was interesting, but I didn’t have a choice, my race clothes were sopping wet.

I’d have to say, this is one of the most enjoyable race days i’ve had (minus the weather).  I ran comfortable and happy most of the way.  I am not sure how I remained so calm and collected the whole time, after being stressed all week about having to downgrade.  I am content that I decided to run the half and I gave it my best effort.