Race Report: Nike Women’s Marathon and Half Marathon

Race Report: Nike Women’s Race

Expo:  The expo hype was huge.  Luckily we got there Friday morning right after it opened and beat the crowds.  No lines to get our packets.IMG_2243[1]  The expo itself was nice, but Nike, Nuun, Paul Mitchell, LUNA, and Neutrogena were the only booths.IMG_2246[1]

Pre-race:  Seemed well organized.  Plenty of porta-potties.  Bag drop was easy, lining up was easy.  There was only 5 corrals though, for 32,000 people.

Course:  The start was crowded which was frustrating.  I was in the first corral behind the elites, but they let the first 3 go all at the same time.  This did not bode well for the first couple of miles.   The fog was so heavy that  couldn’t see anything.  Not to mention it made for a very humid and wet race.  The course was challenging to say the least.  Nothing that I couldn’t handle, but it was tough, some of the hills were pretty bad.

It wasn’t my best but it wasn’t my worst.  Definitely the hardest course I’ve ever run and the weather didn’t help.  I was proud of myself for what I accomplished and I truly had nothing left when I was done.

Refreshment:  On course-Clif shot blocks, water, and Nuun.  I know I took some Nuun but it was so watered down, I couldn’t taste it.

Post Race:   You get a Tiffany’s finisher necklace instead of a medal.  Half and Full get the same one.  From a San Francisco fireman in a tux. IMG_2341[1] This year was the 10 year anniversary.  The necklace was good, but not as cute as I hoped.  I wore it all last week though.IMG_2324[1]

Whole Foods sponsored the finisher food.  LUNA protein bar, banana, reusable bottle of water, fruit cup.

If you went to the finisher village and waited in long lines, you could get goodies from the Whole Foods tent (only GF item was Popchips).   Also a long line, but worth the wait were massages and full size Neutrogena products!

Overall the race was cool, but I am not sure I will do it again.  The crowds at the start were insane and that’s one of my pet peeves.  The crowds weren’t too bad when I finished, but by time my mom finished, the lines to jut get your food and get out of the finisher area were insane!  An hour just to get her out of the finisher area, then another hour plus to wait in the shuttle line to get back to Union Square.


Up hill battle

We’ll I’m in San Francisco for the Nike Women’s race.  I didn’t publicize it.  It’s my first real race since I took a break from running back in early 2013.  I’m still nowhere near where I used to be.  For that reason, ive not talked about it.

Im not even close to my old self.  I’m 15 pounds heavier, slower, and I have issues breathing now.  All things that were non issues a year ago.  A year ago I ran 2 fall halves at a held-back pace that was not shabby at all.  I would kill for a time like that now! We have a group of 13 here.  11 of them are LUNA coaches or runners.  One is my mom.  image This may be the most challenging course I have ever run.  Very hilly. I have faith I will run the best race I have in me.  30,000 something women out there will similar goals. Thank God I can still run.  At least I am fortunate to have an able body…even if I am not quite pleased with my current ability.

The uncomfortable post

So it’s been over a month that I’ve been thinking about this post going up and about 9 days since it should have gone up…

Dan and I split after almost 9 years on August 26.  We did not go on our Hawaiian vacation at the end of that week.  We chose not to announce it until October 1 when everything had been sorted out.  I may have initiated it, but he was in agreement.  We are on good terms, or at least I think so.

I moved out of my house (ok guess it’s not my house anymore) and in with my sister for the next few months.

New priority?  Making myself happy.  So far, I am doing a damn good job at it.

Things I like Thursday: Giving back

Tomorrow is the big day!

LUNA Chix Austin Run’s 2nd annual silent auction and gala!  Complementary food by Savory Spice shop and drinks sponsored by Tito’s Vodka.   Silent auction items courtesy of Mighty Fine, Rudy’s, Georgetown Plastic Surgery, Dr. Kim Mullen, Hill Country Running, TexFit Crossfit, LUNA Chix Austin Run, Crimson Salon, Tito’s Vodka, and MUCH more!!!

6:30 pm-8:30 PM @ Athleta in the Domain.  If you RSVP by end of today (on our meetup or facebook pages), you will also get 30% off all regularly priced merchandise in the store tomorrow night.

100% of the silent auction proceeds will benefit the Breast Cancer Fund, the leading Breast Cancer PREVENTION organization in the world.

For more details