Tiresome Thursday


Tried something new this morning before the gym (one of my freebies from the Dell/Fox7 Fit Fair from last weekend).  Enjoy Life Caramel Apple Snack Bar is nut and gluten free.  110 cals, 2.5 fat, 2 g protein, 21 g carbs, 2 g fiber.   The bar was pretty small, but then again, with low cals, I didn’t expect it to be big, but it was dense like a Larabar.   Really more like a cookie than a snack bar.  Since I don’t have a food allergy or limitation, I probably wouldn’t buy these, because I didn’t love them.   I don’t really do a whole lot of bars anyhow (I do keep them stashed in the office, car, and purse though for food pinches).

Not sure how I lived without making “banana soft serve” before!  I made it for the first time last night (well, twice, because the first batch ended up all over my newly steam cleaned tile).  Last night’s was with almonds, bananas, and RF coconut.  Tonight’s was banana and almonds with some mini chocolate chips.  I REALLY wanted Berry Cool this evening, but after I got home, showered, and ate, I didn’t really have the desire to drive to Berry Cool to get Froyo (it’s in the next town).   The banana soft serve concoction satisfied the craving for now.


Did strength at the gym this morning.  Went a little easier on the legs today, as to not kill them for my long on Saturday, which is actually NOT long, because it’s a cutback.  However, looks like i’ll be out super late tomorrow night, so that’s not really ideal.   I usually have a “no going out on Fridays rule” during training, but this was to be an exception.   Not sure what the heck I am going to do about  the time and where I am running on Saturday.  I really wanted to go to the grand opening of the TX Running Co downtown, but not sure I’ll be alive in the morning after being out super late. 

Had a short run at the park after work.  Think from now on, that i’m going to limit my evening runs to twice a week.  It was WAY too hot to be out and I had nothing left when I was done.   I’m careful, but you never know what the heat can do to you. 


You know you are getting old when you think about the weekend and it makes you tired just thinking about it!  Part of this is due to the fact that things are VERY loosely planned.  I’m a planner and this drives me nuts.  I like to at least have some sort of idea what the heck I am doing, where and when.  I know there is music all 3 nights and that’s about it. 

I better get off to bed.  I have an early morning date with the BODPOD.


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