Hope for tomorrow

I have an appointment tomorrow with a Dr that was recommended to me by the wonderful Terra Castro.
I am praying this is the one who makes a difference and can help guide me back to feeling “normal” again.
I want to run and not be having breathing attacks all of the time.
I want to figure out why I gained this weight and can’t get it off. I want my stomach to not react to every single thing I eat.


Wake up!

Man was today a rude awakening.  I woke up tired, although I slept all night.  I looked like heck at work today, I didn’t fix my hair and looked completely wrecked.  And work was, well, irritating is the best word I have for that.  Of course ODB was there to comfort me via telephone.  He’s a blessing for sure.  And an angel for putting up with my rants today and any day I am a grump.  Luckily I am a happier person overall in the last 10 months.

Called the Dr. I am seeing in July, only to find out I was not wait-listed.  Sad hamster.  I am now, but they prioritize by disease, so I am probably at the bottom of the list.  Which thankfully, is a good thing.  He treats a lot of cancer patients, which is understandable that he would want to see them first.

I am not feeling great lately.  The health coach I saw had me add certain things back into my diet which I am thinking are a no.  I am talking to her again on Thursday.  We will see what she says.  Not only am I always super bloated, but my fatigue is coming back, and my asthma or whatever it is, is pretty horrible.  Now overall, I am not talking as bad as 2-3 years ago.  Just not as good as I had been feeling.  Normal.  That’s what I am aiming for.  I just want to be normal!

Here’s to a better rest of the week.  It’s going to be a busy one for sure.  In addition to regular work, I work 6 days in a row at my seasonal job.  OUCH!

Marvelous Monday

It was a pretty fantastic day!

Won a fancy kitchen knife in a drawing.

Finally got the calendar refills for my agenda.  I can breathe now!  I was freaking out not having my calendar.  Yes.  I keep E-calendars and paper.

I got my adrenal tests back.  NORMAL,  in fact she said I am better than most she sees.  She does think that changing job functions to something less stressful and removing personal stress out of my life played a big role.  So I am staying low on the running and we’ll see if I can manage it.

My thyroid, D, and a few other things are still messed up, but she had some ideas on what to do.

As far as my weight gain?  No suggestions.  I told her I was evaluated by the clinics weight loss center and they turned me away.  She didn’t believe me.  I told her I had the email confirmation.  She said they never turn anyone away.  Well if I am not a candidate, i’m not. And I don’t believe in drugs or diets.   I eat right and exercise regularly.  I journal.  Things they make their non-drug patients do, I already do.

Speaking of diet, not dieting.  I started autoimmune paleo on 1.1.14.  As if I don’t have enough stuff cut, I am trying it for 3o days to see if it reduces inflammation and other things.  I miss nightshades.  And nuts.  And all my favorite spices contain nightshades, so I am using a lot of herbs and salt and pepper.  30 days isn’t that long, and then I can reintroduce things slowly and see what reacts and what doesn’t.  Already discovered a few weeks ago that almonds are a no.  SAD.

Overall a good day.  We will see how this football game ends.  WAR EAGLE!

2013: Year in Review

I honestly don’t remember a whole lot from 2013, especially the first half.  To be honest, looking back, 2013 was just ok overall.  Majority of the year was stressful workwise, especially until September.


I don’t remember much except that I was supposed to run Disney and I couldn’t.  3 month running hiatus due to adrenal issues.

Hosted godson’s baby shower.  Sorority chapter at Texas State activated.  Poured myself into yoga.

I do remember legislative session was in full swing.  I was working A LOT.


More legislative session, not running, and tired.

Our secretary at work died 😦

8 year anniversary with Dan.

My godson was born!!!

Had surgery at the end of February.

Got a stand up desk (YAY!)


More legislative session.  Stress.  Recovering from surgery.  SXSW.

Couldn’t defend my Thin Mint Sprint title 😦  Volunteered instead.

I started run-walking at the end of March.  It SUCKED.  I couldn’t control my breathing.


More legislative session.  Stress.  No rain.  More work stress.

San Francisco for LUNA Summit with all but 1 of my teammates.  Great time!  Started run-walking more.


More legislative session.  Stress.  No rain.  More work stress.  Traveled a little for work.  Dan’s parents came for a visit.


Legislative session over!  Still no rain.

Changed doctors.

I became a Godmother.

Jalapeno Half in Fort Worth.  The only summer race I’ve ever done, may be my last!  Great weekend with mom and sister.

Turning point with work role.  New assignment.  Still no rain.


Working my old duties AND new duties at work.  Still no rain.  In fact, it got worse.

Work trip with visits with some of favorites.

Vacation booked to Hawaii.

Stopped doing yoga much at all.

Finally got some overdue appreciation during a big work event.

Had a big weight gain out of no where (big for a short amt of time and my frame).  I didn’t change my food or exercise.  Frustrated.


This was the turning point of the year.

Went to see Jason Boland and Pat Green in New Braunfels and had a wonderful time with a bunch of old friends.  It was very reminiscent of the old days.

I separated from Dan.  Hardest thing i’ve ever had to say/do.  He agreed it was right.

Hawaiian vacation cancelled.


September was the longest month of my life.  Trying to get the last 8.5 years of my life sorted out.

I decided to live in our house until October.  After October 1, we would go our separate ways.   Except my way was me leaving my house.  My home.  Moved in with my sister.  He kept our house.

I only told my family and closest friends about the split.  That’s what he and I agreed to.

Spent a week in Houston to “find myself.”  Friends, family, sports, food.  To sum it up, it was a “game changer.”

Dove into my new work role 100% and made the decision to stop letting others dump on me.


Started over.  No home.  No money.

Overwhelming support from my family, friends, and coworkers.

Traveled a lot.  2 work trips and a trip to San Francisco for the Nike Women’s half.  Great memories made.  Love SF.

Started getting back to many things I used to do pre-Dan.  Things I put aside because he didn’t like them or I no longer had time.

Once word started to get out that I was single, it spread like wildfire.  All of a sudden I had texts and messages from people who wanted to date me.  This was very foreign and unexpected.  Actually, uncomfortable.


A little more work travel.

Not feeling great running.  No energy.  Not having an easy time lugging extra weight either.  Shiner Half was perfect weather for me, but the race for me was anything but.

I started missing my old house.  My stuff.  Being hostess for Thanksgiving.

Got my first Christmas job.  It was a great idea.  Not much money, but good people and warm hearts.


By far the best month of the year to me.  Despite missing my old house again.  My fireplace.  My Christmas tree.

I had another great month at work.  Got a raise.  Got lots of kudos.

I learned patience. Or the closest I will ever get to it.

I learned the true meaning of love.  Watching my godson open his Christmas gift.  Spending a weekend in yoga pants and an over-sized sweatshirt.  Carefully selected groceries.  Listening to others.

Cut back the running to almost nothing.

Waiting on salivary cortisol test to come in.  Fingers crossed my adrenals are fine.

~~I am almost 20 lbs heavier than I started the year.  I don’t have my own place.  Another whole year of frustrating visits to the doctors with no answers.

Even with those things hanging over my head, this year was ok.  I know 2014 is going to be a big year for me.  Big for my career, big for my health, and big for my relationships.   I will love more and work less.  This year I will NOT let vacation time roll!!!

I am going to make a new home for myself.  Spend more time with my godson.  Spend more time with family and friends.  Spend more time on me.

Back from the Dr.

So the Dr. visit went ok yesterday.  My pelvic ultrasounds were both 100% normal.  My hashi’s anti-bodies were up.

I just about burst into tears when the nurse weighed me.  Really?  I’ve gained 7 lbs since my last visit 😦

Because of the weight issues, she thinks the progesterone is off.  So she lowered that.  And put me on low dose naltrexone.  I looked it up and they use it to treat all kinds of things from AIDS, to cancer, to MS, to autoimmune issues.   I take it at night and for the first week it’s supposed to wreck my sleep.  It did last night!  I am not tired today….yet.

She let me drop the iron, but I have a bunch of other supplements I still have to take.

So that’s it in a nut-shell.  Fingers crossed this brings me one step closer to normal. 🙂


Adrenal woes

I just about fell out of my chair when I watched this video for the first time.


I described me to a “T”.

The part about the shoulders and quads almost made me cry.  That belly?  Yeah, I have that really bad.  In fact, i’m stuffed into the pants I am wearing right now.  HEARTBREAKING.  I busted the seat of my white pants last week.  Time to move into dresses I guess.  I seriously look pregnant.

I am in the works on making more changes.  I’ll admit, it’s hard to stay optimistic when I’ve already had to cut so much!

New rules:

  • 8 hours sleep minimum.  I’d been pretty good at this, but now I am going to push for a little more.
  • Monitoring sleep patterns with Sleep Bot (thanks Nicole!) So far I know that I get up around the same time every night.
  • Naps when I can.  I am anti-nap, especially during the week.  I napped Saturday and Sunday and it was grand.
  • No more coffee.  I hadn’t been drinking regular, but now I am nixing my occasional decaf too.  No caffeine.  I will still have dark chocolate on occasion.
  • Cutting the running
  • More yoga
  • More saying no
  • Trying not to worry so much
  • Cutting back on toxic people in my life
  • Trying to take more days off from work
  • Trying to ask for more help when I need it.  (already hard, because i’m doing 2 jobs right now) I’m learning something new and there is no one to learn from.
  • Scheduling a vacation or two.  It’s been almost a year since I’ve had more than a couple days off in a row.

I am bound and determined to reverse this stupid issue and get back to feeling normal again.  I feel good more often than not these days, but my body is obviously telling me were aren’t fixed yet 😦

Heck yes!

So I’ve been on my new med/supplement schedule for almost a week.  The iodine didn’t come until Saturday, so that’s been a little less time.


I feel alive again.  Seriously.  I have energy, I am not tired, but despite that, I was able to sleep ALL night last night.  I usually get up 2-5 times a night, but last night I didn’t wake up until 4:15 and I was getting up at 4:40 anyhow, so I consider that a full night’s rest.

My fingers are crossed that this isn’t a “honeymoon” phase and this magic doesn’t go away.

I called the NP today to talk to her about my test results and left a message that I forgot I took my meds right before the appt, so the results will be skewed.  Waiting to hear back from her on what I will need to do.  Hopefully we are re-testing that.

Happy dance!