No time for sleep weekend


Met friends for dinner at Threadgill’s on Friday night.  I picked it for dinner because #1 they have a huge menu, #2 their food is usually pretty good, and #3 it’s close to where we were going afterwards.  Well the food was a bust.  Dan didn’t care for his and mine was pretty mediocre 😦  Disappointment.

Then we ventured over to Antone’s to see Reckless Kelly (Bo Cox, then the Trishas opened).  The Trishas just released their first CD last night, go buy it 😉   Speaking of RK at Antone’s, here’s an interesting tidbit….I met Dan at Antone’s when we were both there for a Reckless Kelly show 10/30/2004.  So last night was 5 years and 9 months to the DAY!  I thought it was cool yet ironic, I think he though I was nuts for figuring that out. 

We got home earlier than I thought (I estimated 3, we actually got home at 2).  We made grilled cheeses when we got home because he was mad that our Taco Cabana isn’t 24 hours (told him it wasn’t).  But hey, I had offered to stop at the one in the Arboretum for him, which I know is always open.  Oh well, he didn’t need TC anyhow.


I don’t usually go out on Friday nights during training, but today’s schedule was the first cut-back and was short.  So I made an exception.  I got maybe 4 hours of sleep and although I tried to force sleep, nothing more happened AND I got a friggin Charlie Horse.  Took that as a sign to get out of bed and go.  I ran down Lakeline (street that runs from Leander through Cedar Park).  It was later than normal, but not too bad.  For having not near enough sleep, I was pleased with my efforts.

Ever since I got back though, i’ve been ravenous.  Mostly because I didn’t realize I was out of my oats which I always have before longs.  I had instant and bran but I didn’t want either of those.  So I did PB and Wasa, which I don’t think was substantial enough, because i’ve had about 4 snacks since 8 am when I got home.   We have a gift card to the Waterloo Ice House in SouthPark Meadows because we got rotten service there 3 times in a row…may cash that in for lunch.


Well it’s off to New Braunfels for the rest of the weekend.  Friends and music tonight with another very late night (and hopefully an awesome dinner somewhere).  Gym, breakfast with my BFF tomorrow morning, then river time, music and friend time, and Lonestar Floathouse food time!  I LOVE their Guadalupe Chicken sandwich. I know everyone raves about their burgers and its their most popular item, but they don’t even interest me.   

 That’s the thing about New Braunfels and Gruene, tons of GREAT places to eat!  Makes deciding on a place to go very hard.  My picks though are River Tea Room, Mozie’s, Gristmill.  Gruene River Grill for me is usually hit or miss for me, they have good food, but often have horrid service.  If you aren’t from Texas and you come visit, this area is a must.

 Hopefully i’ll actually have pictures.  I never take any, mostly because I sold my camera on Ebay and never got a new one, lol.  The plan was to upgrade, but I never did.  Dan got a new camera this week, so I may just take over his old one, lol!


Going to leave you with 2 interesting articles I read in a Canadian newspaper that Dan brought me yesterday:

 Marathon Race Addicts No, I’m not an addict!

Buying the Cow  This will probably be me, lol!  We already have the cats and the house


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