Something to be grateful for

I made this my wallpaper on the work computer earlier in the week.  I had to remind myself of it again.

Bad end of the day yesterday with my meeting, medical bills in the mailbox (double-billed too), and not getting a run in.

I am grateful that I have a job, I can still weigh in at WW as a Lifetime member, I still have the ability to run, and the billing will get fixed eventually.   I read stories of people who have similar issues but lives FAR worse than my own.  Even my worst days are better than some people’s best.


Way out Wednesday

I am pretty sure I went to another planet on Wednesday afternoon.  Or through the Twilight Zone.

I’d ordered something from Fry’s for Dan.  They have decent prices on computer, tv, and electronic stuff.  If you’ve never been, it’s like a 1960’s version of Best Buy.  Too many people working in a warehouse like store, all wearing horrible clothes.  The kind of people who never leave their house and only play Dungeons and Dragons on their computer.  I only go there about once a year because it’s weird and I’d honestly rather go anywhere else.  Plus their creepy knockoff Spongebob Squarepants logos everywhere scare me.

Even though i’d made my order Tuesday, it wasn’t pulled when I got there.  30 minutes for that, so I wondered around.  The people watching was stellar, I should have taken photos.  I swear there were no fewer than 40 people working at 5 pm, all of them were quite amusing.  Their company picnic must be a sight.

They send you through cattle chute like corrals to get to the 35 checkout lanes, with someone directing traffic (apparently people can’t just go to the blinking light when the next checker is open).  The girl took forever to ring me up and was talking to me in a fake baby voice, which weirded me out.  And then the good part…I had to inspect my merchandise before they would load it.  She didn’t know how to work a box cutter.  Good thing, because I wouldn’t want her near one on a regular basis.  And her clothing/costume/whatever she was wearing was getting in her way of opening the box.  Finally I had to open it myself, because the spiderwebs she was trying to wear as arm-warmers were hindering her progress.  Just looking at her was a total trip, I had to not directly look, because I knew i’d laugh.

She told me to review the item but couldn’t take it out of the box.  I was a total smart-allec and told her, “well it looks ok I guess, being as it’s covered in plastic and styrofoam and still IN a box!”

And then the load out.  I was told to simply pull my car around and they’d load it right now.  20 minutes of standing in the sun later, my package came out with 2 really out of shape nerds and her.  Apparently she also has no skills with packing tape or twine and she couldn’t get my box closed.  It took them 10 minutes to get my item into the car.  It took everything I had not to push them aside and do it myself!

Hoping that this thing doesn’t have to be returned.  If so, then he can do it himself!  (or not, because i’m pretty sure he’d walk away having bought the whole store!)

Fix what is broken

I really need to put more Yoga in my life.  Seriously.  I’ve always written it off.  My mom has been doing it for years, but I never really “got” it.

Stress relief, active recovery, improve flexibility, “me” time, strengthening.  I need all of those things.

I’ve been to Wanderlust Yoga through Lululemon twice this month (would have been more, had we not been out of town).  It’s maybe my 6-7th time doing yoga at Lulu so far.

I walked in yesterday with wonky legs from a poorly hydrated Saturday run and semi-fatigued from my weights i’d done earlier that morning.  I walked out loose and happy.

Trying now to figure out how to get more Yoga.  I wish Gold’s had classes during times for people who work! (I am not paying a separate fee to a studio, I already contribute to someone’s membership that hasn’t been used in over a year).   Plus there is my super crowded schedule, but I think 2 times a week would be fabulous.   I do have the P90X version, which I can resort to as needed, but i’d rather not hear his annoying voice calling out poses (likely more stress than good).  Scouring options right now, hopefully Lulu will keep offering on Sundays and I can find a Gold’s location that offers a lunch or PM class!


Unplugged, unwound

Starting Thursday evening, I took a break from work, email, and distractions in general.

Things i’ve accomplished in the last 3 days:

  • I spent Thursday night with my BFF at her house.  I love seeing her 🙂  I am sad that I made a poor route choice and got there an hour later than I should have.
  • I took Friday off from work for no reason.  I can’t remember the last time I did that.  I didn’t check voicemails or email.  It was nice.
  • I took my mom out for a girls day all day Friday.  Shopping, lunch at Whole Foods and the quest for the perfect birthday cupcake for her (located at Central Market apparently).  Bought my dad and I cake from Aussie’s GF restaurant to share.  (going to have to go eat a meal there sometime, i’ve never tried it)
  • Bought my mom a birthday gift.  I like to buy my parents things they would never buy themselves.  She decided while we were shopping, that she wanted nice sunglasses.  Ever since Dan convinced me to spend money on real glasses, i’m a believer.  And being as she had cataract surgery on both eyes 10 years ago, it’s probably something long overdue.  She picked out polarized Ralph Lauren shades from the Sunglass Hut 🙂  I bought her some accessories to go with them.
  • Ran a new trail this morning in San Antonio.  It was a nice change of pace, but bathrooms and water were absent, which has been noted for next time.
  • Headed back to Austin early, after showering at Gold’s (didn’t want to be stinky for the long drive home).  Pit stop for breakfast at my favorite dive taqueria in New Braunfels, and then Costco for quick groceries.  I got there just in time, traffic was backed up on the access road with people trying to get in when I was leaving.
  • I took a long nap.  I can’t remember the last time I took a real nap.  I wasn’t tired, but it sounded nice.  I also took a nice epsom bath.  And started a book.
  • Watched Supersize me for the first time ever.  I already hate McDonald’s, so most of it was just reinforcement of that.  Dan and I used to watch Morgan Spurlock’s 30 days shows way back when.
  • Dan is gone to Canada until next Friday.  I hope to finish the book and get some special projects done.
  • I made chicken fried venison for dinner on Saturday night and it was fabulous.  Breaded the steak with flax meal, Penzey’s Mitchell Street Steak Blend, and cracked pepper.  Dipped steak in egg, then the breading, then pan-fried in healthy oil.

Note to self

When sister and I were in college down in Corpus, we always joked that we were going to write a book called “Note to Self”. For a short time, we even had a notebook with our random observations and comments.

We still joke time to time when we see something odd, stupid, or just nuts.

I think I am going to have to start blogging my notes to self, to chronicle the things that baffle me!  Most of them will probably come from the office, because I know I could write a book on the people who work in my building for sure.

Lets start today.  Note to self”  Work Gym

  1. I am guessing common sense and courtesy is a bit harder to find at the work gym as opposed to one that has a membership fee.    I see things at Gold’s too, but not of this nature!
  2. The weight bench is what it implies.  It’s not your own personal locker room for your lunchbox, newspaper, backpack, and coffee.
  3. The treadmill doesn’t need to be “warmed up” nor do you need to leave it running while you do the bike or elliptical.
  4. That jack on the top of your ipod is for headphones.   I have some free ones I got off of my last plane trip if you need them.
  5. Working out in your business clothes is gross.  And the treadmill doesn’t like your old man dress shoes on it.  Not good for the belt on the treadmill or your shoes.  I don’t use the treadmill, but I still think you should take care of it.
  6. Re-rack your weights.  I think this is a global issue, but more so at the work gym.  The good thing is, unlike Gold’s, the weights left laying around are something I can actually pick up.  However, I refuse to pick up your mess.
  7. The bathroom stall in the locker room is not a poop stall.  If you don’t use the gym, please don’t come into the locker room just to blow it up.  Take your poop cloud elsewhere.
  8. You don’t get to claim a shower before your workout.  You get to choose shower when you are DONE working out!
  9. Don’t leave all of your shower stuff in the shower every day.  There is no place for others to put their items.  Plus I am pretty sure people are going to start using up your toiletries.
  10. Leaving your stuff in lockers every day to marinate is gross.  Take your stuff home and wash it.  The policy is, take it home every day.  It’s for a reason.

#1 note to self on the work gym…Don’t use the work gym.


I’ve filled my allowance of photos for the blog 😦  Hence my being behind on blogging!

Updates soon, I promise.  Plus my mind I think is still somewhere floating on the Frio River.



One cat I don’t like

I got the results back from the ALCAT and GI function tests.  Can’t say I am thrilled, but guess it could be worse.

She tells me, wow, you are lucky.


Why do I not feel that way?  Here’s what I was told:

Severe intolerance (avoid):  ginger.  Yes, ginger.  What had I planned on for dinner?  Ginger chicken from Mama Fu’s.  Ugh, change of plan.

Moderate intolerance (wants me to cut out for 6 months):

  1. BEEF.  😦  I don’t eat beef all of the time, but I like burgers and fajitas!
  2. brazil nuts.  Rarely eat these.
  3. cabbage.  Don’t eat often.
  4. COFFEE.  Uh oh, I should have never started drinking coffee back in March.
  5. green peas.  Rarely eat them.
  6. honey.  Believe it or not, I hate the taste of honey.
  7. hops.  Non issue
  8. macadamia nuts.  Rarely eat them although they are so good.
  9. okra.  I don’t eat it often, but I love it roasted or pickled.
  10. rice.  I eat brown rice and I guess it’s not that often, I do sometimes eat rice cakes though.
Eating sushi is going to suck.  I already don’t do soy sauce due to gluten.  Now no ginger or rice.  Maybe I’ll start hitting the fish only 😉

Mild intolerance (I don’t have to cut, which is a good thing!)  I just bought 50% of these at the store yesterday!

  1. avocado (it’s a good thing this is a mild)
  2. basil (same here)
  3. bell peppers (same here)
  4. blueberries (same here)
  5. black and green tea (same here)
  6. buffalo.  I rarely eat it, but I do like it.
  7. celery. eat it often
  8. chickpeas.  Sometimes eat in hummus and salad
  9. crab.  Rarely eat it, but I love it.
  10. egg yolks.  oooh, that sucks.
  11. eggplant.  Don’t eat it often, but I like it.
  12. garlic.  suck
  13. haddock.  rarely eat it.
  14. honeydew.  not a big deal, I like it but wouldn’t miss it.
  15. limes.  not a big deal, I love lemons, limes, not so much.
  16. mussels.  never eat.
  17. nutmeg.  really only use when making stuff with pumpkin.
  18. onion.  i eat alot of onions, may need to cut back.
  19. paprika.  Don’t use often, but it’s a spice I love
  20. peaches.  Suck.  I love peaches
  21. shrimp.  I also love shrimp.
  22. trout.  I don’t eat trout often.
  23. watermelon.  I used to love watermelon, but now I rarely eat it.


So I cut out the ginger.  Then eliminate items on the moderate list for 3-6 months.  Then when time is up, I reintroduce them one by one to see if I have reactions.

What surprised me is that milk, whey, and casein were NOT on the list.  I’ve had reactions to cottage cheese, other cheeses, and some milks, but according to ALCAT, it should be a non-issue.  Not sure I am convinced I will go back to eating it like before.  I will likely continue to eat limited amounts of certain types of cheeses that aren’t reactive to me.

And then the GI function test.  Everything was good except…incredibly high inflammation.  They put me on a new probiotic and extra fish oil to go along with the 3 prescriptions I have and the other 2 supplements.

And then the confirmation of super high anti-gliadin.  There it is, the gluten intolerance marker.  My level was higher than the range on the paper.