Fun facts Friday

Well I don’t know if I would consider them all that fun this week!

  • My foot felt better after icing for a few days.  Ran on it Tuesday and it was fine.  After Thursday wasn’t so good.  It’s still sore across the top 😦
  • I may have a place of my own soon!
  • I am nervous about Sunday’s race.  I am not ready.  I keep telling myself to just have fun.
  • I took a personal day Wednesday.  Not something I do enough.  It was pretty awesome.
  • Just as soon as I posted my excitement for the 3 day weekend on Facebook, things started to change.  And not for the better. Saturday plans were completely scrapped.  I had no words, just tears.
  • There are 2 more days to this long weekend, but Saturday I had my heart set on for a while
  • AIP totally had reduced my inflammation.  HAD because I cheated once and it made me bloated and miserable.  Back to strict AIP with structured reintroduction.
  • I’m still a sucker for greeting cards
  • And goofing around at Buccee’s

Early holiday fun

Christmas came on Friday.  I apparently was a good girl.

This would be the cutest and tiniest poinsettia I have ever seen.  Someone thought I would love it.  They were right.IMG_0320[1]

Beautiful perfect yellow roses.  My sorority flower and yellow rose of Texas 🙂IMG_0321[1]Apparently my sister doesn’t own a vase and all of mine are in storage.  I had to dump her kitchen utensils out of this.  I think it’s a vase she was using as a crock.

A mophie for my iPhone!  My phone is always low on battery, because I use it too much.  Overnight and during work I charge it all day long, but other than that, it’s drained.   I like this because the case comes apart and with the bottom off, it now fits on my docking speakers.  🙂  Very thoughtful.

IMG_0322[1]More important than any gift was memories made and precious time shared.  Happy heart.


Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy
blog everyday in may

  • Vacations
  • Being active
  • Food.  This was the mother’s day grub.  Roast turkey, spicy bbq beans,  grilled brats, roasted chicken, grilled corn, cabbage, onions.  Oh and salad.  If you’ve never had grilled cabbage, try it!  It’s seriously underrated!

mothers day grub

  • Love
  • Friends
  • Family


  • Music
  • Me time
  • Reading
  • Kitties.  Chanel is obsessed with the yoga mat if I am no where near it.

chanel yoga mat

Happy 2013

Dan and I rang in the New Year in the booming metropolis of Schulenburg (1.5 hours away from where we live).  We were going to have dinner at the venue, but prime rib was on the menu and i’m not a fan.  So then we’d planned on Frank’s, which is apparently not open on Mondays.  So we opted for Oakridge, which was interesting.  We stood out like sore thumbs as non-locals, lol!  I wasn’t thrilled with the food, but the salad bar was ok.

Concert featured the fabulous Gin Sisters and Fred Eaglesmith at Sengelmann Hall. This may be one of my favorite historic concert venues we’ve ever been to (minus the fact I had to stand because we were a little late).  Plus they don’t allow smoking, which is a BIG deal in my book 🙂

Fred was really funny, i’d love to see him again.  The crowd was different, which was nice.  Older and very loyal fans.  Dan kept saying how awesome it was to go out and feel so young!


The night was finished off with a champagne toast and singing. IMG_0091

Rocking the glow-stick accessory over my wound bandage.IMG_0092

I drove us through the Whataburger drive-through and back to the hotel in the rain.  It was only my 2nd time driving the Jeep and i’m still getting used to driving a standard again.  We lived and I didn’t run into anyone or anything!

On another note, I CANNOT WAIT until Dan gets back from skiing in 2 weeks and that beard comes off!  I HATE THE SKI TRIP BEARD.

Christmas Recap

A little shopping.  Not really for gifts, just because I felt like it (weird, I am not really a shopper for no reason).  I went to Bass Pro AND Cabela’s (2x) in one week.  I did pick up some fun spice packets and a gun cleaning kit for dad.  One of these days I will actually look around the whole store at both places.  Christmas isn’t really the best time to leisurely explore a mega-store.   The decor alone is enough to take half a day to look at!IMG_0002

A little cooking.  Ok, a lot of cooking.  I love to cook for my parents.  Unfortunately, braising liquid from some ribs poured down my arm and gave me a really big and severe burn on Sunday afternoon. It’s really big and ugly 😦  I sent Dan and my BFF actual photos.  I will spare you that.  Neither of them were amused.

Like my Astros pjs? (I am blocking the star on accident)  Dan bought me those a long time ago in the Houston airport on a trip home to see me.  Back then the Astros weren’t near as bad.  Eh, I still love the pj’s and my baseball.IMG_0015

A little time in the country.  You know, looking for pregnant cows for 2 hours with your dad, hunting, and making sausage.  Simple country folk things.  My parents don’t even live in the country, but it’s pretty darn close to their house.

Tamales.  It’s whats for Christmas Eve dinner…always.  I used to think it was a south Texas thing, but my friend Alison pointed out it’s a Tex-Mex influence thing (she’s from El Paso and they do tamales and chalupas).  So it’s a regional thing I guess. Mom buys hers from Central Market, gluten and lard free.  I’m weird and this year I crumbled mine over blue corn chips and ate them like nachos with queso and guacamole.  Dang I wish I had a Central Market closer to me.IMG_0016

Gift pelicans.  Why?  Because my parents are trying to sell their house and I told my mom not to bother with a tree this year.  Instead I decided they needed to be around the pelican in their nautical themed living room.  Hence the gift pelican.IMG_0014

If you listen to Adam Corolla podcast, the pelican thing is even funnier.  Yes, a few months ago Dan got me hooked on his man-crush, Adam Corolla, and now I am addicted.  I LOVE him.  I hope he comes to Texas again soon, because I’d love to see him live.  I loved him on Loveline and the Man Show, but his podcast is awesome.  It’s definitely not for everyone, but most days I swear he takes thoughts straight from my head.

Santa brought my mom a Garmin 405.  She wasn’t all that excited because it’s complicated for her compared to her current 301.  I just about have her convinced to just get an iphone and use RunKeeper or something similar.  Now trying to get dad to shell out money for 2 smart phones and data plans, lol!  They are both anti-smart phones and texting.  I’m thinking I see a conversion in the spring 😉

Spent hours on Christmas day trying to teach my mom how to use an itouch.  If you’ve never met my mom, she has talons for fingernails.  This does not bode well for itouch.  This may be the deal breaker on an iphone for her.  No matter how she tried to tap the screen, she kept having issues.

Christmas night was spent curled up in my chair with Missy next to the Christmas tree, listening to the windstorm outside and watching crap tv.  Savoring the time off before having to go back to work 🙂

Change of pace

Sometimes you get something you need exactly when you need it.  For me, it was a change of pace.  A change of scenery.  A change in people.

Reasons to smile in the last week:

-Took my pregnant BFF to finish her Christmas shopping on Friday.  It made my week to see her.  Plus we completed her gift list and spent good quality time together.

-I got to feel baby Evan move 🙂  This auntie cannot wait for the little guy to get here.  I am hoping he comes for my birthday 🙂

-I had off on Friday.  I worked only about 30 minutes, and that’s because people wouldn’t quit texting me.  I didn’t use the work iphone but once to look at a few emails. Working 0 would have been ideal, but some of my coworkers apparently didn’t get the memo to not bother me.

-I went hunting with my dad on Saturday.  Afterwards got to hang out with some of his old fire department friends at the bunkhouse, which was nice.  Met a couple of new people too, younger guys from the department that hunt around there.

-Made sausage with mom, dad, and a family friend on Sunday morning.  Making sausage is something we’ve always done at least annually in our family since the beginning of time (hello, we are small town Texas!).  I haven’t participated since high school, because I’ve not been around.  This was my dad’s 2nd time this year and we had a great time.

-I went to church twice in 2 days.  Once on Sunday, once on Christmas eve.  Lots of time to think and things to think about.

-Dad and I went to feed our neighbor’s cows on Saturday and got to see a brand new baby calf.  We searched for another cow that was expecting for 2 hours and never found her that day.  Apparently she was having the baby somewhere, so there are 2 new baby cows!

-I ran Sunday-Tuesday at home.  Not terribly exciting but it was different.  Nice to run asphalt and not worry about traffic.  I just wish my muscles weren’t bothering me.

-I photographed some of my old family photos with my new phone.  Looking at the old stuff really made me smile.

-Good family time.  Wish my sister had been around, but she is off in NM with her BF.  It was nice to just enjoy each other’s company and the time off.

I’m back home now.  Perfect drive home, no traffic and no dumb drivers!  When I got out of the car, the temperature had dropped 30 degrees.  Finally got cold weather for Christmas, even if it did come at the end of the day!

Merry Christmas all!