Fun Facts Friday: Black Friday Edition

Feels like a Sunday to me.  I am SO glad it’s only Friday.  2 more days until Monday.  What WILL I do with myself?

Ok, I know what I would like to do, but unfortunately time, distance, and other barriers prohibit that from happening.

Black Friday Edition of Fun Facts Friday:

  • My mom, sister, and I always go shopping on Thanksgiving night.  Even in high school when Garden Ridge Pottery was the only thing open.
  • Last night my mom and I went to Kohl’s and I bought my godson and myself a few things.
  • I bought my godson’s birthday gift yesterday on Amazon.  I couldn’t wait to order it.  His birthday is the same week as mine.  My little groundhog 😉
  • I have not bought Evan a Christmas gift.  Backwards, I know.
  • I have a holiday job for the first time ever (well other than when I worked retail in college).  I did not have to work black Friday.
  • I did a turkey trot with mom and a bunch of my running buddies yesterday.  Apparently I stepped in dog poop before we started and had a huge pile of it on my shoe for all 4 miles.
  • I woke up by alarm today because I wanted to go to the gym early.  And I stayed up too late last night. Waking was not easy.
  • I had to cut my workout short for good reason.  I came in the gym and left the gym in 2 different workout outfits.  I took a shower between outfits.
  • I had breakfast out this morning.  With good company.  Great company.  The best company.
  • I did a little shopping today with my mom after I got done with breakfast.  I have no shame shopping in gym shorts.
  • I watched the first whole college football game this season.  LSU vs Arkansas.  I was not happy with the ending there.
  • Ever since I got home this afternoon i’ve done nothing but veg.  Read articles, watch football, lay around.  I forgot what that’s like.  It was kind of nice.  Of course, certain things would have improved the happiness factor.
  • I vocalized one of my blessings again this morning and I may have cried.  I only cried because it’s that important.

You can never be too skinny…

I don’t know whoever said that and I know it’s a popular sentiment.

I don’t agree with this and I never have.  When I got down to my goal in 2007 I was pretty happy (same size and weight I am now).  Then in 2010 I decided to lose a few more vanity pounds.  I didn’t want to be too skinny, I just wanted to get rid of a few trouble areas.

Summer of 2010 is when the health issues started to set in.


I think not.

This is a bad angle, because I am semi-sideways and look smaller than I am, but I am WAY too thin.  This is September 2010 in Florida.


I was flipping through photos after work meetings the other day and a coworker saw this one and lectured me.  I was really happy at that weight and at the time, I thought that was the ideal.  Shit, look at me.  I am smaller than Dan’s mother, who is TINY.

My body earlier this year, adjusted itself back to my original goal weight and not in the same distribution.  I was MAD.  But that’s where my body apparently is most happy.  My health has picked up in areas that weren’t working so well.  If I have to pack a few extra pounds to have normal bodily functions, then so be it.

Things I like Thursday: success

Monday marked the 6 year anniversary of when I joined Weight Watchers.lifetime Keys

My keychain with 5 lifetime keys, 25 lb disc, 5K charm, and goal star.  Not sure why I don’t have a 16 week award.  This isn’t my original 10% keychain, that one was destroyed YEARS ago.  Now this just sits on my spice rack.

The last year hasn’t been easy with my health issues, but i’m hoping for many more years to celebrate my success!

Feels so good

feeling good again!

I used to start every blog post out as a song title.  Not sure when I stopped doing that, but I’d likely run out of song ideas by now, although I still do it occasionally. (if you didn’t know, that’s a Robert Earl Keen song).

It’s been a week on the new dosage of meds and so far I feel great!  I am a little cautious/worried about heart rate but so far it’s been ok (they told me if they jumped me too much too fast on thyroid, I could have issues with that).

So far parts of me are working better.  Some of the parts still aren’t working at all.  It’s still early on this dose and combo of medications.  More bloodwork in 10 weeks.  Just hoping this progress isn’t covering up other issues.

Finally starting to feel more like my old self, 3 years later.

My balance at the gym is improving, as is my strength.  My speed running is getting back to what it used to be (at least on short distances).  My biggest issues are recovering from workouts, sleep, and the moodiness.  That and the fact that insurance isn’t covering any of my medications.

I haven’t been this happy or optimistic in a long time. I can finally see progress and it’s made a world of difference!

Looking back at Houston

I’ve been going non-stop still, even though i’ve been back since Sunday night. I can’t even remember half of the last week.

I do remember this, made me laugh.  Yes, the Crowne has a Cougar Room. Yes, I know U of H Cougars is likely the source of the name, but I still think it’s funny.

Friday:  Met up with my new staff in Houston in just enough time for them to head back to Austin.  The rest of the weekend I was flying solo, but i’m a pro at those things.  (there was a pirate of the carribean theme this year).  That’s Texas made out of zinnias.  Unfortunately I didn’t really have time to walk around and look at the other booths since I was solo.  Plus my booth was way off in the corner with the educational booths.

Saturday:  Paid my $5 and ran my long run with Kenyan Way.  Can’t beat that!  $5 for pace group, aide, and a map.  I was between pace groups, but it worked out great.  Got a solid 10.5 miles in, which is the most i’ve done in a while.  I was swimming in sweat when I was done.

Hit Whole Foods on the way back to the hotel.  Salad bar again, but this time I got a smaller container, lol.  I filled it with half post-workout breakfast (eggs, migas, sausage, fruit) and half for lunch (hb eggs, veggies, meat).  So good!

Saturday night I went to dinner with Nicole at Freebird’s and then went to my very first Roller Derby bout.  It was a lot of fun!  I have friends in Austin and DFW that do it too, but i’d never before seen it live.  I will definitely go again!  It was so good to see Miss Nicole, I don’t see her often enough.

Sunday:  Did runner’s yoga from YouTube (if you can’t find the one with the guy in the pink neon spandex, he’s actually pretty good, lol).   Headed to the convention center early for exibitor’s breakfast aka Gluten Fest 2012.  Chicken and waffles, pastries to the sky, and fruit.  Grabbed a plate of fruit and dug into my bag for some nuts.

Show was 10-3 on Sunday.  It was DEAD.  Pouring rain outside.  At noon I went to lunch with my cousin Kristen at Phoenicia, which is kind of like a greek version of Central Market or Whole Foods (another awesome salad bar).  So fun!  I hadn’t seen her since my grandmother’s funeral 3 years ago.  I loved seeing her, wish I would have made more room in my schedule earlier in the week, it really had been too long.  It’s a long story, but we’ve always been friends, even though our mothers (who are sisters) do not speak to each other since we were in elementary school.  I am civil to all of my relatives, despite what my parents feel about anyone.  I need to see her and her siblings more often for sure.

At 3 pm I packed the heck up and got on the road to the office.  Dan picked me up at the office, then we had to head to his office so he could download files he needed for his trip to Brazil on Monday (he’s gone until Saturday afternoon).  I grabbed dinner, met him back at his office and we ate and caught up.  Sounds lame, but it was nice to finally see him and talk to him.  By time we got home, it was time for bed!

Monday:  The heck day.  At least though, Dan’s flight was early, so I got to say goodbye.  The whole day was a bust after that.

Tuesday:  Day was much better. I finally got back into the gym (neither hotel I stayed at had weights, nor did the cities have Gold’s).   I loved seeing my regular gals at the LUNA run after work.  It was overcast and rained a little, which probably scared some away, but my regulars were there and smiling and really enjoying the 85 degrees!

Wednesday:  Long day of training new staff, going away party at Chuy’s for our interns.  Green Chile Fest is going on!  I had the green chile shrimp salad, which was awesome.  I wound up eating dinner and running afterwards, which is backwards to me.  I was in a funk and didn’t want to run at the park.  Tried Glutino English Muffins for pizzas.  I pan fried them in EVOO before making the pizzas.  They were ok, not sure i’ll buy them again (they are nothing like an english muffin in texture or taste).

Thursday:  Been training new staff all day long.  I’m off tomorrow, since I haven’t had a break from work since the 10th.  Not sure what my plans are, other than putting together some goodie bags for LUNA and hopefully sitting by the pool and finishing my book.  Dan’s not back until Saturday afternoon 😦

Mapping the route

I feel like I need a map to see where I have been in the last week and where i’m going in the next few weeks.

Since last Thursday I have:  made a run up to Belton with Dan for a date night for an awesome concert and BBQ.  We’d never gone to Belton before to Schopef’s for their concerts.  Funny thing was, it ended up being faster than going to downtown Austin for us.  I met Dan near his office and going North on 35 was a breeze!  We were actually early, and got to kill time at an awesome truckstop (yes, there is such a thing).  We got locally made food goodies like pickles and jams and some fabulous silly salt and pepper shakers for my office at work.

For some reason Thursday evening I got to a point where I couldn’t stand any more 😦  Woke up Friday morning with a tinge of pain in my right leg below my leg, which i’d never experienced before.  DOR to be safe.  I had run out of glutamine the week before, started it back up on Friday, maybe a small part of my leg issues.

Saturday morning the tinge was still there.  I was supposed to tackle a challenging 1 way route with AK for part of her marathon training (I was not doing all 18 miles with her).  Instead I hit the gym and did my usual Sunday workout on Saturday.  Not a fan of the Saturday morning crowd, but I had a great workout.

Sunday I decided to try to run.  Ran long with Hill Country Running and a group of fabulous people.  My distance was another route took me away from them and I was solo most of the run, but it was nice.  My leg felt fine and I clocked 8 miles.  I’d set out for 7, but then a cyclist on Parmer shouted “good morning jogger!” as an attempt to be friendly as I was tackling the last portion and the long hill.  Nothing pisses me off more than being called a jogger, so I ran an extra mile.  HUMPF!  So there 😉

Then groceries, made Dan a ton of waffles for his breakfasts, watched Olympics, did weekday prep, wrote my LUNA report, and did some LUNA run planning and other stuff.  Mid-day Dan took me to the gun range where I proved that:  my hands sweat too much, I am getting better, and that I am never wearing a tank top out there again (I didn’t want a farmer’s tan).  I have a nice 9mm shell burn on my right collarbone.  That’s going to look really nice at Saturday’s wedding we are attending.

Later that evening I went back to Hill Country Running to watch the Olympics at their watch party.  It was a small turnout, but nice to hang out with others to watch.  Dan tagged along, which surprised me, but I think he hated it.  They had wings and beer, so we had to go next door to grab something for me to eat.

Things I’ve learned from the Olympics:

  1. If you are awesome, people immediately assume you had help from drugs, even if it’s not true.
  2. I miss volleyball.  Badly.  I haven’t played since a work league about 5 years ago and I am scared to see how bad I probably suck now.
  3. I still want to learn how to swim.  I can stay afloat, but I do not really swim properly or in a organized manner.
  4. I finally did track workout last night with No Excuses group.  I loved it.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching track for a week.  I thought I’d hate it and want to die, I was presently surprised, although, I think I could have tried harder.  Didn’t want to overdo it in the heat on my first time out.  My times were better than I expected, so I am pleased.
  5. I am going to miss the Olympics when they are over, even though I haven’t watched near as much as I’d like.

Hope to catch more Olympics this week, but it’s a hectic one.  LUNA tonight, a handful of things after work every night this week, volunteering at a SPA day at local hospital for LUNA, wedding out of town that evening.  Then Sunday an olympic watch party in downtown Austin at 8 pm.  Then out of town for a whole week for work until 11 pm the following Sunday.  WHEW!

Note to self

When sister and I were in college down in Corpus, we always joked that we were going to write a book called “Note to Self”. For a short time, we even had a notebook with our random observations and comments.

We still joke time to time when we see something odd, stupid, or just nuts.

I think I am going to have to start blogging my notes to self, to chronicle the things that baffle me!  Most of them will probably come from the office, because I know I could write a book on the people who work in my building for sure.

Lets start today.  Note to self”  Work Gym

  1. I am guessing common sense and courtesy is a bit harder to find at the work gym as opposed to one that has a membership fee.    I see things at Gold’s too, but not of this nature!
  2. The weight bench is what it implies.  It’s not your own personal locker room for your lunchbox, newspaper, backpack, and coffee.
  3. The treadmill doesn’t need to be “warmed up” nor do you need to leave it running while you do the bike or elliptical.
  4. That jack on the top of your ipod is for headphones.   I have some free ones I got off of my last plane trip if you need them.
  5. Working out in your business clothes is gross.  And the treadmill doesn’t like your old man dress shoes on it.  Not good for the belt on the treadmill or your shoes.  I don’t use the treadmill, but I still think you should take care of it.
  6. Re-rack your weights.  I think this is a global issue, but more so at the work gym.  The good thing is, unlike Gold’s, the weights left laying around are something I can actually pick up.  However, I refuse to pick up your mess.
  7. The bathroom stall in the locker room is not a poop stall.  If you don’t use the gym, please don’t come into the locker room just to blow it up.  Take your poop cloud elsewhere.
  8. You don’t get to claim a shower before your workout.  You get to choose shower when you are DONE working out!
  9. Don’t leave all of your shower stuff in the shower every day.  There is no place for others to put their items.  Plus I am pretty sure people are going to start using up your toiletries.
  10. Leaving your stuff in lockers every day to marinate is gross.  Take your stuff home and wash it.  The policy is, take it home every day.  It’s for a reason.

#1 note to self on the work gym…Don’t use the work gym.

Sunday Funday

Sunday was just awesome, all of the way around.  I felt fabulous mentally and physically!

Hit the gym and probably had the best workout there in a really long time.  I was able to do things I hadn’t done in forever 🙂  It felt so good to be able to knock out a challenging workout and not being completely dead afterwards.

Hit the shower and then off to the Domain for free yoga at Lululemon.  Yes, I showered before yoga, I didn’t want to stink.   No one likes a stinker.  LUNA sponsors the first one every month.  Grabbed some Starbucks and did some people watching while I was waiting for the store to open for Yoga.  Mostly people at some private event at Tiffany’s and others going to get brunch.  The Domain is a large open air upscale shopping area.  Good food, good shopping, and great people watching! I used to live very close when it first opened and would go almost every weekend.

There is all kinds of cool local art throughout too.  This is the children’s area by Starbucks.

Yoga was great, a new place is hosting for July called Wanderlust.  Music + Yoga.  I’m sad I don’t have any more free Sunday mornings to enjoy it.  In fact, I don’t have any more free weekends until like November!  OMG!

After yoga, Dan met me at Zoe’s and we had lunch.  Their salmon kabobs are terrific!  It’s the only one in Austin, I wish they’d build another.  I love their food.  I’ve only had 1 bad experience, which wasn’t enough to stop me from going there.  It’s just not close to work or home at all.

Then off to the movies.  We FINALLY saw Bernie.  We’ve been trying to see it since the day it came out.  For the first 2 months, it was only showing at 1 theater and it was always sold out (drove way down there twice).  It’s currently showing at a few more places.  LOVED IT.  Based on a true story.  Jack Black, Shirley McClaine, and Matthew McConaughey were wonderful.

We never go to the movies, mostly because I am cheap and I think they are expensive.  The tickets are bad enough, but then they rip you off on food too (I don’t eat anything they serve there, but Dan does).  Since we just ate lunch, I figured no additional money would be spent…wrong. I hate spending money on what I consider stupid stuff.  Dan got candy and a giant soda.  *sigh* The same candy is less than a dollar in the same size box at the grocery store!

Then errands and home for chores and PIZZA NIGHT!

Had some fresh mozzarella that needed to be used, so Dan had it on his pizza and he made some caprese skewers.  I hope my basil plant makes it through the summer, we both love basil!  HEB chicken meatballs, all flavors, are awesome.  I love my meat market manager and the fact he always puts them on special sale!

My pizza was on a different crust than Dan’s (his was the pre-made individual crusts).  I used this recipe from Plain Chicken.  I bake it longer and add flax meal to it.  It’s good, not my favorite crust, but it’s gluten-free and I try to avoid pre-packaged gluten-free subs when I can.  Pizza and salad, delish!

Penzey’s salsa salad sprinkles are the bomb.  EVOO plus sprinkles=divine!  I had pepperoni pizza, with lots of veggies.  Forgot mushrooms at the store, which made me super sad.

Before I knew it, it was time for bed!  Good days always seem to fly right by!

Things I like Thursday: Feeling good

I stopped the estrogen on Saturday.

Started feeling better on Tuesday.

Doesn’t really solve the low estrogen issue, but it did solve some other things.

I don’t feel 100%, but at least I am not going to sleep at 7:30 pm and I was able to get back to a regular workout and extra-curricular routine!    Sleep and waking my whole body up is still a huge issue, like it has been, but i’m improving in other areas.

I go back to the Endocrinologist in July (soonest I could get) to review labs i’ll do in a few weeks, plus another round of ultrasounds.  This time maybe they’ll look more at the Hashimoto’s, since we aren’t looking at any tests for the adenoma.

On to other things….Gearing up for the weekend.  Dan’s parents arrive Friday night and stay until Thursday morning.  I really like them, although I am still nervous to be around them.  I still get the impression every time I see Dan’s mom that she’s disappointed I didn’t make her son healthy.  He is the only person who can do that.  I learned a long time ago, that I can’t force anything on anyone and while he may eat what I eat at home, he eats 1-2 meals a day out and I do not influence his decisions.

I am hoping for a fun weekend away from work and life’s stresses!  I am sure we will have a great time catching up and taking them sight-seeing on Sunday.

Things I like Thursday: My mom is awesome

Congrats to my mom who is 1 year back at goal.  She didn’t keep the weight off the first time on WW, sidetracked due to the death of her mother.  She got back on and made goal Jan 24, 2011, which ironically was my grandmothers birthday.  The 2nd time, which stuck, was done in meetings.  Her total loss between 2006 and now is over 50 lbs.  (mine is around 40 lbs)

Her initial loss with Weight Watchers was on the old program, she lost by counting points and walking.  Her 2nd and final loss was right when Points Plus came out in fall 2010.  She lost by doing Points Plus, run-walking, strength training, and some cross training.  She still does everything she did to lose, just eating more P+ values.

She still tracks, works out, and attends meetings weekly, which I believe is key to her success.  She’s seen what works for me, is really the structure she needs in her own life.  Accountability is key.

Her first before and after is here. The before is December 2006, the first after is December 2007.

Here is a photo of us December 2011.

She’ll run her 3rd half marathon this weekend, which is also her 3rd in a year.  That’s pretty awesome.