Fun Facts Friday: Black Friday Edition

Feels like a Sunday to me.  I am SO glad it’s only Friday.  2 more days until Monday.  What WILL I do with myself?

Ok, I know what I would like to do, but unfortunately time, distance, and other barriers prohibit that from happening.

Black Friday Edition of Fun Facts Friday:

  • My mom, sister, and I always go shopping on Thanksgiving night.  Even in high school when Garden Ridge Pottery was the only thing open.
  • Last night my mom and I went to Kohl’s and I bought my godson and myself a few things.
  • I bought my godson’s birthday gift yesterday on Amazon.  I couldn’t wait to order it.  His birthday is the same week as mine.  My little groundhog 😉
  • I have not bought Evan a Christmas gift.  Backwards, I know.
  • I have a holiday job for the first time ever (well other than when I worked retail in college).  I did not have to work black Friday.
  • I did a turkey trot with mom and a bunch of my running buddies yesterday.  Apparently I stepped in dog poop before we started and had a huge pile of it on my shoe for all 4 miles.
  • I woke up by alarm today because I wanted to go to the gym early.  And I stayed up too late last night. Waking was not easy.
  • I had to cut my workout short for good reason.  I came in the gym and left the gym in 2 different workout outfits.  I took a shower between outfits.
  • I had breakfast out this morning.  With good company.  Great company.  The best company.
  • I did a little shopping today with my mom after I got done with breakfast.  I have no shame shopping in gym shorts.
  • I watched the first whole college football game this season.  LSU vs Arkansas.  I was not happy with the ending there.
  • Ever since I got home this afternoon i’ve done nothing but veg.  Read articles, watch football, lay around.  I forgot what that’s like.  It was kind of nice.  Of course, certain things would have improved the happiness factor.
  • I vocalized one of my blessings again this morning and I may have cried.  I only cried because it’s that important.

Things I like Thursday: Thankful thoughts

Sometimes you have to go a little out of your way to say you are thankful for something.  And if you are truly thankful, the time, distance, and pretty much everything else don’t matter.

I spent majority of my day yesterday saying I was thankful for one blessing in particular.  I am still smiling.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Shiner aftermath

Not everyone came out in 1 piece apparently after our race 😦

One of the girls DNF and turns out it was a stress fracture.  Her second in the last year.  After we chatted for a while, she said her Dr. did only scans, no bloodwork.  Several different hormone imbalances and auto-immune conditions can make stress fractures more likely (I’ve read way too much to educate myself on that).  Hopefully her Dr. can look into why her leg is a persistent issue.

My knees are feeling better.  Not usually an issue, but I was limping on Saturday after the race.  Walked on the treadmill yesterday at the gym to loosen it up.  DOR today but stood at my desk and I was fine.  May try back to the gym again tomorrow to ease back in.

Sending healing vibes to everyone!  I want my gals all in 1 piece!

Race Review: Shiner Half Marathon

Last year’s recap

Expo/Packet Pickup:  Good thing mom lives near San Antonio.  All of the pickups, other than until 5 pm on Friday and race day were in San Antonio.  Luckily mom picked up for herself, sister, and myself.

The shirt is cute.  Brooks tech tee in neon yellow with the Shiner Beer ram on it.

Beneficiary for the race is the Boot Campaign, which is a Texas based charity.  Check it out here!

Pre-race:  Seemed well organized.  Plenty of porta-potties.  The start is kind of narrow though.  Wish they would start the 5K before or after the start of the half and not at the same time.

Shot of MOST of our LUNA group.  I didn’t get the big group shot with the guys on my phone.  In fact, I am not sure who did!


Course:  Still not my favorite course just because it’s not scenic at all.  Doesn’t help that now Eagle Ford shale drilling is everywhere there, providing for less nice scenery.  The spirit of the community and the participants is my favorite part of this race.  All of the race volunteers are locals.   Small town, simple, community loving locals.  The kind of thing that makes your heart smile.

Refreshment:  Water, Gatorade, and gels on the course.

After the race they had probably 5 different kinds of Shiner beer and some great looking German food (brats, kraut, potato salad), plus bananas and water.  I stuck to bananas and water.  Sister had sauerkraut for the first time ever and she loved it.  Still laughing at the fact that she didn’t know what it actually was.   Mom and sister said the food was really good.

Post Race:  The live band was really good, or at least I thought they were.  Awards were beer steins again.  My friend Megan won her age group, YAY!

Here is a shot of the medal.  It’s very unique.  Plus the back is a beer bottle opener!IMG_2755[1]

This year I actually got to buy stuff at the brewery gift shop after the race, before the masses hit it up.  Someone is going to be spoiled with the goodies I found!

Overall it was another good race.  The issues I  had this year were ALL me (minus the weather).  This year was SO cold and windy.  Luckily not wet.  I started in capris (which I never wear), a tank, arm warmers, and a throwaway shirt with gloves.  I tossed the gloves at mile 2, the shirt I tied around my waist just in case I needed it later.  Arm warmers came off at mile 3, back on at 6 for maybe 5 minutes.  I had my temperature perfectly mile 7.  Tank top and capris only.  Someone told me the windchill was in the high 20’s.  I felt fine while I was moving in what I had left on.

I struggled the whole time mentally and physically.  At one point I wanted to DNF which i’ve never done.  I kept having my eyes lose focus which freaked me out (think it was severe allergies) and I had to walk at least 4 times.  Then my stomach bothered me.  Seriously?  I’ve never had issues with either during a race.

There wasn’t as much fun and socializing this year as last, because of the weather.  It was still cold and blustery.  My mom finished about 1.5 hours after I did, which meant I was standing still in the cold for a good while.  Between the three of us girls, none of us were happy with our actual times, but it wasn’t a worst either.

It was a hard pill for me to swallow.  I ran a 1:47 last year with ease, pretty much untrained in very humid and warm weather.  This year I was 10 minutes slower.  I am also 15 lbs heaver and not myself.  I love racing but I haven’t loved myself in the last 2 races.  Probably a sign I need to back off and take a break.


Things I like Thursday: Being Thankful

It was a rough day today.  Started off fine, then went a little off track, but ended well.  Dealing with a lot of of things I would rather not.  Dr. appointment was disappointing, a few tears,  unwanted attention,  too tight clothes, conflict at work, etc.

Despite having a few bumps today, I have quite a bit to be thankful for.  Things I like Thursday, is a good opportunity to give thanks for just some of my blessings….

  • My family
  • My BFF
  • Evan, he’s growing way too fast!
  • My friends
  • My work family.  Our big boss always says we are all family.  I do have some great people I work with, especially in other offices and parts of the state.  I am reminded of this every day, they are the reason I like my job
  • I got to meet my friend’s new baby today.  He’s adorable and I missed my friend.  I’m so happy for them
  • I am loved unconditionally, even when I am pretty unlovable
  • I have my health.  I know my issues while a big deal to me, are minor when compared to what others face
  • My ODB.  Yes it’s an acronym, and no, you cannot know what it means

Even when life seems to be a little scattered, I still have a pretty darn awesome life and am blessed.

10 random facts

This has been floating around Facebook.  Figured I would play along on the blog instead…

My turn, 10 things y’all may not know about me –

1. I used to read all of the time.  Now I can’t seem to find the time.  I’ve been reading the same book since September.  And it’s a good book.  I really need to finish it!
2. I was Student Council President in High School.
3.  I was sorority President in college.
4.  I’ve always been drawn to leadership positions, however, that’s not been the case in my job.  Don’t ask me why.   I would probably be a good boss.  Some reason it scares me.
5.  I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  It’s a pain in the ass.
6.  I hate taking pills.  I almost never take I don’t absolutely have to.  That includes Tylenol, Advil, etc.  I have 4 perscriptions now and I hate it.
7.  I have a scar on my forearm from burning the crap out of it cooking last Christmas.
8. I’m a tomboy.  I like to hunt and fish, although I don’t get the opportunity much.
9.  Nolan Ryan was my childhood hero.  I love baseball.
10.  I am a sucker for greeting cards, notes, and little things.  I love sweet surprises.

Catching up

I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging, but I rarely take my personal laptop with me when I travel.  And I have been gone.  A lot.  I did this week, but it just stayed in the trunk of my car.  Eventually I will get back to my regular schedule (well the parts I want back!)

Halloween was pretty uneventful.  We had a happy hour and dinner with costumes the Monday before the holiday.  I didn’t dress up for work, I had planned on it, but had an unexpected meeting.


New toys.  My headphones broke Sunday at the gym, so I went and got some inexpensive new ones to tide me over until I figure out what I want.

IMG_2488[1]I am seeing what the Withings Pulse is like.  I am a dork when it comes to science and data.  I remember when I got my first Garmin Forerunner, I was hooked.  Then when I got a fancier Garmin, forget it!  I would analyze everything that came off that thing.  Nicole told me Stacy from PaleoMom loves hers, so I decided to go that way instead of another brand or model.

Got to see this guy on Sunday afternoon.  LOVE!  He’s walking a little bit and getting so big.  Miss his face!


I spent the whole week in San Antonio for work.  Long days, but it went well and I had fun.

I gave up my room at our host hotel, because one of my coworkers needed the room more than I did.  But the last night, I got this:

IMG_2541[1]The suite was awesome.  It was like a badass apartment.  Top of the hotel with the best views.


I wish  I had been there the whole time!  The room I had  given up was an upgrade, but not top of the line suite nice 🙂  My boss left early, so I got to enjoy the suite.  Boy did I sleep well.

Got off early today because I had worked too much for the week.  Good stuff 🙂  Zoe’s for lunch, Orange is the New Black on Netflix, and yoga pants.