Fudged Friday

I can’t catch a break with shipping companies!  UPS lost the tent I needed for Zilker Relays tonight.  I wanted my girls to have shade in the 102 heat before and after the run!

The Dr’s office gave FedEx my address instead of Dan’s work address.  So my medicine had to be returned to the pharmacy in Utah.  Having to have it resent to the Dr’s office and I will pick it up 9/11.  Good thing I have still have some to last me until then.  I was trying to have them hold it at the warehouse and have Dan pick it up there, but it wouldn’t be protected from the heat 😦

I was supposed to be off today.  Not the case.  Had to come in after my pedicure.  This was after I got 5 texts from 1 person asking me questions that someone else in the office could have easily answered.  It was 1:30 before I could even think about the project I needed to work on, even though I was supposed to be on “do-not disturb.”

I am rolling almost a whole week of vacation time to sick leave tomorrow.  This makes me sad 😦  I should have started using my random days sooner! (there is a limit on how much you can bank based on how many years you have).  And you can’t use vacation time if you have holiday or comp time (which I have).  I couldn’t really take my long vacation before now, so I should have used it day by day much sooner.

Tomorrow is a new fiscal year at work.  I am so glad I am gone for the first week of it.

Tonight is Zilker Relays.  I am so nervous I could barf.  It’s short.  It’s REALLY hot.  Supposed to be 102.  I am pushing to run first so I can be done first!  I haven’t raced since like March, so I think that’s part of my nervousness.  It’s way too hot to be fast, but I don’t want to be a snail!  Will try to find a happy and safe medium.

After the race it’s off to San Antonio, then Mobile tomorrow, then Destin on Sunday.

Let the fun begin.  Hope all of the rain will be gone from Issac, because I NEED A BREAK!


Things I like Thursday: Simple Eats

Life has been really busy lately.  Thank goodness for simple eats!

Here are some i’ve been enjoying lately in my hectic schedule:

Steak salad.  Spinach, veggie mix, homemade pickled okra, grilled mini peppers, and thin grilled sirloin beef (with Penzey’s Mural of flavor spice rubbed on meat).  Gluten Free Ranch Dressing (I rarely eat dressing, nice change)

Turkey salad.  Spinach, strawberries, roasted sweet potatoes, EVOO to dress.

Egg stacks.  Brown rice cakes, guacamole, egg white souffles.  Penzey’s chili powder to top.  GREAT breakfast!

BBQ chicken pizza.  Glutino’s GF English muffins (pan fried/browned in EVOO first), Stubb’s BBQ sauce, leftover BBQ chicken thighs, pinch of cheese, jalapenos.  Side of broccoli (and another BBQ’d chicken thigh)

Quinoa Italiano.  Quinoa, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, chicken sausage, all sauteed in EVOO and tossed with pasta sauce.  

Quinoa toss.  Normandy veggies, zucchini, quinoa and chicken sausage all sauteed in EVOO.

Can’t beat the easy and fast!  I had cooked quinoa frozen in serving size containers at the time, so it was really fast and easy to throw together.

Verdict is still out on the Glutino English Muffins, they aren’t really anything like one, but rather cornbreadish instead.  Not bad and not something i’d buy or eat regularly, but good enough to make into part of a meal like a pizza, garlic bread, etc.

The medical update

Had another follow-up Tuesday with the Dr. about the medications i’ve been on, my labs I had done 2 weeks ago, and progress made.

I’ve been feeling better for the most part, some areas better than others.  Some areas just haven’t changed at all.

Test results show progress, but not enough, I am still far from where I need to be.  So all medications are being increased in strength.  The thyroid though, they said they can’t increase too fast, because there is a chance of heart palpitations and other issues I don’t want to experience.  So we are moving that up, with the long term goal of making it to at least double of what I am on now (right now half a grain, moving up to 3/4 grain this time around).

The nurse thinks that after this next round of trying on the increased dosage, that I should be much closer to being optimal on everything but maybe thyroid, that may take more tinkering.  More labs in 10 weeks, another appointment in November.  Hopefully with everything else being more optimal, my cholesterol will come down (it’s even higher now!)

I still owe another Dr. an annual thyroid ultrasound which I have rescheduled twice already.  Maybe i’ll get that taken care of in the next few weeks.

So slowly but surely, at least some areas are getting better.  I’m hopeful that we’ll just keep moving down this path and see where it takes us!

SEC Picnic 2012

My only experience “tailgaiting” in the SEC has been through Austin’s Annual SEC picnic.  That may change later this year, when we’ll hopefully see a game at Texas A&M.  SEC games and pre-game are NOTHING like the rest of the world.  Don’t believe me, read Gridiron Belles.  Not the food, the dress, the attitude, NOTHING!

Even though Dan was still on his way back to the US, I had to go show my Auburn pride!  WAR EAGLE!  

They had Rudy’s cater half the food, the other half was brought in by members.  Since there are burn bans in the area, no grilling allowed.  This was SO much easier, still SO good (sort of semi-homemade).  And I LOVE Rudy’s anyhow.  Turkey, brisket, sausage, pulled pork, tons of sides, and desserts.  I was kind of bummed at first, because I really wanted to bring something, but since i’d been downtown since 6 am, that probably wouldn’t have really worked out (I showered after running and read my book until the picnic started).  My stomach was certainly not objecting!

Big thanks to whoever brought the lovely fruit!  There was like 8 different kinds of dessert and the fruit was the only thing that was gluten free.  It was so bright and colorful, it would have been on my plate regardless!

Happy we were next to the Aggies!  I invited my co-worker and her new husband to come out 🙂

Good times!  Although we need more tents for next year!  We had three tents and about 75 people toward the end, and no trees, so I got a little too much sun.  It was a new location this year, so we weren’t exactly sure what to expect on set-up.  Bigger and better for next year!

Football season starts next week, I can’t believe it!  It’ll be a light season on game watching for Dan and I  together with our opposite schedules.  For games 1-4 I think we are on opposite ends of the country and two games he’s not even in the United States!

I am looking forward to stocking up on Auburn stuff next weekend 🙂


For the 2nd time in a week, I very narrowly escaped an accident.  I must have an angel.

First one was someone almost t-boning me in Dan’s truck on Monday.  I am not sure why they proceeded through the intersection, or how they stopped.  I am glad they did.  I actually closed my eyes and waited for the impact, that luckily never happened.

Second one was today.  With a city bus.  I am not sure how I escaped this one.  I was inches away from the driver’s side of the bus mowing me over.  I hadn’t even run 1/10th of a mile when it happened.  It was dark, but I was wearing neon (not like that matters).  I approached the intersection (one way street), I looked and the bus was stopped at the bus stop.  (I always look both ways even if it’s one way and even if I have walk sign).    I paused and went on, then when I was more than halfway to the other side when the bus flew around the corner and almost hit me.  No brakes, no nothing.

I can’t get the vision of the bus almost hitting me out of my head.  Closest call i’ve ever had.

Looking back at Houston

I’ve been going non-stop still, even though i’ve been back since Sunday night. I can’t even remember half of the last week.

I do remember this, made me laugh.  Yes, the Crowne has a Cougar Room. Yes, I know U of H Cougars is likely the source of the name, but I still think it’s funny.

Friday:  Met up with my new staff in Houston in just enough time for them to head back to Austin.  The rest of the weekend I was flying solo, but i’m a pro at those things.  (there was a pirate of the carribean theme this year).  That’s Texas made out of zinnias.  Unfortunately I didn’t really have time to walk around and look at the other booths since I was solo.  Plus my booth was way off in the corner with the educational booths.

Saturday:  Paid my $5 and ran my long run with Kenyan Way.  Can’t beat that!  $5 for pace group, aide, and a map.  I was between pace groups, but it worked out great.  Got a solid 10.5 miles in, which is the most i’ve done in a while.  I was swimming in sweat when I was done.

Hit Whole Foods on the way back to the hotel.  Salad bar again, but this time I got a smaller container, lol.  I filled it with half post-workout breakfast (eggs, migas, sausage, fruit) and half for lunch (hb eggs, veggies, meat).  So good!

Saturday night I went to dinner with Nicole at Freebird’s and then went to my very first Roller Derby bout.  It was a lot of fun!  I have friends in Austin and DFW that do it too, but i’d never before seen it live.  I will definitely go again!  It was so good to see Miss Nicole, I don’t see her often enough.

Sunday:  Did runner’s yoga from YouTube (if you can’t find the one with the guy in the pink neon spandex, he’s actually pretty good, lol).   Headed to the convention center early for exibitor’s breakfast aka Gluten Fest 2012.  Chicken and waffles, pastries to the sky, and fruit.  Grabbed a plate of fruit and dug into my bag for some nuts.

Show was 10-3 on Sunday.  It was DEAD.  Pouring rain outside.  At noon I went to lunch with my cousin Kristen at Phoenicia, which is kind of like a greek version of Central Market or Whole Foods (another awesome salad bar).  So fun!  I hadn’t seen her since my grandmother’s funeral 3 years ago.  I loved seeing her, wish I would have made more room in my schedule earlier in the week, it really had been too long.  It’s a long story, but we’ve always been friends, even though our mothers (who are sisters) do not speak to each other since we were in elementary school.  I am civil to all of my relatives, despite what my parents feel about anyone.  I need to see her and her siblings more often for sure.

At 3 pm I packed the heck up and got on the road to the office.  Dan picked me up at the office, then we had to head to his office so he could download files he needed for his trip to Brazil on Monday (he’s gone until Saturday afternoon).  I grabbed dinner, met him back at his office and we ate and caught up.  Sounds lame, but it was nice to finally see him and talk to him.  By time we got home, it was time for bed!

Monday:  The heck day.  At least though, Dan’s flight was early, so I got to say goodbye.  The whole day was a bust after that.

Tuesday:  Day was much better. I finally got back into the gym (neither hotel I stayed at had weights, nor did the cities have Gold’s).   I loved seeing my regular gals at the LUNA run after work.  It was overcast and rained a little, which probably scared some away, but my regulars were there and smiling and really enjoying the 85 degrees!

Wednesday:  Long day of training new staff, going away party at Chuy’s for our interns.  Green Chile Fest is going on!  I had the green chile shrimp salad, which was awesome.  I wound up eating dinner and running afterwards, which is backwards to me.  I was in a funk and didn’t want to run at the park.  Tried Glutino English Muffins for pizzas.  I pan fried them in EVOO before making the pizzas.  They were ok, not sure i’ll buy them again (they are nothing like an english muffin in texture or taste).

Thursday:  Been training new staff all day long.  I’m off tomorrow, since I haven’t had a break from work since the 10th.  Not sure what my plans are, other than putting together some goodie bags for LUNA and hopefully sitting by the pool and finishing my book.  Dan’s not back until Saturday afternoon 😦

Things I like Thursday: Peapod

I am going to be an aunt!  It’s been announced, so now I can share my excitement with the world 🙂   My best friend is having her first baby!!!

I was expecting the news eventually this summer, but I was still surprised at how quick it came!  I can’t even express in words how happy I am.

I got the baby got Texas Rangers pacifiers and San Antonio Spurs jersey right away (mom and dad are both big sports fans).  If it’s a girl, i’ll just buy coordinating bows 😉   Find out in a month if it’s a boy or girl.  Boys run in daddy’s family, but I have a feeling it’s a girl.  We’ll see.  For now i’ve decided i’m calling the baby peapod.

Baby M is due in February.  I am hoping for a niece or nephew to come the week of my birthday!