Have your cake


Sometimes you just need a change of pace. To have dinner with old girlfriends you don’t see enough. To order dessert (there were actually options at Chee Zee for sweets for me).

The four of us each took a bite and then I took it home to eat Saturday. That never happened ūüôā

Things I’ve enjoyed this weekend

No alarm wake ups
Birds at my feeder
Super high productivity in yard and house
First time at Tarka Indian for a sister date
Funny squirrel gymnastics in my yard
Super cute new welcome mat
Seeing my ODB on Friday
Great deals on meat at the store
Back to workouts after a week off post race

The downfall

I don’t like airing dirty laundry online. ¬†But I read an article with the 5 fastest way to destroy a relationship. ¬†This hit very close to home. ¬†It’s also a good reminder not to let the past repeat itself.

5 fast ways to destroy your relationship:

Don’t give your SO gifts. Give money instead
Don’t celebrate your SO as an important individual in your life
Sleep Alone
Get yourself a smartphone
Quit Showing Appreciation

The phone was and is still a huge pain in the ass to me. ¬†I am getting better about it on my end. ¬†But honestly when I’m with someone, I really don’t need my phone. ¬†I won’t go into details on the rest, but I have unfortunately seen those in my life as well.

No connection

I didn’t get internet at the new house yet. ¬†I was trying to hold off on things I don’t need like cable and internet. ¬†Honestly, I haven’t missed it except for wanting to blog. ¬† I had to email some pictures to my BFF, so that required a trip to Starbucks with the laptop.

Sheesh, where have I been?

  • Got completely moved into the new house minus my dishes, I need to go grab those Thursday.
  • My kitties LOVE the new house.
  • I have a kick ass backyard and I am dying to make it my own. ¬†I need a grill, and a chair, and a chiminea, and a bird bath, and some new flowers. ¬†Yeah, I foresee a lot of time and money spent on the yard.
  • I already tried to lure birds to my feeder. ¬†They haven’t really come yet. ¬†I love watching birds. ¬†Almost as much as Missy and Chanel do.
  • I volunteered at Austin marathon expo again. ¬† It was good but exhausting. ¬†And I got sick ūüė¶
  • Helped a couple from Mexico get engaged at the Marathon Expo on Friday night. ¬†It was so cute!
  • I ran the Austin half for the first time. ¬†It was a last minute decision. ¬†I did ok considering I had very tired feet and legs and it was HOT. ¬†Plus I haven’t been running a lot. ¬†It’s one of my slower races, but it was faster than 2 hours. ¬†Probably the 2nd hardest course I’ve ever run. ¬†I felt great though. ¬†I don’t even feel like I ran.
  • I’ve not really cooked in my new kitchen yet, I haven’t really been there much. ¬†And I need to buy a microwave! And groceries.
  • I am on a break from work. ¬†Ok, I worked half a day today remotely. ¬†I spent majority of the day on the couch. Tomorrow I am doing NOTHING except making myself incredibly happy.
  • I have taken more leave this work year than I have in years added together. ¬†I am finally learning how to relax.
  • I am loved. ¬†It’s a great feeling. ¬†I am not sure someone has ever loved and appreciated me so much. ¬†It brings a tear to my eye to write that. ¬†I can’t get enough. ¬†I want more than I can have.

It’s a big couple of months. ¬†I want to run one more half marathon this season. ¬†I have travel coming up for work and a busy schedule. ¬†LUNA season is starting in April, trip to SF to start that off. ¬†And hopefully spending time on getting my house and yard in order. ¬†And my personal life, yeah, hopefully working on aspects of that too.

Things I like Thursday: New Beginning

  • My birthday was Wednesday. ¬†It’s going to be a good year
  • The best gift I received was love. ¬†Unconditional love. ¬†From family, friends, and my ODB
  • I closed on my first home by myself. ¬†Exciting
  • I bought a brand new bed and I am super happy about it. ¬†I’ve never had a bed bigger than a full size
  • I have a yard, with trees. ¬†And a patio. ¬†And I can do whatever I want to it
  • I can’t wait to grill. ¬†And watch birds. ¬†And work in my garden. ¬†I ¬†just need a grill, to attract birds, and to make a garden
  • It’s going to be weird living on my own again. ¬†I’ve only lived alone a few years of my life
  • I ended up taking 3 days off of work this week. ¬†That gives me some anxiety. ¬†I never take that much time off. ¬†Originally I had planned just Wednesday and Friday. ¬†But when Thursday ended up being a delay due to weather, I took the day off. ¬†I hate getting behind at work, but I also wanted to make progress on my move.
  • Still a little bit left to go. ¬†A few items at storage and then stuff from my old house. ¬†I wish the old house part was done