I had been looking forward to today for FOREVER.  Time off from work for 1.5 days, a road trip, seeing old friends, and 2 bands together for the PERFECT show.  Getting down with the rock bands

Things fell apart Wednesday, which was pretty shocking to me.  I am not going to go into details, I’m not going to trash talk anyone and I never will.  But some hurtful things happened with people I thought were my friends.    I guess I am just way too optimistic when it comes to certain things.

So I decided it would be best if I did not go.  My music soul is crushed, but my heart is probably better off.


Monday Mood

I barely got enough sleep last night, but at least it was good sleep.

The day went ok.  I chose to work through lunch instead of going to the gym because I was in the middle of something.  That was a mistake, because by time I got done with work today, I could barely stay awake!

My afternoon fatigue in the last week has been awfully bad (please don’t let it be AF again).  I hope it’s just still from being sick.  I lied down on the bed after work when I was on the phone and I thought I was going to fall asleep.  Dinner picked me up a bit.  By that point it was too late.  If I workout after 6 pm, I am pretty much guaranteed not to sleep at night (yes, that means every LUNA Tuesday).

Booked someone to mow my grass this week.  I just don’t have the time.  Thanks ODB for the urging me to do so.

It’s early to bed for me, because tomorrow is a LONG day!

Doozy of a week

I knew leading into last week was going to be rough.  My boss was going to be out of town for a week and a half and I was in charge, in addition to the 1001 things I had to do.

Sunday-my cats weren’t having any part of the foster kittens anymore.  This included food protests. I returned the kittens to their foster mommy, who was expecting them back already anyhow.  I really wanted to give her another week of a break, but my kitties needed a break from the babies.

Monday-I honestly don’t remember much of Monday, except for having to deal with a very sensitive issue outside of work.  I tried to handle it the best I could.  It had been causing me stress for months, especially in the last month.  It wasn’t easy or pleasant and I hated that I had to do it.

Tuesday-Was a LONG day. Text from dad that mom’s Dr appt turned into a go to the hospital appt, to lets do an EKG, to she’s admitted.  WHAT?!?!  Yes, they kept her because they wanted an angiogram Wednesday afternoon.

I had to take care of LUNA that night and a meeting, which was only made easier because ODB is super smart and was able to walk me through what everything meant and exactly what mom was going to have happen.  Only thing that would have made me feel even better was him here to console me.

Wednesday- Worked a very hectic half day.  Sister and I jumped in the car, made a pit stop at Buccee’s to pick up some cheer-me-ups for mom, and made our way.  We didn’t tell her we were coming.  Surprise!  We got there about 1.5 hours before they took her away.  She was back pretty quickly.  They didn’t put any stints in.  She has to be on a few medications through to try to handle everything. She had to lie down for 3 hours after her procedure.  We went to ate and brought her food back.  Dad and sister thought mexican food was a good idea.  Dr said she could eat whatever she wanted, and my family obeyed that.  Enchiladas, rice and beans, isn’t exactly my idea of heart patient food.  

She had to stay overnight.  Sister and I went home.

Thursday-I was working on almost no sleep now.  I hadn’t been sleeping anyhow before the mom thing and that just piled on top of all of the other stress.  Hectic day at work and then had to take Chanel to the vet.  She still wasn’t eating well and she was bony.  I feared the worst.  All week I had been crying at night over it.  I even researched pet crematoriums because I was certain she was dying.  On the way home from work to get her, I had an absolute meltdown on the freeway, sobbing over my poor little kitty.  I was also upset that ODB wasn’t here to help me deal with whatever I was going to be told.

Thank God she’s ok.  Vet said it was probably still stress from the kittens, but she had a tiny little kidney elevation.  I needed to make her drink more water and eat low protein food.  Apparently her love of freshly cooked meat and me trying to make her gain weight in the last year was NOT a good idea.  So I was sent home with a very tiny bag of catfood which wasn’t cheap.  Whatever it takes to make her better.

Friday-Another long day at work, but at least I did get away at lunch for a swim.  I am fairly disappointed with my swimming skills and I know if ODB was around more, I would be able to practice with an expert coach more often.  ODB finally told me after my swim that I needed to chill the hell out and give myself a break.  He pointed out everything I had been through during the week and why I needed to cut myself some slack.  He’s a smart one I tell you!

After work, sister and I headed home for mom’s birthday.  I had planned on celebrating with her next weekend, but with everything that happened last week, she needed the cheer up.

Weekend-Greenfest was this weekend and I didn’t expect to feel the emotions I did.  I quit enjoying the Saturday night GF party years ago.  I never was much into partying until you pass out.  I did miss the day time stuff.   I did miss the company.  And the river.  And seeing people.  But the other half of me worried about how I would be treated if I showed up, because while I didn’t do anything wrong, I am an ex.  Exes always get the bad rap.  Even though we were both single when we first started going to GW and GF parties, I am sure things really wouldn’t be the same.  That’s ok.  That is another phase in my life that has passed.  All of  that didn’t really matter anyhow, because I was not in my own car, and at the mercy of my sister.

Speaking of phases, I made the comment on Saturday, I feel like I am stuck between my former life and the one that I want.  I don’t much like being stuck.

I am looking forward to this week being a little kinder to my heart and my mind. 

Getting back on the rails

It was a rough week for me.   Stress has increased.   Stress is bad bad bad for me.  Work, extracurriculars, personal life all had a few hiccups.

There was a point last week when the stress got to be so bad, someone confirmed my stress bloat.  He said I looked at least 6 months pregnant.  This lasted for almost 3 days.   The stress bloat has since gone away, thank goodness.    Don’t worry, that someone is ODB, and I am glad that he can be honest with me like that.  I wish he was here all of the time, I think I would handle stress a lot different.  He grounds me.

I had to send the foster kittens home today.  I told their rescuer that I would keep them another week to give her a break, but it was beginning to really stress out my 2 cats.  So much so, they quit eating.   All signs of kittens are now erased, hopefully my girls will be happy now.

Today was the first time I’ve menu planned in writing in months.  I can’t remember the last time I did.  Lately I’ve just been grabbing random healthy foods and just combining them as needed.  It works, but it’s not my norm.  I did make a recipe for last week’s lunches, which was great, but I was off track on dinner.  Not health wise, just organizationally.

So I’m hoping this week will be better in all areas.  Breakfasts and lunches are made and packed as always.  Boss is on vacation, so work stress will probably be elevated, I just need to make sure I have a good handle on it.

I am back to AutoImmune Paleo tomorrow.  I need to tough it out strictly for at least 30 days.  AIP makes Dr. L’s protocol easier too.   One of my Austin gals was told to do Whole 30 by her Dr., so I told her I would be her accountability buddy!  AIP is more strict, but the accountability is what I need.  I know it makes me feel better.  Stacy Toth from Paleo Parents posted last week that she healed her stomach so much, she was able to successfully reintroduce dairy!   That’s not a near future goal of mine, but long term that could be good!

Looking forward to starting my week off right 🙂

Good words

Saw this on my friend’s Facebook page yesterday.  Very timely for several of us based on the comments and likes on her page…

“Happiness does not come from a job. It comes from knowing what you truly value, and behaving in a way that’s consistent with those beliefs. Many people today resent the suggestion that they’re in charge of the way the feel. But trust me, Parker. Those people are mistaken. That was a big lesson from Dirty Jobs, and I learned it several hundred times before it stuck. What you do, who you’re with, and how you feel about the world around you, is completely up to you.” ~Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs

Happy in Houston

I honestly think Houston is my favorite work trip location….

  • I love my coworkers in our office here
  • So many friends of mine in Houston, including people I don’t see enough and work friends
  • Food.  Good food.  Hard decisions where to eat.  I somehow always gravitate to Phoenicia and Whole Foods.  They are easy and quick and my go to at least once per trip here.
  • I love running in new places.  I drove to Rice University twice this week.
  • Dinner dates with friends
  • Guess I need to add that I am apparently get applause for no reason for entering meetings 🙂
  • It’s so nice to be out of the office!


I won’t even lie, the last few weeks have been ROUGH at work.  I turned down TWO new jobs in another office.  There would have been money and there would have been a title.  But I wasn’t sure there would be happiness.

At the same time, I got reassigned to a new job.  Still having to do current job, because it’s way too high profile and hectic for me to walk away and have a cut and dry transition.  So two busy jobs at the same time has meant extra hours and WAY too much extra stress.

I actually never went to bed last Thursday night, melting down in the middle of the night at the Frio.  Bad news.   I had to work Thursday and Friday while I was supposed to be off.  I was able to relax Saturday and Sunday, but Monday snuck up on me.

Monday was especially crazy because I had two presentations to write for Wednesday morning.  I didn’t get to work on them, so that bumped to Tuesday and one of them didn’t get finished until Wednesday morning.  It wasn’t procrastination, I was just too busy!  And it didn’t help that I didn’t find out about one of them until I got the agenda!   Meetings started Tuesday at noon and  lasted until today at one.  Non-stop the whole time.  And then there was the after work happy hours and dinners.  And GASP!  I did drink.  I never drink. And I stayed up very late.

The meetings, the presentations, and the time with my coworkers from all over the state was amazing.  I got a few HUGE pats on the back in front of hundreds of people.   It couldn’t have come at a better time.  I even teared up when my big boss honored me in one of his presentations.  I’ve always felt unappreciated in most of my efforts with work and extracurriculars, so I was overwhelmed when I was recognized.

I’m hoping that when I return to the office, the happiness and enthusiasm sticks around.  I am trying to gear up for the new duties and try to wean myself off the old.  Rest, restore, rejuvenate.  Hopefully this is the beginning to a more important role that is less stressful!

What to wear to work

I am thinking our OPP probably needs an update on the dress code section.  Mind you, I work in a professional, yet semi-casual office.

We used to be able to wear jeans only on Fridays.  No t-shirts, no sneakers, no shirts with writing across the front.  Now we can wear jeans whenever we are not having meetings with really important people, public speaking, or meeting with the public.   I will admit, I wear jeans almost daily, because it’s freezing in my office and it’s easy.

People have taken things to a pretty disturbing level.  Here are some of my favorites, and this is only in my building! (note, none of these people are immediate coworkers).

  • the Birkenstocks with socks. Men and women
  • sweatpants
  • lucite heels
  • royal blue hair extensions
  • flipflops.  I’m not talking leather or decorative, I am talking $1.99 Target flipflops
  • clubwear.  I will admit, I sometimes wear something with an inappropriate back, but I ALWAYS wear a cardigan or jacket over it and it doesn’t come off
  • wifebeaters.  We used to have a temp that would wear skintight white wifebeaters and brightly colored padded bras under.  Classy.
  • spandex, nope not just on halloween
  • muscle shirts.  I had a coworker in my old office that would wear capris with muscle shirts and flipflops.  I’m not sure if she was confused if she was going to work or the park
  • spaghetti strap shirts with nothing over them.  I wear these, but again, always under something, never solo
  • 1980’s business suits complete with shoulder pads.  Scary
  • scrubs.  No, we have nothing to do with medical care and this isn’t in one of the labs

Am I the only one that sees this crazy stuff?

Things I like Thursday: Get-up, stand-up

Couldn’t resist a little Bob Marley tune 🙂

Introducing my new stand-up desk at work.  I am not the first one in the agency, but the first one in my office.  I have a lot of jealous people lurking around.  I’ve only been asking for this for 2 years!new desk

So far, so good.  Day #1 I only sat to eat breakfast and lunch.   I probably should have eased into it a little more because my feet hurt now.  Baby steps.    I am thinking about getting an anti-fatigue mat to stand on and taking my shoes off.  I saw somewhere, maybe Rob Wolff, that they make grass mats to stand on with your bare-feet.  Sounds fun!

I did, however, have to rearrange my whole dang office, because this adjustable desk is smaller than the piece of modular that came out.  Which led to me doing a mass cleaning of EVERYTHING!  At least I purged a bunch of useless stuff and got rid of clutter 🙂

So here’s to less sitting on my rear, acclimating to standing, and hopefully putting less stress on my hips and back from the crummy chair!