Down day

Today was a day of randomness and I couldn’t have loved it more.  

Breakfast at my hotel, coffee, shopping, late lunch at a Burger dive, a little exploring all over town, random strolling through my favorite deli store, helping with a task, and some RNR.  

10 hours of pure nonstop happiness.  I need that more often.  The more the better.  I deserve more happy.

The gift of sisterhood

Saturday after I took a spin class, I met up with my sister and my BFF (aka Mrs. Educator of the year) for a girls day in Salado. 

While I was gone, I missed saying goodbye to Dan.  Ooops 😦  He left for Alabama on Saturday afternoon for 11 days.  He’ll be back for a few, then his annual ski trip, then a business trip.  Maybe I’ll see him in Feb?

This was my 2nd trip out there, it’s about 45 minutes away.  Don’t ask why i’d never been before September of this year.  It’s shopping and food fun (kind of like Gruene). 

We had lunch at Adelea’s on Main. I went in to read the menu first, because it’s a tea room, which almost always means tons of sandwiches.  Yes, they had those, but they also had GF bread!  I finally ended up being brave and trying my first Gluten Free sandwich at a restaurant.  It was stellar!  It also helped that the bread was some of the best i’ve ever had, GF or not!  It was grainy and seedy and I LOVED it.

I opted for the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Tandoori sandwich.  It was divine.  The bread comes from Serious Sourdough bakery in Lampassas.  They make GF and regular breads. 

Loved the place, I told Dan later that evening when he called, that we have to go out there one afternoon and have lunch there (he’s never been to Salado).

Then more shopping and us being goofballs.  Nothing like being silly in a really expensive boutique, lol.

What was supposed to be 10-2, turned into 10-4.  Oops!  What can I say?  We were having too much fun!

Saturday was just what I wanted.  No gifts, just fun with the girls and making memories 🙂

Happy Birthday Mom!

Started out with DIY pizzas at my house Friday night.  It was sister’s turn to host parents, but they weren’t home, so I entertained mom and dad for the evening 🙂  I was out of GF crust, so I made pizza GF pasta for myself.  Turned out fabulous!

Then the grand opening of the new Rogue store all Saturday morning.

Then mom’s choice.  Shopping.  And boy was it HOT.  And all of the places we went were open air, so hot and sunny with no AC.  BLECH!   And I wore jeans because my legs may have needed TLC.

Lunch at Fish City.  Sister and mom’s first time.  They loved it.  Very large and varied menu.  Something for everyone. 

They have one of the very best Mexican Shrimp cocktails.  Perfect with a salad on the side.  It’s spicy and SO good!

More shopping.  Somehow my sister and I bought stuff and mom bought almost nothing.  I had a Christmas gift card i’d not even attempted to spend at Ann Taylor, so I killed that sucker.

Mom wanted a steak dinner, so the 3 of us and our boys went to Texas Land and Cattle for dinner.  Another 1st for mom and sister.

They loved it.  Mom and I both got the signature sirloin which is smokey peppered goodness.  A little sad because mine had so much fat I had to cut off, mom’s had almost none.  That’s ok, because their sweet potatoes rock.

She got a chocolate miracle cake and a peach bread pudding for dessert.

Verdict was that the bread pudding was really good, the cake was overrated.  I am not a big chocolate cake person, but I could tell I wouldn’t like that one especially.  Looked like a fancy grocery store chocolate cake with too-sweet icing.  The only person who liked the cake was sister’s other half, who ate most of it.  He’ll eat anything with icing on it though.

I doubt I would have eaten much, if any of either dessert if I could of.  But in the 15 minutes spent on dessert at the table, I felt VERY out of place. That doesn’t happen very often at all.  So strange.  We rarely order dessert out anyhow, but mom didn’t want a cake, she wanted whatever the restaurant had that looked good.

When I got home I went to HEB plus for some vanilla bean Nada Moo to make myself some dessert with strawberries, raw premium nuts, and dark chocolate.

This weekend was actually my Nada Moo anniversary, lol.  One year ago we did a race for Autism with a GF food fair for mom’s birthday.  Nada Moo was a vendor there.  It’s good stuff.  I wish more places carried it.

Great Saturday despite the heat.  Girl time with mom and sister and I got to see Dan for a few hours before he left for Canada early Sunday morning.

Super Sister Saturday

After I fooled around in Temple and Killeen Saturday morning, I rushed back to Austin for a sister date in the fabulous mild weather (THIS IS WHAT SPRING IS SUPPOSED TO BE!)  Dan is in NOLA playing.  So I am too (except my idea of playing is eating and running, not playing golf and getting drunk).

Whole Foods Culinary Center-Sidewalk Social.  Food tastings, demos, goodies, etc.

The first station we got to was gourmet popcorn.  I wasn’t interested in that…so we hit up the DIY fruit lemonaid bar.  I forgot to take photos.  Mine had blackberries, cherries, and raspberries in it.  Refreshing!

My sister makes the best goofy faces and always looks cute doing it.  Reminds me of Janae

Then DIY lettuce wraps with orange marinated grilled tofu, peanuts, veggies, and chile sauce.  Also very refreshing.  I wanted to eat more than the one I built!

My sister got a piece of cilantro in hers, I couldn’t quit laughing, she hates it with a fiery passion.

Street Tacos!

She had some sort of saucey pork.  I had carnitas.  I ate mine before I saw the sauces.  DARN IT! 

Went back outside and sister tried the sandwich table.  I wanted to cry.  It looked SO good.  Beef and swiss on pretzel bread, bruchetta with a slice of filet mignon on top.  *sigh*

At least I could drown my sorrows in the gelato.  Although I REALLY wanted the lemon one, it had graham crackers on top 😦  So sister got coffee and I got vanilla.  The vanilla was actually very good.  Not Amy’s Ice Cream Mexican Vanilla good, but good.

When I got home, I dumped out my reusable goodie bag to explore…

Besides the bag, there were coupons, chocolate (not pictured because I ate it in the car), granola, pretzel crisps, a natural soda, 2 types of raw and GF snacks, a protein bar, and some sweetener.  Fun stuff.

Upon closer inspection, one of the raw and GF snacks was chocolate macaroons.  Uh, chocolate and coconut?  Yes.  I die.

Hail Merry  chocolate macaroons (based in Dallas).  I don’t care what they look like, they are SO good.  It’s a good thing only 4 came in the bag, or I may have gotten myself into some big trouble! (they are 4P+ per serving if you are wondering)  Worth it in my opinion.

Ended it all with some shopping at local boutiques.  Fun stuff.


I think I just have something on my face that says, “Hi stranger, please give me unsolicited comments!”

Mom and I were shopping at Academy Sports and Outdoors yesterday, looking for throw-away shirts for Sunday (I already like mine too much, I should have bought something fugly).  Anyhow, there was another mother-daughter combo (both who were very overweight) shopping the other side of the rack.  I asked my mom if she could find anything smaller than an XL?

She laughed and called me “skinny-mini”.  The random stranger mom said, “yeah, you are so lucky.”   She then went on a tangent about age and genes and blah, blah, blah.

Lucky?  Really?  Luck has NOTHING to do with it.  I muttered something about how I wasn’t always this size and I walked away.

Those words have been eating at me for over a day now.   I wanted to tell her everything i’d done to achieve my goals.  I wanted to tell her that Weight Watchers changed my life.  That I made the decision to eat better and become fit.  That I feel and look 100 times better than I ever did before.  I wanted to tell her that LUCK HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.