Fun Facts Friday

  • I worked out every day last week.  I worked out 1 day this week so far.  I pushed myself too hard Saturday without enough prep and I severely dehydrated myself.   Lesson learned.  I went to bed super early last night.
  • I am getting ready to travel a lot. I love being in my element and I wish it was 12 months out of the year and not just 2ish.
  • I am probably going to work my Christmas job again.  It ain’t in it for the money, that’s for sure.
  • I am watching Nashville right now, which I am glad is back on.  Sometimes I see some of my own life in the show.  Same with Modern Family. I don’t watch much tv but I do know my life is nothing like Sons of Anarchy, thank goodness!
  • I want to start doing some updating on my house, I have no idea where to start, but I do know exterior painting is high priority and i’m not doing it myself.  Of course the prices i’ve gotten so far aren’t pretty.
  • I finally finished decorating my bedroom.  Dad helped me hang my big art last weekend when he was here.
  • LUNA team got extended an extra year 🙂
  • speaking of bedrooms I decided to get a roommate.  EEEK!  I have never lived with just one other girl who wasn’t my sister.  My 1st year away at school I had 3 girl roomies.  I hope it all goes well.
  •  I woke up in a sweaty panic last night, which is never a good feeling.  I’ve been very upset about some stuff lately.
  • I have a trip at the end of October that I am really looking forward to.  Hoping I am not going alone.  Even if I do, it’ll be still be great, but it just won’t be the same.
  • I miss artists like Peter Dawson, Dub Miller, and Cross Canadian Ragweed (currently listening to Peter Dawson-Coupland Live.  Elisabeth’s song is one of my favorites of his, it’s makes me happy).
  • Elisabeth’s song reminds me of ODB.

Have a fantastic weekend!



I had been looking forward to today for FOREVER.  Time off from work for 1.5 days, a road trip, seeing old friends, and 2 bands together for the PERFECT show.  Getting down with the rock bands

Things fell apart Wednesday, which was pretty shocking to me.  I am not going to go into details, I’m not going to trash talk anyone and I never will.  But some hurtful things happened with people I thought were my friends.    I guess I am just way too optimistic when it comes to certain things.

So I decided it would be best if I did not go.  My music soul is crushed, but my heart is probably better off.

There is a reason I don’t listen to current day country music

I don’t listen to mainstream country.  Apparently for good reason.

I just finished the CMT music awards.  Not because I give a care at all about the awful music they are promoting.  Heck, even ZZ Top posted online what a shit storm of music happened after they opened the show.  Sad.

Anyhow, I was watching the show to see if CMT had a tribute to an important industry journalist who passed away a little less than a year ago.  Not surprised there wasn’t anything included.  They would rather pull ratings with their pop country crap, than honor people important to the industry.

Music snob off her soap box.  Now if I could only get my ears to stop bleeding.

Keep on dreaming…

“Keep on dreamin’, even if it breaks your heart.”

~Will Hoge

I’ve been in a relating to music kind of mood lately.    I’ve had some major changes in work lately and they’ve been hard on me.  Morale is incredibly low.  I’ve always used the positive reinforcement from my regional coworkers.  I wish that praise also translated into appreciation in my own office.  It does translate into stress which I’ve moved far away from in the last year.

And then there is running.  It’s not happening.  I did fine in Houston and then the last 2 weeks I’ve been so exhausted working 2 jobs, I just don’t have the energy or willpower for anything.  Only a couple more weeks.  I am trying to get rested in the next few days.  I am starting to feel poorly overall again, which freaks me out.  This also stresses me out.

And then there is my personal life.  Love greater than I even thought was possible.  Everything I’ve ever wanted.  Except having it in the same place.  My current situation is both amazing and heartbreaking at the same time.  At times, it stresses me out.  I dream one day we will be together under the same roof.

I know some of my worries are only temporary and happiness is around the corner.  Everything happens for a reason.



Stuff that works

Good old Guy Clark 🙂

I got an ol’ blue shirt
And it suits me just fine
I like the way it feels
So I wear it all the time
I got an old guitar
It won’t ever stay in tune
I like the way it sounds
In a dark and empty room

I got an ol’ pair of boots
And they fit just right
I can work all day
And I can dance all night
I got an ol’ used car
And it runs just like a top
I get the feelin’ it ain’t
Ever gonna stop


Stuff that works, stuff that holds up
The kind of stuff you don’t hang on the wall
Stuff that’s real, stuff you feel
The kind of stuff you reach for when you fall

I got a pretty good friend
Who’s seen me at my worst
He can’t tell if I’m a blessing
Or a curse
But he always shows up
When the chips are down
That’s the kind of stuff
I like to be around


I got a woman I love
She’s crazy and paints like God
She’s got a playground sense of justice
She won’t take odds
I got a tattoo with her name
Right through my soul
I think everything she touches
Turns to gold



Love me some Guy Clark!  That last verse I adore.

I need to see him again!

SXSW: Rachael Ray Feedback 2014

How is it that I have never been to this event?  Maybe it has to do with the early start time and my former other half not doing mornings.

It was a lot of fun.  Next year we will get there earlier.  We only got in earlier than we should have, because I have a sweet friend.  We still would have gotten in but it would have taken longer.IMG_1450[1]

The drink lines were easy.  The food lines were a mess.  We may have not been at the end of the food line when we got in.  It was hard to tell.  But EVERYONE who got in, got food from what I could tell.  When we left at 3 pm, the line was still all of the way around the block.  OUCH!IMG_1447[1]

Music was behind on schedule but well organized.  Two outdoor stages.  When one stopped, the other started.  Well until Blondie.  I am not sure why they didn’t get on stage on time.  The music was good.  Bob didn’t play enough but he played my favorite song of his.  Rachael’s husband’s band, The Cringe was good, i’d never heard them.  He called her out from the stage and it was super sweet.  AWWW.  IMG_1420[1]

Here’s the scoop on the grub and the recipes that I think match with her descriptions from her signs and her talking about the food on Kimmel earlier this week :

Chow ChowIMG_1378[1] IMG_1379[1]

7 Hour Smoked Brisket

Whisky WingsIMG_1382[1] IMG_1383[1]

All of mine were sans bread.  Guess what?  Bread makes a great serving vessel.  But so do fingers 😉

I will be making a couple of these things myself in the future!  Yummers as she would say!IMG_1375[1]

There was no dessert!  I wanted dessert.  Instead I had more grapefruit and vodka.

SXSW fails and wins


  • We were 5 people short of getting into Kimmel Live on Friday to see Lil Wayne and Willie Nelson
  • We were so tired from standing in line all day in the sun, that all 3 of us almost fell asleep at dinner
  • We didn’t get downtown for Rachael Ray early enough
  • It rained and rained and rained Saturday morning in line for Rachael’s Party
  • I dropped my drivers license on 9th street.  Thank goodness the dude yelled for me and I ran half a block back to get it.
  • I had a realization that some of my old crowd is just that.  I’ve been cut out I guess
  • The show I wanted to go to on Thursday was actually the day before


  • People watching is ALWAYS a win during SXSW
  • I did at least see Kimmel once and had a guaranteed seat and a good one at that
  • Parking.  We easily found parking both Friday and Saturday.  Shocking
  • We had a nice lunch at Hula Hut on Friday afternoon away from the downtown crowds.
  • My old intern DID get in line for Rachael Ray early enough and we were able to get in line with her
  • The RRFeedback food was delish.  Free food, booze, and music.  How can you go wrong?
  • Coffee before RR Feedback was a great idea.  Until there was no bathroom for 3 hours
  • $1 panchos from my running stash were lifesavers Saturday morning
  • Traffic wasn’t that bad when I’ve needed to come and go from downtown
  • My schedule was very different than it had been in years past and I was completely content.  I saw far less music but far more variety of talent and shows.

Fun Facts Friday-SXSW edition

  • it’s my 10th SXSW!  WOOHOO!
  • Started my week off with Kimmel.  I am trying to figure out how to get in tonight, the last night.
  • I am still reeling from meeting Adam Carolla and I barely spoke to him.  My signed wine bottle is in my kitchen window.
  • I am off today.  I REALLY needed it this week.  I only worked 3 days and they were almost the death of me.  I always try to be off the Friday of SXSW
  • Sister and I are meeting some friends at Rachel Ray’s party tomorrow.  I am so excited! I hear it’s all the rage.  And she caters to everyone’s food needs 🙂  I loved her on Kimmel Wednesday night.  Food and music?  HECK YES!
  • I’m missing my ODB this week pretty badly.  I want to share this wonderful SXSW because it makes my heart happy for a week.  ODB makes my heart happy every day.  I would like those two together.
  • I should be working in my yard today since it’s supposed to rain Saturday and Sunday.  NOPE.  SXSW comes but once a year.  My jungle will be there in a few days.
  • Despite it being SXSW I am dying to go to Gruene and have been all week.  I will be in the area for a whole week for work, so I need to be patient.  I LOVE the area and I love being around my regional coworkers.  It will be a good week of fun and work.