I survived the short work week, although jam-packed for meetings.  Guests arrived on Wednesday, dinner with my parent’s and Dan’s on Wednesday night (I started pre-Thanksgiving soup night several years ago).  I made pasta fagoli with gluten free pasta.

Thanksgiving went fine.  My parents went back this afternoon.  Dan’s parents are here through the weekend.

Black Friday?  I did the annual trip to the Round Rock outlets on Thanksgiving night.  It was too crowded and I wimped out on all stores but Ann Taylor.  Got some shirts, but nothing exciting.  Pretty much just long sleeve tees that I will layer when it’s cold out, they do always fit great.  Got home just after midnight.

Slept until 4:30 am.  Then I drove into Austin, waited in line at Sheplers for 30 minutes.  Was one of the last people to get a gift card for free, 2 pairs of jeans, but no boots.  Then off to Kohl’s for a few items and then to the office for 3 hours. No we weren’t open, but I had to get in the office and get some things taken care of while it was quiet.  There was 1 other person, other than security.  It was NICE.

Looks like a low key evening, I had hoped to get to Georgetown for the lighting of the town square, but Dan and his dad are up to their necks in a project trying to suspend his jeep’s hardtop from the ceiling.  I pray this go-round with his dad’s assistance goes much better than the last attempt he tried solo.  Hoping they get done at a reasonable hour, so we can do something fun tonight.

Weekend plans?  Run, Aunt and uncle’s Golden Wedding anniversary, and probably more work.  And hopefully work on my Thanksgiving day recap!


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