Things I like Thursday: HOT DOG!

The meat market manager at the little old HEB on my way home has the BEST specials that aren’t advertised.  He often gets random things that they don’t usually carry at that location and offers them at a great discount.

Every week he offers something at like 75% off.  About once a month it’s something I actually will or can eat and that I want! One of my favorites is Applegate Farms products.  I’ve tried their lunch meats, canadian bacon, turkey dogs, and now their all beef hot dogs.  Regularly $7.99.  I got them for $1.99.

Sometimes I buy a bunch of whatever he has, on the chance I will like it (and I usually don’t see the same thing again).  If I buy a bunch, I just freeze it all for quick meals.   This time I only bought 1 package of the hot dogs, as I am a hot dog snob.  I really should have bought a few more!

Things I did with my $1.99, 3 WW P+, all natural, all beef hot dogs:

Chili-cheese dogs.  No pics, you know what they are.  Chili, dogs, buns, onions, etc.  Easy to fix and Dan likes it.  The chili was from a can, because I was too busy to make it, which I prefer if I can help it.

GF corndog muffins.  Easy.  Gluten-free corn muffin recipe, cut up hotdogs and toss inside batter and bake.  Serve with mustard and in Dan’s case here, chili.

GF hotdog pizza.  Gluten free flatbread (Serena from Non-Dairy Queen’s recipe) baked into a crust (I added more Italian herbs), a little cheddar for the cheese, topped with hotdogs and baked.  Then added jalapenos, pickles, onions and dressed with mustard.  Served with spinach salad.

When I was a kid my mom loved putting cut up hotdogs on pizza, especially little mini ones that we got to make ourselves (is that weird?).  Recently I saw my BFF’s mom post about chili cheese-dog pizza, and that’s where I got this idea, minus the chili, because I had none left.  It was tasty, just like a loaded hot dog!


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