Fun facts Friday: Brands

For whatever reason, I was thinking about brand snobs, brand/company loyalty, etc.  Here are some random facts about me and brand loyalty.

  • I buy what I like when it comes to food, when at HEB it’s usually store brand, I like their stuff better, it’s not necessarily because it’s cheaper
  • Dan is the complete opposite when it comes to this.  If his soup, Mac N Cheese, or crackers aren’t name brand, he doesn’t want them (those are his emergency staples in our pantry for when i’m out of town).
  • Costco’s Kirkland brand is pretty good with most item’s i’ve tried.  Too bad I don’t have the patience to brave our Costco (there are 2 in Central Texas, that’s ALOT of people).  A 3rd is opening near us next year.
  • I buy what I like, not what brand it is, but I do have favorites.
  • I also never match brands unless it’s coincidence (like yesterday I was head to toe Brooks).  It’s usually more like Nike top, Under Armour shorts, Asics socks, Brooks shoes.  I probably have at least 25 different brands of stuff in my workout clothes alone.  I go for comfort and what I like over name.
  • Same goes for my work clothes, although most of it is from Ann Taylor, Kohl’s and Stein Mart.  Today I have Sperry dress flats, Vera Wang jeans, and a work polo.  If my boss didn’t frequent Ann Taylor so much, most of my clothes would probably be from there.
  • I am not loyal to any one running store in town, in fact, unless it’s a race shirt, I don’t own anything with any one store’s logo on it.
  • Dan only wears Ralph Lauren polo work pants, tshirts, and underwear.  He also only shops like once a year, so you can imagine how that trip goes.  It’s long and expensive!
  • I love Michael Kors.  I wore out my first 2 pairs of MK shoes when I got them.  I’ve had probably 10 purses of his in the last 5 years, but when I get tired of one, I usually get rid of it.  Right now I have 3, a big black leather, a camel leather, and my little black and grey monogram that I use when I travel/go out.
  • When I get said purses, I usually leave the tags on it for a good 2-3 weeks before I decide to finally use it and not return it.
  • I got my first Coach bag in Florida on vacation in September.  It’s still in the bag with tags on it.  #1 I cheated on MK, #2 although it was a good deal, I’d rather have a MK bag
  • I refuse to buy or eat anything Weight Watchers brand.  Same goes for Lean Cuisine or any other prepackaged diet foods.
  • When I worked at Linens N Things in college, I refused to shop at the competitors.  The first time I had to go to BBB for a wedding gift, I almost had a meltdown.
  • I have been anti-iPhone since they came out.  I have an iTouch which is pretty much the same thing without camera and phone.  Weird, yes, I know.  I may cave this year when I get my new phone, but it’s not likely.

Funny how I’m so set in my ways when it comes to loyalty to certain brands, but with most things I don’t have the slightest care.    Dan however is a huge brand snob when it comes to everything and if I buy something that isn’t the right brand or the one he wants, I have to hide that fact!


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