Last week’s Duck Dynasty Grub

Last Saturday night, I continued my theme for Duck Dynasty dinner of cajun inspired food.  Since we were so busy last week, we didn’t watch it until Saturday.  I also didn’t want to cook anything that would take too long, because we had been busy all day and were tired.

Cajun tilapia, “fried pickles”, and salad.cajun tilapia

The fish was broiled with generic cajun seasoning.  Easy.

The “fried pickles” were:

  • egg wash
  • dill pickle chips
  • red pepper flakes
  • garlic powder
  • paprika
  • crushed pork rinds

Pickles were dipped in egg, then the rind and spice mix, and then put on a rack on the cookie sheet and broiled for 5 mins each side.  I forgot to spray the rack, darn it!  Other than that, good.  Dan said they tasted like the real thing.  I MAY have picked off all of the little breading bits on the rack and ate them.  Plus I sampled quite a few before they made it onto the plates.  Ranch on the side for him to dip into.  Most ranch dressing is not gluten free, so I don’t partake.  fried pickles

Dan isn’t a big fish person, but he ate it without complaining.  In fact, I don’t think he EVER orders fish anywhere, not even fried fish.

I was finishing up my kabocha squash.  That stuff is so good.  But then again, you could probably roast shoe leather and i’d love it.  There are no pickles on my plate because I’d eaten enough of them trying to get them off the pan and plated.  SHAME!



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