Lifetime Anniversary

July 23, 2007 I made Lifetime with Weight Watchers.  This Saturday I celebrated 4 glorious years of being below my WW goal weight.  It’s the best thing I ever did for myself.  It hasn’t been easy, but ALL worth it.

What does Lifetime mean?

Means you attended meetings, you made your goal weight, and have shown that you can maintain it for the 6 week “maintenance learning period.”  If you are an online only member, you cannot be lifetime.

Once Lifetime, you need to weigh in once a month and not be more than two pounds over goal or below the bottom of the BMI range.  If you fit that criteria, meetings are free, yes FREE. 

I still attend meetings weekly.  I need the structure and accountibility.  I enjoy them most of the time. 

Once Lifetime, you are always Lifetime.  Even if you are above goal.  I’ve never been above goal, but i’ve seen lapsed Lifetimers come back and they really try to get them back on track.

Unfortunately this isn’t my original keychain or charms (the 10% was pewter then).  It broke because it’s cheaply made and I lost all of my charms in Houston one weekend in the fall of 2007.   I’m missing 2 LT keys, 16 week,  and a 5K charm (from last year, which was the first year).  Maybe i’ll eventually get those replaced too.  The 2 LT keys ARE original, from 2009 and 2010.  I’ll get the 2011 one in October.   There also wasn’t a 25 lb disc in 2007, it was a magnet.  So I have both now 😉

I have it hanging up in my house.  It’s not really a functional keychain (learned that the hard way). 

It’s a good reminder of where i’ve come from and where i’m going.  I need to look at it more often 🙂

Here’s to living my the rest of my life healthy, happy, and fit!

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