Happy Grand Opening Rogue Cedar Park!

Arrived dark and early for a semi-long run.  They had groups leaving the store doing 4-12 and then groups leaving the middle of Austin doing 12+.  I chose 10, met some new friends during the run 🙂  Learned a new route too!

Great run, pretty new store, free swag,  food, product reps, and a great sale going on inside.

Mom was digging on the breakfast tacos and Honey Milk (if you haven’t tried, do it).  The Honey Milk Light is great, Dan likes it too (originally got some from the 3M half marathon swag bag).  I wish I could still drink it, but with the dairy free restriction right now, it’s out 😦

My mom and sister ran too, but on their own.  They slept in and dogged the miles too.  Fine for sister, who isn’t really running right now, just doing her bootcamp thing.  But I had really hoped mom would take advantage of being near a great trail and not having to run the hamster circles like she has to run at home.   I’m sure had she been at my house, she would have done the 6 am run with us.

The Williamson County Humane Society was there promoting their 5K in September and brought some doggies.  I REALLY wanted to take Wendell the Pomeranian home with me.

Dan and I are traveling A LOT between now and Christmas.  Not fair to a dog.  The cats aren’t really bothered and can be left alone with minimal supervision.  Although I could see me taking that dog with me on trips 😉

Did I mention there was also a marathon for the grand opening?  Yes.  26.2 from the original downtown Rogue store to Cedar Park.  1 person was selected to run each mile.  Megan ran mile 14 for Austin Runners Club, go Megan!  Georgetown Running Club also got a mile!   You could run more and a few Rogues ran the whole thing, including the co-owner.  Horrible photo of him finishing in the store, but he did and it was HOT.

Mom got fitted for new shoes.  The guy was SO patient, I wanted to hug him.  It took her an hour to choose between 3 pair.  My sister refused to ask, so I took it upon myself to tell him to fit her, which he did.  Her current shoes are actually causing her issues (told her so).  She’d actually texted me from Kohl’s one day with a photo of 2 pair of shoes and asked “which one?”  My response was “neither, go get fitted and buy real shoes.”  She complained about the price of the shoes he ordered for her, but I told her, proper shoes are cheaper than physical therapy.

I got new kicks too.  I don’t need them right now, but I have been pining for the limited edition Kayanos which I call “ketchup and mustard.”  I couldn’t find them in my size when they were released, so I gave up. 

Good times for sure.  It was SO crowded.  Made me smile that so many people turned out for an event up North (people think Williamson County may as well be on the other end of the earth).  Good family time too 🙂


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