Things I like Thursday: Leftovers repurposed

I love to cook, but I don’t really cook every night when Dan is away on business (especially when I am busy on very long day-trips for work).

Thank goodness for leftovers that I repurposed…

Tuesday night’s Mexican Fajita Dinner from the ballpark suite:

Also became Wednesday night’s honey jalapeno stir fry bowl, using Shayne Sauce’s honey jalapenoes for sweet-fire. (beef and chicken)

And Thursday night’s fajita bowl (didn’t have salad, so it actually has broccoli, leftover chicken, guacamole, and pico, and a ton of other veggies, hot salsa, and pepper-jack df cheese)

Totally rocks that the suite lets you take out what was already bought.  So I grabbed a whole box of fresh cut veggies and another of fajita veggies, beef, chicken, and guacamole.  Split the leftovers 3 different ways and still came home with a good amount of food.

Dan is back,  my parents are eating here Friday night.  I suppose I should cook.  I’m leaning more toward DIY pizza night 😉


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