I had a good day

Today is the best I’ve felt in forever.  Yesterday wasn’t shabby, but today was pretty dang good.  Did I mention that I wasn’t holding on to a ton of water either day?  Yeah, that was a super huge plus!

I did about half my usual weights at the gym today, followed by a short swim.  I made huge progress with the swimming, not being winded and doing more freestyle.  Success!  I was short on time because of my clinic today, so I was trying to just fit everything in.

On to the venue to set up for our aqua jogging clinic.  I wasn’t able to get into the water last year.  This year I almost didn’t make it because there wasn’t enough noodles and belts to go around (which reminds me all the noodles I bought last year are at my old house).  We had a great turnout!  No including our coaches, we had 17 gals and 1 guy.  Fish really put us through the wringer with a 32 minute workout.  At the end she gave the option to go without flotation.     You better believe I tossed my noodle.  It was HARD but good.  I need to find a pool deep enough to do it in and be able to keep correct form.  Today was a good reminder that it’s good cross training and not just for injuries.  Plus you can do speed, intervals, and drills with it.

Afterward everyone went their own way.  I went to lunch with one of my friends at WF.  We were joined by 2 more friends later on.  My boss had given me a $15 gift card there for covering her vacation.  You better believe that whole dang thing went toward a salad.  I even got the smallest container they have and I still made a $18 salad.   Worth every penny because it’s 100% stuff I LOVE.  

Now on to prep for the week and chores.  It was a good weekend.  There are a few things that would have made it better, like seeing Radney Foster, and more of my favorite people!

Swimming into Saturday

I went to bed early last night because I could.  I am always more appreciative of rest these days.  Unfortunately I missed meeting my friends by 20 minutes this morning 😦

I hit the neighborhood pool and had it all to myself.  NICE!  I did better.  My breathing is still difficult, but I am getting better.  I did about half breast stroke and half freestyle.  This is WAY more freestyle than I’ve attempted before.  Freestyle is still wears me out, which I hope to overcome soon.  

Speaking of, I am watching swimming on tv right now.  Just a coincidence.  I came home and it was on.  Some of these dudes are dreamy 🙂  And some of them, I won’t name names, have shitty attitudes.  

I went and had a sports massage.  My hip has really been bothering me since a 5K I didn’t even run at race pace last month.  The therapist said my psoas was horrible and he was surprised I could walk.  He said my glutes and calves were fine (that’s a first, but I’ve also not been running as much).  My left hip and my right hammy were the 2 issues today.  He said no running and no lower body weights for a week.  

I am still not back to my regular workout schedule, but I am CLOSE.  This week was very good consistency wise.  I just need the balance of what the workouts actually ARE to be where I want them.

Enough blogging, time for me to get back to watching people be good at swimming.

Call me grace

Somehow I was able to pull something in my right quad as soon as I got in the pool today.  Many people use it as a recovery from injury, apparently I gave myself an injury from it.

ODB has a good point.  It’s not different from anything else.  Warming up helps.  The water is cooler and causes muscles to constrict.  Common sense things I didn’t really think about.  I just jumped in and started.

You live and learn.  Maybe it’ll be gone tomorrow!