Dukes and Daisies 5K and Kids K

Women start first, 3 minutes ahead…

Special stroller division.  This year I think there were more daddies than mommies doing the strollers. 

Every woman gets a Daisy at the end.  Yes, a Daisy flower from a Daisy girl scout 😉

Sister and I were volunteers.  Mom ran.  First in her age group again this year.

It was my idea to wear the boots this year, since we changed the name a bit and wanted to have a little theme 🙂

Great morning (although long, I was running errands on the way to the race at 5 am, left the venue at 10 am).  Numbers were a little low this year, but it went well!  34th annual Daisy 5k goes down in the books

Brought to you by the letter “F”

“this morning’s long run is brought to you by the numbers 72 and 84, and the letter F. 72 degrees, 84% humidity, and…well…you can figure out the F. And it is only the end of April. It is going to be a LONG summer.”

I love Megan.  That was her quote after her run yesterday, which was last  long run before her taper for Pittsburgh.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  I didn’t run with her, but my weather was just the same.


AK invited me to join her coached run at 5 am in Round Rock to “test drive” the group.  I whined about getting up at 4 am, but then again, that’s not that much earlier than I usually get up on weekdays.

The run was hot and humid.  Small group, but nice people.  I liked the coach, we had a lot in common.  Two of them did 22 miles, one did 16.  I didn’t really have a plan on how many I wanted to do, so I did 12 and rode in the coaches’ support truck the rest of the time. 

I really liked the experience, but I just can’t justify paying to run with a group.  It was nice company, nice encouragement, nice to always have fuel and water around.  Maybe i’ll change my mind later on. 


Hit up Sprouts market before I came home.  Then mowed the yard, cleaned the house, and did a few other projects.  I think I finally slowed down around 8 pm.  It was a non-stop day, but nice.

We both did take a break to watch Friday Night lights before I fell asleep.


Dinner was all about grilling.  I wanted to eat outside, but our patio is 100% sun in the evenings and it was steamy 😦

Grilled chicken (2 different seasonings), kabobs, sweet potatoes, onions, and a mass amount of zucchini (that’s the only way Dan will eat it).

I’m glad we have leftovers, but I wish there was more!

Hot hoppin Easter!

Not your typical Easter blog.  I don’t think we did anything we usually do, but I was ok with that. 

Went to the gym when it opened.  Had the worst workout i’d had in months.  Coincidence that I introduced gluten back into my diet at midnight last night?  Maybe, maybe not.  The workout was horrible though. Not to mention when I went to foam roll my legs, I had huge knots.  Not good.

Well I neglected to observe that both Super Target and HEB were closed on Easter.  Walmart isn’t.  I had to get groceries at Walmart.  I hate their produce.  They have very little of anything.  I made due.

I was successful in planning ahead for the Easter bunny though (bought most of the stuff last month).  The bunny left Dan this basket of goodies.  Only candy is in the little eggs, just small pieces of the good quality stuff.  That’s how this bunny rolls 😉  All things he can use for snacks.

Come home, get ready, then Dan and I head off to Round Rock for an Express game.  It was pretty warm, but a gorgeous day at the ballpark and not very crowded, which was nice.

I tried to snap a picture of Dan’s giant hotdog, which was a Nolan Ryan beef 1/2 lb dog.  I guess if you are going to have that much dog, it may as well be good quality.

There are no photos of my lunch, because Dan didn’t want to play along and I was making a mess.  BBQ turkey sandwich with extra pickles and bbq sauce.  Because of my stomach being mad, I wasn’t physically hungry, but I knew it was time to eat, so I ate.  I’d been wanting that sandwich all lent season, so even though I was wondering about putting gluten back into the diet, I ate it anyhow.

Rest of the day was pretty chill.  Dan replaced his stereo, I did laundry and grilled chicken fajitas for dinner. 

I fell asleep on the couch watching the Office with Dan after he finally wrapped up his stereo project for the day.  This bunny had a long day and had to turn in early.

Things I like Thursday: Daisy 5K

The Austin Runners Club hosts its 34th annual Daisy 5K (oldest 5K in Austin area!).  The Round Rock Premium Outlets will once again be the site for the Austin Runners Club’s 5K event.  We’re going back to some traditions this year, and we’re also bringing some new ideas.  That is why this year is the Dukes and Daisies 5K.  In the past, there have been times when Daisy was a women’s only race held on Mother’s Day.  Over the years men have been welcome to join to celebrate the women in their lives and to allow families to run together. Dukes and Daisies 2011 will feature running events for the whole family and will move back to the traditional Mother’s Day schedule.

Daisy will still offer the special amenities that Moms will enjoy, like a stroller division and a separate women’s start.  And in keeping with the family friendly theme, participants that wish to run with their leashed dogs are welcome, but for consideration of all runners are directed to line up with their pets at the back of the final race start.

Running with headphones or audio equipment is allowed, but strongly discouraged due to consideration for the safety of all runners, walkers and wheelchair participants.

The Daisy Kids K is for kids of all ages.  Parents are welcome to run with their children (for free) or along the side of the course.

Come on out for this great annual event and Austin tradition.  ARC and Georgetown Runners Club members benefit from discounted registration rates–contact your club for more information.  Central Texas area Weight Watchers members will also receive a discount and participation will count toward the 2011 WW “Walk It Challenge” (comment or email me for details on the code).


5K Timed $28.00 ($30 on race day)

Kids K $10.00

Online registration available here: Daisy 5K Registration

Packet pickup is available at the following locations and hours

May 6th – Friday – 11am -7pm

RunTex Far West location – 3616 Far West Blvd Suite 120 Austin, TX  78731

RunTex Riverside location – 422 West Riverside Drive  Austin, TX  78704

May 7th — Saturday-  10am – 6pm

RunTex Far West location – 3616 Far West Blvd Suite 120 Austin, TX  78731

RunTex Riverside location – 422 West Riverside Drive  Austin, TX  78704

May 8th, Race Day – 6am – 7:45am  Round Rock Premium Outlet

*Late registration is available at packet pickup.

Race Shirt

All participants will receive a short sleeved technical tee.


All great races need great volunteers.  We can use your help before and during the race for a variety of roles.  Let us know what you want to do and we can make it happen!  Contact volunteer@austinrunners.org and we can work it out!

Race Date and Time

Sunday, May 8th 2011

Wheelchair Start – 7:55 AM

Timed Women Start – 8:00 AM

Timed Men Start – 8:03 AM

5K Awards – 8:45 AM

Kids K Start – 9:15 AM

Location and Course

Round Rock Premium Outlets®

4401 N. IH-35

Round Rock, TX 78664