Fun Facts Friday-SXSW edition

  • it’s my 10th SXSW!  WOOHOO!
  • Started my week off with Kimmel.  I am trying to figure out how to get in tonight, the last night.
  • I am still reeling from meeting Adam Carolla and I barely spoke to him.  My signed wine bottle is in my kitchen window.
  • I am off today.  I REALLY needed it this week.  I only worked 3 days and they were almost the death of me.  I always try to be off the Friday of SXSW
  • Sister and I are meeting some friends at Rachel Ray’s party tomorrow.  I am so excited! I hear it’s all the rage.  And she caters to everyone’s food needs 🙂  I loved her on Kimmel Wednesday night.  Food and music?  HECK YES!
  • I’m missing my ODB this week pretty badly.  I want to share this wonderful SXSW because it makes my heart happy for a week.  ODB makes my heart happy every day.  I would like those two together.
  • I should be working in my yard today since it’s supposed to rain Saturday and Sunday.  NOPE.  SXSW comes but once a year.  My jungle will be there in a few days.
  • Despite it being SXSW I am dying to go to Gruene and have been all week.  I will be in the area for a whole week for work, so I need to be patient.  I LOVE the area and I love being around my regional coworkers.  It will be a good week of fun and work.