Everyone’s gotta getaway

I wish Pat Green’s “Carry On” was my inspiration for this post, but it’s not.  That song always makes me so happy.

I left town yesterday after work.  Checked into my hotel and went to run errands and get dinner.  Dinner was a cinch, and I just took it back to the hotel to eat.  The errands were not.

I need work clothes.  I pretty much only wear dresses and stretchy jeans because that is all that fits.   I have protested buying anything for long enough.  I am not losing the weight and I have no clothes that fit.  I am pretty much the same size and shape I was before WW, just 10 lbs lighter.  This is horrifying to me.  I said I would NEVER be here again.  Nothing I do seems to work.  I hate Hashi’s, hormones, and all these Dr’s that have no clue.

I went to a store I don’t shop at, but there weren’t many choices.  Nothing fit even in the size I am, my body is shaped like it was before.  Not so long ago, it was easy and everything fit.  Now again I have the big butt, big hips, and a muffin top.  I can’t even explain how badly I want to go back to what my normal was for the last 7 years.  My heart hurt as I walked out of the store.   There were big tears when I got back to my room.   ODB tells me it’s a little bump in the road.  He’s so sweet about it (he’s the best).  I HATE he sees me so upset about this.  It seems so very petty and shallow.  I bitch about it everyday.

I was so exhausted that after dinner I watched King of the Hill and fell asleep early.

Most of today was a better day.  My heart was whole.  I smiled, I laughed, and I couldn’t have asked for more.  Stuffed avocados, squirrel feeders, baby chicks, and people of Walmart.  Yes, I said it.  I had fun at Walmart with someone.    I hate Walmart.

And then the day ended and I cried.  No, I didn’t just cry, I completely broke down before leaving town.  The worst it’s ever been.  I cried big tears as I drove away and for the next 25 miles after that.  Yeah, I am crying again typing this.  My heart breaks every time we have to be separated.  I was crazy without a phone in SF and being able to talk and text.   I have never been that person who is a whiny baby about being away from someone.  That was before this.  That was before I decided I wasn’t really a bed hog, before I decided Walmart wasn’t so bad together, and we had all of our inside jokes.  We make a pretty awesome duo.

In my dreams, I am back to my old “normal” weight and he’s here.  All of the time.  And there would be way fewer tears.


Here’s to hoping my consult with the new doctor goes well on Monday.  I submitted all of my paperwork, my medical history from my words, and latest labs.  All as requested.

I already had a medical history until the fall already written, so I just took notes from my cell phone and added to that.  And then called the doctor for last week’s labs.

Labs: Not good.  I haven’t seen my current Dr. about them yet but my hormones are all wacked out.  My cholesterol is high.  My thyroid is low.  She didn’t even test my antibodies to see where my hashimotos was.  My liver panel is off too.  Testosterone may be high.

I am now up 25 lbs from my happy weight.  I am almost to my pre-WW weight.  Something I vowed would NEVER happen.  Now I am sitting here fat, miserable, and unhappy.  I used to be very proud of myself and what I had accomplished.  I still work out, I still don’t eat gluten, and I still watch what I eat with splurges in moderation.

The hardest part of Monday is the new function medicine guy doesn’t accept everyone he sees.  And he doesn’t do consults alone.  He wants a significant other to be there.  He wants to insure a support system is there.  I won’t lie, it sucked pretty bad to know I have no one to go with me.   My sister agreed to go, but I think it’s more for getting info for herself, not really as a support for me.   Maybe we can do this together, I don’t know.

I am SO tired of being sick.  I am so tired of not fitting in my clothes no matter what I do.  Having to be on a ton of hormones and supplements.

Here’s to hope and feeling better!

2013: Year in Review

I honestly don’t remember a whole lot from 2013, especially the first half.  To be honest, looking back, 2013 was just ok overall.  Majority of the year was stressful workwise, especially until September.


I don’t remember much except that I was supposed to run Disney and I couldn’t.  3 month running hiatus due to adrenal issues.

Hosted godson’s baby shower.  Sorority chapter at Texas State activated.  Poured myself into yoga.

I do remember legislative session was in full swing.  I was working A LOT.


More legislative session, not running, and tired.

Our secretary at work died 😦

8 year anniversary with Dan.

My godson was born!!!

Had surgery at the end of February.

Got a stand up desk (YAY!)


More legislative session.  Stress.  Recovering from surgery.  SXSW.

Couldn’t defend my Thin Mint Sprint title 😦  Volunteered instead.

I started run-walking at the end of March.  It SUCKED.  I couldn’t control my breathing.


More legislative session.  Stress.  No rain.  More work stress.

San Francisco for LUNA Summit with all but 1 of my teammates.  Great time!  Started run-walking more.


More legislative session.  Stress.  No rain.  More work stress.  Traveled a little for work.  Dan’s parents came for a visit.


Legislative session over!  Still no rain.

Changed doctors.

I became a Godmother.

Jalapeno Half in Fort Worth.  The only summer race I’ve ever done, may be my last!  Great weekend with mom and sister.

Turning point with work role.  New assignment.  Still no rain.


Working my old duties AND new duties at work.  Still no rain.  In fact, it got worse.

Work trip with visits with some of favorites.

Vacation booked to Hawaii.

Stopped doing yoga much at all.

Finally got some overdue appreciation during a big work event.

Had a big weight gain out of no where (big for a short amt of time and my frame).  I didn’t change my food or exercise.  Frustrated.


This was the turning point of the year.

Went to see Jason Boland and Pat Green in New Braunfels and had a wonderful time with a bunch of old friends.  It was very reminiscent of the old days.

I separated from Dan.  Hardest thing i’ve ever had to say/do.  He agreed it was right.

Hawaiian vacation cancelled.


September was the longest month of my life.  Trying to get the last 8.5 years of my life sorted out.

I decided to live in our house until October.  After October 1, we would go our separate ways.   Except my way was me leaving my house.  My home.  Moved in with my sister.  He kept our house.

I only told my family and closest friends about the split.  That’s what he and I agreed to.

Spent a week in Houston to “find myself.”  Friends, family, sports, food.  To sum it up, it was a “game changer.”

Dove into my new work role 100% and made the decision to stop letting others dump on me.


Started over.  No home.  No money.

Overwhelming support from my family, friends, and coworkers.

Traveled a lot.  2 work trips and a trip to San Francisco for the Nike Women’s half.  Great memories made.  Love SF.

Started getting back to many things I used to do pre-Dan.  Things I put aside because he didn’t like them or I no longer had time.

Once word started to get out that I was single, it spread like wildfire.  All of a sudden I had texts and messages from people who wanted to date me.  This was very foreign and unexpected.  Actually, uncomfortable.


A little more work travel.

Not feeling great running.  No energy.  Not having an easy time lugging extra weight either.  Shiner Half was perfect weather for me, but the race for me was anything but.

I started missing my old house.  My stuff.  Being hostess for Thanksgiving.

Got my first Christmas job.  It was a great idea.  Not much money, but good people and warm hearts.


By far the best month of the year to me.  Despite missing my old house again.  My fireplace.  My Christmas tree.

I had another great month at work.  Got a raise.  Got lots of kudos.

I learned patience. Or the closest I will ever get to it.

I learned the true meaning of love.  Watching my godson open his Christmas gift.  Spending a weekend in yoga pants and an over-sized sweatshirt.  Carefully selected groceries.  Listening to others.

Cut back the running to almost nothing.

Waiting on salivary cortisol test to come in.  Fingers crossed my adrenals are fine.

~~I am almost 20 lbs heavier than I started the year.  I don’t have my own place.  Another whole year of frustrating visits to the doctors with no answers.

Even with those things hanging over my head, this year was ok.  I know 2014 is going to be a big year for me.  Big for my career, big for my health, and big for my relationships.   I will love more and work less.  This year I will NOT let vacation time roll!!!

I am going to make a new home for myself.  Spend more time with my godson.  Spend more time with family and friends.  Spend more time on me.