Drowning in chocolate

I had my 2nd phone appointment with my health coach last Thursday.  She said cut the coffee, caffeine sources, fat, and stress.  We went over different types of stress I may have missed pinpointing.

Coffee wasn’t hard.  I hadn’t been drinking it again for long.  Fat?  I had been eating more healthy fat in the last few years, she said cut it way back.   And I hadn’t had sodas in years, but ODB drinks diet Coke like crazy, so I started drinking Coke Zero again occasionally.

And stress?  That’s a tough one.  Work changes have my stress elevated.   People being non-responsive and non-committal has me stressed.  And the biggest stress is my worrying.  Worrying about my flowerbed that needs to be redone because I took a short cut, worrying about my washing machine leaking, worrying about my weight gain, worrying about symptoms coming back, and most of all, worrying about my relationship with ODB. I’ve never really been a stress eater, but twice this week, I’ve found myself stress eating.

First time was after coming back with my day with ODB.  The other was this evening.  A whole bag of chocolate covered nuts.  Both times I was feeling down about him being so far away. Honestly I feel like shit right now.  I ate way too much of something I am not supposed to have at all.   I thought I had a pretty good day today.  Gym, afternoon with mom, and then back home.  Traffic sucked, but that’s Austin.  The one thing that brought me down, other than the fact it’s hot, is a very short call from ODB.  It’s always good to hear from him, but sometimes the weekend calls make me sad.

Tomorrow is a new day.  Back to AIP.  Back to my workout routine.  And the stress?  Figuring out how to manage it better and making some changes.

Plan B

New Dr. FAIL

$9100 up front (for 6 months) and he said I already do most of what he requires, so I am already way more advanced in knowledge and experience.

I am glad my sister was there to agree that it would be crazy to spend that money for most of what I do already.

Plan B

Back to strict AIP next week and praying it works.

And Plan C in the meantime is to see my high school friend’s doctor in San Antonio.

I have an amazing support system with my ODB.  I wish he was closer 😦   I am determined to beat this!

Back from the Dr.

So the Dr. visit went ok yesterday.  My pelvic ultrasounds were both 100% normal.  My hashi’s anti-bodies were up.

I just about burst into tears when the nurse weighed me.  Really?  I’ve gained 7 lbs since my last visit 😦

Because of the weight issues, she thinks the progesterone is off.  So she lowered that.  And put me on low dose naltrexone.  I looked it up and they use it to treat all kinds of things from AIDS, to cancer, to MS, to autoimmune issues.   I take it at night and for the first week it’s supposed to wreck my sleep.  It did last night!  I am not tired today….yet.

She let me drop the iron, but I have a bunch of other supplements I still have to take.

So that’s it in a nut-shell.  Fingers crossed this brings me one step closer to normal. 🙂